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Home buz acceleratior   work book 1 Home buz acceleratior work book 1 Document Transcript

  • Volume 1 Workbook Volume One © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 1
  • Volume 1 Workbook Home Business Accelerator VOLUME ONE© 2009 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. No partof this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or in any form or by anymeans, without the prior permission in writing of the publisher.For legal reasons we are obliged to state the following:Disclaimer: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Cambridge Business Academy Ltd, are providing this written material, itssubsidiary elements and its contents on an “as is” basis and make no (and expressly disclaim all) representations or warranties of anykind with respect to this written material of its contents including, without limitation, advice and recommendations, warranties ormerchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The information is given for entertainment purposes only. In addition, CambridgeBusiness Academy Ltd, do not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this written material is accurate, complete orcurrent. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Cambridge Business Academy Ltd, or any of its affiliates, partners, or directors,employees or other representatives will not be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this written material.This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory,direct, indirectly or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 2
  • Volume 1 WorkbookPART 1: You’re A Success!“Welcome to the start of a journey where weare convinced that if you have a willing andbelieving heart and apply just a little bit ofaction…you can see your hopes and dreamscome true… ”Tim Lowe & Kevin Potts…You see…Kevin started the Cambridge Business Academy inApril 2008 by attending a weekend workshop of mine and fromactually launching the business on the 7th September 2008, hepulled in £189,000 in the first 8 months and has gone onto keeppulling in the money, finding more students and helping them dothe same….and he’s now very close to his first million pounds(£1,000,000)….thanks to my mentorship and in fact he will havepulled in that first million before the end of the year.During this next 12 volumes, we are going to provide YOU witha key with which you can unlock the tap on fast flowingprofit…and the gate to helping you see your dreams cometrue…. And that’s a promise…If Kevin can do it….a common, English Minister of religion…..Idefinitely know you can….but what I want to do is help youavoid all the pain and cost and heartache he went through to © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 3
  • Volume 1 Workbookachieve his dreams….because to be honest he wasn’t that smartto start with and could have avoided so many of the pitfalls thatnew students fall into and that’s what we are going to help youavoid.Now I know you are probablysaying….”well if Kev pulled in£189,000 in 8 months from hislaunch and he had some roughtimes along the way….I can handlethat….that’s fine with me.” Your chances of winning the lottery are about 1 in 14 billion….with this course chance disappears!Well let me tell you….during the set up phase and during thelaunch phase….he felt like giving up almost every day….and thatmy friend is the problem for so many of us….we buy thesecourses….we hit a road block, the impact is massive on ourmind and emotions and we give up...am I right or am I right?My commitment to you….is that we will share all the formulas,systems, step by step approaches that Kevin has learnt,developed, and in some instances, shaped….many costing meand him a lot of additional time, money and mental anguish.I promise you that if you stay with this coaching programme… allthe way through …there will be no reason….no reason whatsoeverthat you cannot build a successful 6-figure business, from home,delivering a great product or service and living an absolutelyfabulous life….with time for yourself, your family, yourfriends…literally with a new sense of freedom to © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 4
  • Volume 1 Workbookchoose…..and choose what?…..choose what ever youwant…to get up later, to stay up later…to buy that new house,that new car….that new motorbike….which is one of Kevin’sfavourites!... very strange a vicar on a motor bike…it simply won’tdo!We are going to show you what Kevin got right…what he didwrong… and step by step….we’re going to create a really clearpicture so that within a very short space of time…not a year….infact probably just a few weeks…you will be quite literally ready andraring to go…We’re going to take all the elements he needed and you will needto build a great business…tell you what he got wrong…how hecorrected it and what the results were…it really is great stuff…..asit delivered Kevin £189,000 in his first 8 months, gave him 1,476new paying customers in his first 8 months and had himstanding on a stage with the big UK guys… people like me,Nick James, Paul Lynch… who have been in this industry foryears,…again…all in his first 8 months.Just imagine…if that happened to you in your first 8 monthsfrom launching…I can promise you…the hairs on the back of yourneck would tingle…you would not be able to sleep because of the © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 5
  • Volume 1 Workbookexcitement…and your life would change dramatically…in whatalmost seemed like…overnight. I know all that…because that isexactly what happened to me…in 2001 and its my commitment toprovide you with every opportunity for it to happen to you aswell…after all Kevin is just an ordinary person…there really isnothing extra special about him…and don’t forget he only used towork on Sunday’s so we all know he’s naturally lazyWell let me press on and hand over to Kevin, as I know your keento get stuck in.WELCOME TO THE “NITTY GRITTY!”During the coming months you will find us firstly doing everythingwe can to inspire you to believe in yourself, change and enjoy thesuccess you have always been meant to enjoy. We will also kickoff the first section of You’re A Success! by providing you withsome amazing systems which you can implement and which canquite literally change your life overnight. We call this the Nitty andthis will always be the intro to the first part of You’re A Success!We make no apology about why we’re doing this.You see Tim and I know that we have to grab your attention,assault your action senses and inspire you to sit up and takeaction.Now we have to be honest and say, it is the Gritty (the secondpart of You’re A Success!), that we believe has the potential tomake the most long-term personal difference to you, but it is the © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 6
