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Daimler豪华Bus Document Transcript

  • 1. Daimler Buses at a Glance. Fiscal Year 2008.
  • 2. Contents Daimler at a Glance 4 Daimler Buses – organisation 6 Daimler Buses – figures 8 Daimler Buses – Brands 10 Shaping Future Transportation: CleanDrive 14 Shaping Future Transportation: SafeDrive 16 Highlights 2008 18 Production sites 20 Daimler Buses – product range 26 Daimler Buses – press contacts 36 Daimler Brand Portfolio 38
  • 3. Daimler Buses is the worldwide leader in the bus industry Customers around the world rely on our buses — and that’s why we‘re successful. Last year Daimler Buses sold more than 40,600 complete buses and chassis around the globe, breaking all previous sales records in the process. At the same time, we‘ve increased our market share in almost every region of the world — in some cases by more than 20 percent. This clearly shows that our customers trust the high quality and reliability of our products and tells us why they choose to make Mercedes-Benz, Setra and Orion their brands of choice. We thank our customers for their confidence in us and will continue to work hard to earn their trust and business. Our mission is to completely satisfy our customers and continually im- prove our performance. Through our innovative safety technologies we set the benchmarks for the bus market and put the world‘s safest buses on the road. Equally important is the superior comfort and amenities we offer in our vehicles, as we believe passenger transportation must be both safe and comfortable. And, thanks to the efficient, environmentally friendly and alternate-drive technologies in our buses, we‘re global lead- ers in green mass transportation. Through all these measures we are actively shaping the mobility of tomorrow. We‘re building on a solid foun- dation as we seek to further extend our leadership in global markets. 2009 will be a year full of challenges. Yet, in spite of the current financial and economic crisis, we at Daimler Buses look forward to the future with optimism. We believe that our innovative products, top quality, and first-class service is the best “stimulus package” we can offer our customers. Sincerely, Hartmut Schick Head of Daimler Buses
  • 4. Daimler at a Glance Daimler AG, Stuttgart, with its businesses Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Daimler Financial Services, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Daimler Buses, is a globally leading producer of premium passenger cars and the largest manufacturer of heavy- and medium-duty trucks and buses in the world. The Daimler Financial Services division has a broad offering of financial services, including vehicle financing, leasing, insurance and fleet management. Daimler sells its products in nearly all the countries of the world and has production facilities on five continents. The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, continued to make automotive history following their invention of the automobile in 1886. As an automotive pioneer, Daimler and its employees willingly accept an obligation to act responsibly towards society and the environment and to shape the future of safe and sustainable mobility with groundbreaking tech- nologies and high-quality products. The current brand portfolio includes the world’s most valuable auto- mobile brand, Mercedes-Benz, as well as smart, AMG, Maybach, Freightliner, Western Star, Mitsubishi Fuso, Setra, Orion and Thomas Built Buses. The company is listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt, New York and Stuttgart (stock exchange abbreviation DAI). In 2008, the Group sold 2.1 million vehicles and employed a workforce of over 270,000 people; revenue totaled E  95.9 billion and EBIT amounted to E  billion. Daimler is an automotive Group with a commitment to 2.7 excellence, and aims to achieve sustainable growth and industry- leading profitability. 4|
  • 5. at a Glance Daimler Amounts in millions of EUR 2008 2007 EBIT 2,730 8,710 Value Added (1,147) 1,380 Net Profit 1,414 3,985 Earnings per share (in EUR) 1.41 3.83 Investment in property, plant and equipment 3,559 2,927 Research and development expenditure 4,442 4,148 Revenues Total 95,873 99,399 By regions Western Europe 45,916 49,289 there of Germany 21,817 22,582 NAFTA 21,139 23,499 there of United States 17,922 20,270 Other markets 28,818 26,611 By divisions and operating units Mercedes-Benz Cars 47,772 52,430 Daimler Trucks 28,572 28,466 Daimler Financial Services 9,282 8,711 Vans, Buses, Other 14,970 14,123 Employees (31.12.) Total 273,216 272,382 Germany 167,753 166,679 United States 22,476 24,053 Rest of World 82,987 81,650 By divisions and operating units Mercedes-Benz Cars 97,303 97,526 Daimler Trucks 79,415 80,067 Daimler Financial Services 7,116 6,743 Vans, Buses, Other 40,255 39,968 Sales Organization 49,127 48,078 |5
