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Published in: Education, Travel
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  • 1. ANDALUCIA Our region
  • 2. Andalucia
    • Andalucia is a autonomous community of Spain. In Andalucia there are eight provinces: Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba, Cádiz, Jaén, Málaga and Almería .
  • 3. Sevilla
    • Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia.
    • Sevilla is very famous for its culture.
    • There are many old monuments:
    • -La Giralda
    • -Torre del oro
    • -Puente de Triana
  • 4. Sevilla is famous especially for its fair and Easter
  • 5. Monuments
  • 6. Macarena´s church This is the Macarena´s Basilic and the most prestige virgin is here, in Seville. In this photo, you can see the basilic´s arc where you can see the procession always pass in Easter.
  • 7. Seville´s fair
  • 8. Flamenco dresses
  • 9. Granada
    • Granada is famous for its monuments:
    • -Alhambra
    • And its mountains especially:
    • -Sierra Nevada
  • 10. Sierra Nevada
    • Sierra Nevada ski station is further south in Europe.
    • The station is located in the town of Monachi l.
    • The highest mountain in Sierra Nevada is Mulhacén about 3,481 metres.
  • 11. Alhambra monuments
  • 12. Cathedral This is the most important Cathedral in Granada and it was built in 1507.
  • 13. Albaicin This is an historical quarter of Granada
  • 14. Córdoba
    • Córdoba was a Roman city.
    • It is famous for:
    • -its beautiful streets
    • -its Mosque,
    • -its Easter and his fair.
  • 15. Mosque and Fair
  • 16. May crusses In May, Cordoban people use to decorate their colourful yards with beautiful flowers
  • 17. Cordovan yards
  • 18. Horses fair : Sicab The third week of September there is a very important horse fair in Seville where you can see a lot of wonderful horses and some impresive shows.
  • 19. Cadiz
    • Cadiz is a beautiful city of de Andalucia.
    • Cadiz is famous for:
    • -Its beaches
    • -Its Carnaval
    • -Its Theatre
  • 20. The cathedral, The Falla theatre and its beaches
  • 21. Beautiful moments a year
    • In August there is a racer in Cádiz beach and the 23rt of June is Sain Juan festival
  • 22. Jaen
    • Jaen is very wonderful, especially its green country…
    • This photos are:
    • -Jaen City
    • -The green country-sides
  • 23. The Cathedral, Olives and Its country-sides
  • 24. Malaga
    • Malaga is a tourist destination especially for its beaches…
    • But also Malaga is famous for its fairs and its Easter .
  • 25. Its Gastronomy, its Easter and its big street. Malaga’s Gastronomy is very famous for fish... And its Easter is very big and beautiful …
  • 26. Picasso Museum
  • 27. Huelva
    • Huelva is famous for its Gastronomy and also its beaches…
  • 28. Its Gastronomy
  • 29. Almería
    • Almeria is big and wonderful city.
    • It is very famous for its beaches …
  • 30. Almeria
  • 31. Andalusian famous
  • 32. Bulls This a typical Spanish´s tradition where Some bullfighter are face to face versus a enormous bull.
  • 33. Some typical dances
  • 34. Some typical instrument
    • Spanish guitar is the best musical instrument to play Flamenco music and most of girls that dance Sevillanas usually play “castañuelas”
  • 35. Some typical instruments
    • Castañuelas is one of the most tradicional musical instrument in Andalucia.
  • 36. I hope you like Andalucia