  • 6. Daimler Buses – organisation Hartmut Schick Head of Daimler Buses Richard Wolfgang Thomas Holger Suffel Averbeck Hänle Stoeckel Product Production Finance & Sales, Engineering Controlling Service & Parts Michael Werner Staib Göpfarth Sales Sales Mercedes-Benz Setra Buses Buses and and Coaches Coaches 6|
  • 7. Daimler Buses: organisation Jochen Joachim Maier Dr. Andreas Jürgen Ziegler Duppui Strecker Buses Daimler Buses Daimler Mercedes-Benz Vehículos Mercedes-Benz Buses North Türk Comerciales do Brasil America Mexico |7
  • 8. Daimler Buses – figures Sales (in units/buses and coaches > 3.5 tons gvw) by region As of 12/2008 As of 12/2007 Total 40,600 39,050 Europe (incl. Turkey) 10,140 9,140 Western Europe 7,770 6,950 of which Germany 3,100 2,790 Eastern Europe (incl. Turkey) 2,370 2,190 of which Turkey 980 810 North America 940 790 Mexico 6,060 5,320 South/Central America 19,470 20,070 Asia 1,450 1,320 Africa 2,160 2,120 Australia/South Pacific 380 290 Sales Minibuses (in units) As of 12/2008 As of 12/2007 Total 1,090 920 Employees (by region) 2008 2007 Total 18,110 17,286 Europe 14,502 13,796 of which Turkey 3,497 3,263 of which Germany 8,374 8,032 America 3,608 3,490 of which North America 1,245 1,156 of which Mexico 377 386 South/Central America 1,986 1,948 8|
  • 9. Daimler Buses: figures Market volumes and Market shares (buses and coaches > 8 tons gvw) 2008 2007 (preliminary) Europe 47,320 44,200 Market share 22.5 % 20.7 % Western Europe 27,500 26,610 Market share 30.1 % 26.0 % of which Germany 4,830 4,770 Market share 60.1 % 55.4 % Eastern Europe (excl. Turkey) 18,080 15,0 Market share 7.8 % 8.7 % Turkey 1,740 1,600 Market share 56.2 % 52.1 % North America ,440 ,220 Market share 10.0 % 8.5 % Mexico 10,630 8,850 Market share 57.0 % 60.1 % South/Central America 45,400 42,500 Market share 42.2 % 46.1 % |
  • 10. Daimler Buses – Brands
  • 11. | 11 Daimler Buses: Brands
  • 12. n Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz is a brand that enjoys the full trust of its customers, having become synonymous with safety and reliability. As a technol- ogy leader with full-line expertise, it offers a complete product range. Each and every vehicle embodies the brand‘s global aspirations, displaying a blend of premium quality, outstanding cost-effectiveness and the very highest safety standards. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches delivers added value in the shape of OMNIplus – a comprehensive range of bus and coach- specific services unrivalled by any competitor. Thanks to a professional and global sales structure, all bus and coach customers, from fleet owners to owner-drivers, receive highly effective support geared towards delivering optimal solutions. This combination of products and services is one of the principal reasons why the Mercedes-Benz brand is held in such high esteem. n Setra Setra stands for partnership and passion in the eyes of its customers. As a leading expert in “Best in Class” buses and coaches, Setra meets the very highest standards in terms of comfort, individuality and quality, setting benchmarks in technology, equipment and design. Displaying a high level of flexibility, Setra provides custom-tailored products that prove to be sound investments and delivers solutions that meet its customers‘ every need. High safety standards to the latest requirements, outstanding cost-effectiveness and a vast range of high-quality bus and coach-specific services, offered under the OMNIplus name, are all matters of course at Setra. The Setra brand also boasts a profound knowledge of customers and a wealth of bus and coach experience, enabling it to deliver dedicated, person-to-person customer support. 12 |
  • 13. Daimler Buses: Brands n Orion Orion is a traditional brand in the large North American market: over 230 towns and cities in the US have been relying on Orion buses for many decades. The product portfolio includes “City Transit” buses. With its hybrid technology, the Orion brand is the world market leader in the field of hybrid buses. n OMNIplus OMNIplus – the service brand for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches – covers a vast range of high-quality bus and coach- specific services that are available throughout Europe. In keeping with the premium nature of the products, OMNIplus also is positioned in the premium segment. The faces behind the brand – specialists with a passion for buses and coaches – provide custom- tailored products and services within Europe‘s most extensive bus and coach service network. With 41 service centres and over 600 service partners, our brands‘ customers can be sure of expert assistance and support, leaving them to concentrate solely on their own core business – the safe transport of passengers. | 13
  • 14. Shaping Future Transportation Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses are forging ahead with measures for significantly reducing the fuel consumption and the CO2 and pollutant emissions of their vehicles. The world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer expresses this commitment in its “Shaping Future Trans- portation” initiative. The initiative fully incorporates the Daimler brands Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Mitsubishi Fuso, Orion, and Thomas Built Buses. Daimler’s CleanDrive Technologies play a crucial role in this endeavor, encom- passing efficient, clean drive systems and alternative fuels for all vehicle classes from light vans to heavy-duty trucks, and for all Group brands around the globe. More than 225,000 Daimler commercial vehicles with CleanDrive Technologies are already on the road around the world. In addition, Daimler is the world’s leading supplier of alternative drive concepts, having already delivered about 9,000 “green” commercial vehicles to customers. Hybrid technology plays a key role in these vehi- cles, as it can reduce diesel consumption by up to one third, depending on the application. Daimler is the global leader for hybrid commercial vehicles, having delivered some 1,700 Orion hybrid buses to North America, as well as more than 200 Freightliner hybrid trucks and over 550 hybrid light buses and trucks from Mitsubishi Fuso. Further expansion of activities The alternative drive systems from Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses are scheduled to be used by customers in further product segments
  • 15. and regions. In North America, Freightliner will manufacture up to 1,500 M2e hybrid trucks over the next three years. In the meantime, Shaping Future Transportation: the second-generation hybrid bus has been launched on the market CleanDrive Technologies in Japan under the name Fuso Aero Star Eco Hybrid. And in Europe, Mercedes-Benz has handed over the first Atego BlueTec Hybrid delivery trucks to customers for trials. The first Mercedes-Benz city bus with a hybrid drive system, the Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid, will be delivered to customers at the end of 2009. In addition, Mercedes-Benz celebrated the world premieres of three hybrid trucks at last year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles. On the road to zero emissions Through continued further development, Daimler’s diesel engines have evolved into high-tech drive systems that will remain the backbone of the commercial vehicle industry for many years to come. Diesel engines have great potential, as evidenced by their steadily reduced emissions and continuously increasing fuel efficiency. As a result, emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides, for example, have decreased by more than 90 percent on average since 1990. Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses equipped with state-of-the-art BlueTec diesel technology combine these environmental improvements with economic benefits for the vehicle operator. This has resulted in further substantial cuts in fuel consumption. In the case of long-haul trucks, for example, the annual reduction accounts to around 2,000 liters of fuel, or more than five tons of CO2 emissions. By comparison with other types of automobiles, and taking the high transport volumes of its com- mercial vehicles into account, trucks that only consume one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers have long been a reality. At the same time that Daimler develops fuel-saving and environmentally compatible drive systems, the company is committed to researching and using alternative fuels. Developments here extend from clean conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel to biofuels and hydrogen for vehicles with fuel cell drives. Daimler commercial vehicles marked with in the product list are from the Shaping Future Transportation Initiative. | 15
  • 16. The Vision of Accident-free Driving For more than 50 years, developments from Daimler have been leading the way in the field of vehicle safety. This leadership applies equally to passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses. In 2008 Active Brake Assist (ABA) (image at right), a system that has won several awards, was added to the range of highly efficient assistance systems for active accident prevention that is offered by Mercedes-Benz and Setra. This active safety system automatically initiates an emergency braking maneuver if a driver fails to react to an imminent rear-end collision with a slower vehicle ahead of it, even after receiving several gradated warnings from the system. Active Brake Assist acts to prevent rear-end collisions and thus to save lives. The latest innova- tion on the road to making the vision of accident-free driving a reality, Active Brake Assist follows other active assistance systems such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the Lane Assistant (SPA), the Continuous Braking Limiter (DBL), Brake Assist (BA), and the ART proximity cruise control system. With the Front Collision Guard (FCG), which was introduced in the previous year, a milestone of passive safety in buses was reached (image below). The letters “FCG” stand for maximum protection for drivers and passengers of touring buses. The system also offers protection to occupants of other vehicles in accordance with the ECE- R-93 regulation, preventing such vehicles from being forced under an FCG-equipped bus in the event of a collision. Essential elements of the FCG are the integrated absorber structure and the front module, which upon collision impact moves the entire driver’s area toward
  • 17. the rear by as much as 20 centimeters, including the seat, steer- ing wheel, and pedals. The system’s effectiveness is unparalleled. Shaping Future Transportation: Optimized in numerous crash simulations and tests conducted during actual operation, it provides an unprecedented degree of safety for SafeDrive Technologies the driver and the tour guide and further boosts the status of buses as the safest form of passenger transportation. In terms of active and passive safety, buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra are gaining undisputed top ranking worldwide. A diverse spectrum of tests and analyses conducted by various neutral insti- tutes and the insurance industry shows that buses with active safety systems are involved in fewer accidents than vehicles that are not equipped with such technology. The safety systems already realized feature impressive functions. The Lane Assistant (SPA) warns a driver who is in danger of straying from his or her lane, and proximity con- trol (ART) maintains a safe distance between the bus or coach and a vehicle in front of it. A field of vision that encompasses the vehicle’s immediate surroundings is also part of the safety systems, as are wide-angle integral mirrors, a rear-view camera, and powerful Litronic xenon headlights. In combination with standard-equipment safety systems, these additional measures can prevent accidents leading to material damages and personal injury. Long-term improvements of the driver’s working conditions have also been achieved. These include features like the pneumatically sup- ported gearshift with a joystick for smooth and precise gear-chang- ing. Another outstanding innovation is the Driver Information System equipped with a high-resolution color display. The windshield plays a particularly important role in ensuring drivers’ alertness during long drives. On the one hand it must be large enough, but it’s also a problematic zone when it comes to air conditioning. The Opticool windscreen reduces the intensity of infrared rays falling into the vehicle by up to 25 percent, while the separate air conditioning unit allows the driver to individually control his or her temperature zones as desired. | 17
  • 18. Highlights 2008 n January: · The Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid receives the Dekra environmental award. n February: · a total of 20,000 Mercedes-Benz Citaros have been produced in Mannheim over a period of more than ten years. · New Mercedes-Benz buses receive the “Blue angel” environmental label. · evoBus GmbH opens the new spare parts logistics center in Neu-Ulm. · The city of Geneva places a major order for 113 Mercedes-Benz city buses with the Daimler subsidiary evoBus. n April: · The new Setra TopClass 400: more advanced and more appealing travel coaches with the very best in active and passive safety features. · On the occasion of the State Garden Festival in Neu-Ulm, evoBus offers an exclusive range of OMNIplus services. n May: · 1,000th Mercedes-Benz Citaro in Switzerland. n June: · all 16 teams at the 2008 european Soccer Cup are transported in Setra buses. · The 10,000th 400 Series Setra bus is delivered.
  • 19. n July: · The year’s best trainee works at EvoBus. n September: · The Setra S 415 NF low-floor bus is voted “Bus of the Year 2009”. · World premiere in a coach: the new Mercedes-Benz Travego features Active Brake Assist. · Daimler Buses in India: the new Mercedes-Benz travel coach is launched on the market in cooperation with Sutlej Motors. · The VfB Stuttgart soccer team receives a new bus, a Mercedes-Benz Travego. · 100-year anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Mannheim plant. · EvoBus is the top supplier of Deutsche Bahn and takes first place Highlights 2008 Daimler Buses: in the “Road Vehicle” category. · Free SetraCard provides more service. Customers of new Setra vehicles receive E 10,000 in payment guarantees as standard. n October: · Daimler Buses are successful at IAA Commercial Vehicles: 241 Mercedes-Benz and 131 Setra buses are sold. · 33 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo coaches are delivered to the German federal police force. · Daimler Buses delivers 100 Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses to Abu Dhabi. n November: · Ten-year anniversary of Mercedes-Benz minibuses. n December: · Daimler receives another major order for 100 Mercedes-Benz CapaCity buses for the city of Istanbul. | 19
  • 20. Production sites Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Dortmund, Mannheim, Germany Ligny-en-Barrois, France Mississauga (ON), Canada Sámano, Spain Oriskany (NY), US Monterrey, Mexico São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil Buenos aires, argentina
  • 21. Holýšov, Czech republic Hoşdere, Turkey Pune, India Production sites Daimler Buses: Jakarta, Indonesia east London, South africa
  • 22. Production sites Mannheim Germany Number of employees*: 3,533 Body shop, cathodic dip Foundation of plan: 1908 painting: city/intercity buses and coaches; paint shop, assembly: city and intercity buses Neu-Ulm Germany Number of employees*: 3,820 Paint shop and assembly: Foundation of plan: 1991 city/intercity buses and coaches Ligny-en-Barrois France Number of employees*: 436 assembly of city/intercity Foundation of plan: 1981 buses ş Sámano Spain Number of employees*: 274 Mercedes-Benz chassis Foundation of plan: 1998 22 |
  • 23. Holýšov Czech republic Number of employees*: 422 Body components for bus Foundation of plan: 1998 production in Mannheim Hoşdere Turkey Number of employees*: 3,497 Mercedes-Benz city/intercity Foundation of plan: 1995 buses and coaches Pune India Number of employees*: 24 Mercedes-Benz chassis Production sites Daimler Buses: Foundation of plan: 2009 Jakarta Indonesia Number of employees*: 119 Mercedes-Benz chassis Foundation of plan: 1982 * Workforce numbers as of 12/2008 | 23
  • 24. Mississauga Canada Number of employees*: 509 Body shop for Orion buses Foundation of plan: 1978 Oriskany US Number of employees*: 612 Orion buses Foundation of plan: 1982 São Bernardo do Campo Brazil Number of employees*: 1,907 Mercedes-Benz chassis Foundation of plan: 1956 24 |
  • 25. Buenos aires argentina Number of employees*: 79 Mercedes-Benz chassis Foundation of plan: 1951 Monterrey Mexico Number of employees*: 377 Mercedes-Benz chassis Foundation of plan: 1994 east London South africa Number of employees*: 50 Mercedes-Benz chassis Production sites Daimler Buses: Foundation of plan: 1958 * Workforce numbers as of 12/2008 | 25
  • 26. Daimler Buses Product range
  • 27. Daimler Buses: Product range
  • 28. Mercedes-Benz city buses Model Length Length Citaro k 10.5 m Torino (Mexico) 10.9 m Citaro (LHD/rHD)* 12.0 m Boxer (Mexico) 8.0/9.1/10.1 m Citaro L 15.0 m Boxer OF (Mexico) 8.7/9.5 m Citaro G (LHD/rHD)* 17.9 m Citaro Le 12.0 m alternative drives CapaCity 19.5 m Citaro CNG 12.0 m Conecto 12.0 m Citaro G CNG 17.9 m Conecto G 17.9 m Citaro G BlueTec©-Hybrid 17.9 m * LHD = left-hand drive / rHD = right-hand drive Mercedes-Benz interurban buses Model Length Length Citaro Ü 12.0 m Integro 12.1 m Citaro MÜ 13.0 m Integro M 13.0 m Citaro LÜ 15.0 m Integro L 14.9 m Citaro GÜ 17.9 m Intouro e 12.1 m Citaro Le Ü 12.0 m Intouro M/Me 13.0 m Citaro Le MÜ 13.0 m andare (Mexico) 11.5 m allegro (Mexico) 11.5 m 28 |
  • 29. Mercedes-Benz coaches Model Length Length Travego 12.2 m Tourismo M/2 13.0 m Travego M 13.0 m Tourismo M 13.0 m Travego L 14.0 m Tourismo L 14.0 m Travego 15 SHD 12.0 m Tourino (LHD/rHD)* 9.4 m Travego 17 SHD 13.9 m Multego (Mexico) 12.9/14.0 m Tourismo (LHD/rHD)* 12.1 m Turiclass (Mexico) 13.2 m Tourismo rH 12.1 m Intercity Luxury Coach (India) 12.0 m Tourismo rH M 13.0 m * LHD = left-hand drive / rHD = right-hand drive Mercedes-Benz Daimler Buses: Product range | 29
  • 30. Mercedes-Benz interurban minibuses Model Length Sprinter Transfer 23 (LHD/rHD)* 5.9 m Sprinter Transfer 34 (LHD/rHD)* 6.9 m Sprinter Transfer 35 (LHD/rHD)* 6.9 m Sprinter Transfer 45 (LHD/rHD)* 7.3 m Sprinter Transfer 55 7.6 m * LHD = left-hand drive / rHD = right-hand drive Mercedes-Benz city minibuses Model Length Sprinter City 35 6.9 m Sprinter City 65 7.7 m 30 |
  • 31. Mercedes-Benz travel minibuses Model Length Sprinter Travel 45 7.3 m Sprinter Travel 55 7.6 m Sprinter Travel 65 7.7 m Mercedes-Benz mobility minibuses Model Length Sprinter Mobility 23 5.9 m Sprinter Mobility 33 6.9 m Mercedes-Benz Daimler Buses: Product range | 31
  • 32. Setra coaches TopClass 400 Length Length S 411 HD 10.2 m S 431 DT double-decker 13.9 m S 415 HD/HDH 12.2 m/12.3 m S 315 HD (China) 12.0 m S 416 HDH 13.2 m S 417 HDH 14.1 m S 417 (US) 13.7 m Setra coaches ComfortClass 400 Length Length S 415 GT 12.2 m S 416 GT-HD/2 13.0 m S 416 GT 13.0 m S 416 GT-HD (LHD/rHD)* 13.0 m S 415 GT-HD (LHD/rHD)*12.2 m S 417 GT-HD 14.1 m S 419 GT-HD 15.0 m * LHD = left-hand drive / rHD = right-hand drive 32 |
  • 33. Setra interurban buses MultiClass 400 Length Length S 412 UL 10.8 m S 419 UL 15.0 m S 415 UL 12.2 m S 415 NF 12.0 m S 416 UL 13.0 m S 416 NF 13.0 m S 417 UL 14.1 m Daimler Buses: Product range Setra | 33
  • 34. Orion city buses Model Length Orion VII Diesel 9.1/10.7/12.2 m Orion VII CNG 9.1/10.7/12.2 m Orion VII Hybrid 9.1/10.7/12.2 m 34 |
  • 35. Mercedes-Benz chassis Model rear-mounted-engine chassis rear-mounted-engine chassis city and interurban buses coaches OC 500 Le (CBC) OC 500 rF (IBC) O 500 M (rF) OH (MBC) O 500 Ma (articulated) O 500 rS/rSD O 500 U Front-mounted-engine chassis O 500 Ua (articulated) BF 27/30 O 500 r LO OH, OH Le OF (incl. MBC-O) OH rF (XBC) MBO OH Le (XBC) OMC Mercedes-Benz chassis Product range Orion, Daimler Buses: | 35
  • 36. Daimler Buses – press contacts Heinz Gottwick Head of Global Communications Daimler Trucks, Buses & Vans Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 4 15 25 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 06 email: heinz.gottwick@daimler.com Uta Leitner Head of Global Business Communications Daimler Trucks & Daimler Buses Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 4 15 26 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 06 email: uta.leitner@daimler.com Silke Walters Business Communications Daimler Trucks & Daimler Buses Trucks europe/Latin america; Wörth plant, Daimler Buses Procurement Trucks & Buses Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 4 15 49 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 06 email: silke.walters@daimler.com Sebastian Michel Business Communications Daimler Trucks & Daimler Buses Truck Product engineering; Daimler Buses Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 4 15 60 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 06 email: sebastian.michel@daimler.com 36 |
  • 37. Raimund Grammer Head of Product Communications Trucks/Unimog/Buses & Coaches Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 5 30 58 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 30 email: raimund.r.grammer@daimler.com Nada Filipovic Product Communications Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 5 10 91 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 30 email: nada.filipovic@daimler.com Udo Sürig Product Communications Setra Buses and Coaches Tel. +49 (0) 711-17 5 11 86 Fax +49 (0) 711-17 5 20 30 email: udo.suerig@daimler.com Press contacts | 37
  • 38. Daimler Brand Portfolio
  • 39. Mercedes-Benz Cars Daimler Trucks Mercedes-Benz Vans Daimler Buses Daimler Financial Services
  • 40. Daimler aG, 04/2009 Daimler aG Stuttgart (Germany) www.daimler.com