  • Volume 1 WorkbookNitty, this first bit, that will more easily command your attention,and that you can implement very quickly indeed.So let’s break it down just one more time!Read and work through the first part that will inspire you, stir youand provide you with practical, instant, transforming action. This isthe Nitty.Then work through the second part of You’re A Success! which isnot difficult, but which, without doubt raises more of the “Why do Ineed this?” type of questions. Well trust us. You do! So don’t skipit. This section is called the Gritty – and it might have you callingus names, even venturing into a screaming and shouting sessionon the odd occasion. Well there we go, you have been warned.By the way, within each section, You’re A Success! you will seeACTIONS. These are where we have done our level best to tryand create actions that we want you, as the student, to take,knowing that if you make a commitment to do so, the level at whichyou will understand, implement and ultimately change as a personand grow your business, will be so much higher than just a quickcasual read. So look out for them. They will be clear andnumbered sequences throughout the course.Section 2, is what we call “How To Create A Product And Get ItSelling In 24 Hours” Now this is no joke…the number of peoplewho say to us…it’s the product part we find difficult…I mean howdo you go about creating a product…it must take ages and costtens of thousands of pounds…We’ll you’d be wrong on both © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 7
  • Volume 1 Workbookcounts…in reality it is the easiest part and once you know thesecrets…you will never again say….”how do I do it?”. Now just tohammer home the power and simplicity of this aspect of thecourse…we have literally have spent over £10,000 having creatinga Free Bonus DVD course…using multiple cameras and all thewizzy stuff you associate with quality production….just so you cansee before your very eyes how to create a product and get itselling in 24 hours…We filmed this course before a live audience,each of whom paid £8.500 + vat to be taught our secrets and stepby step formula..but you have the opportunity to enjoy this andmassively benefit from it by pumping out products that suck incash…all with our compliments. So, do put time aside each monthto work through Part 2 and follow along with the Free bonus videocourse.And that leads us nicely to Part 3 Sat Nav Millionaire…wethought if we are going to reveal some secrets about how toquickly build a profitable home based business…who else canhelp us do that…and literally after scouring the best talent in theworld…for the Internet masters….we managed to get our friendMatt Bacak to work with us… Part 3 will take you by the hand andshow you the system…in minute, but very simple detail about howto create a phenomenal online business with no previousexperience whatsoever…taking you to very advanced, butincredibly easy concepts and skills within the space of a just 12volumes. We have asked Matt to leave nothing out and again wehave had the course specially filmed in a private invitationworkshop where each delegate paid $12,000 for the privilege ofbeing taught in this face to face small group. © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 8
  • Volume 1 WorkbookSo talk about packed….our new Home Business Acceleratorcontains quite literally everything you are going to need…..and wemean everything…to understand apply and build…a lighteningspeed a genuinely successful home based business just like Kevindid.OK, having made the various parts hopefully clearer than mud,let’s get stuck in with this month’s Nitty taught by Kevin…and don’tforget you have the accompanying FREE bonus video You’re ASuccess to support your detailed work book training.NITTYToday’s first Nitty has to do with French Fries and a $500 Millionquestion that you can easily implement into your own life andbusiness starting right now…At some point in the 1990’s, someone at that famous burgerestablishment, called McDonald’s came up with a simply terrificidea to ask ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE person who orderedtheir food the ridiculously simple question:“Would you like fries with that?”Just one very simple question.But what I want to do to differentiate it for you today is to add alittle twist on this strategy. © 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 9
  • Volume 1 WorkbookYou’re going to need to get used to all the ups and downs, twistsand turns with my NITTY!So, getting back to the question:You have just ONE QUESTION you can ask and ONEQUESTION you can record: 1. Whoever answers the phone for you, be this your assistant your kids, your spouse can ask: “Is there anything I can help you with?” This is a really easy formula for cutting down the number of un-important phone calls you receive. More often than not, the person who answers the phone for you (whoever this is) can deal with the issue and avoid you being interrupted. 2. If you have a voicemail message, you should ASK the caller to explain WHY he or she called and TELL him or her you need to know so that you can get to work on the solution BEFORE you ring them back.This strategy alone, has cut my phone calls by at least 60% andyou know what? If the reason to call the person is not compelling,I’ve just avoided making a call altogether!Now the underlying principle that every business, yours included,MUST understand is SYSTEMISATION – Each and every time.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 10
  • Volume 1 WorkbookI am going to repeat that to make sure you have really got it!If it’s occasional, intermittent or haphazard, it is not SYSTEMATICand you will NOT get the result a SYSTEM will deliver; repeatable,automatic each and every time. Time and time and time and timeagain!It really is that simple and that powerful.So from this week on, give it a go, whether personal, or business,get your spouse, kids, or assistant if at work or assistant in yourown business to just ask “Is there anything I can help you with”,and get them to understand why you are doing it.ACTION 1: Date the trial of this for the next week, firstly explainingto those who need to know and then noting the results and beprepared to be surprised: 1. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 2. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 3. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 4. Date: ____________Result: _________________________© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 11
  • Volume 1 Workbook 5. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 6. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 7. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ACTION 2: Next, re-record your answer phone and explain whyyou want them to tell you what they are calling about and thenwatch your meaningless phone calls reduce and your productiveones, be they personal or profit relating via your business, start tobecome so much more targeted.Date Completed: _______________________.ACTION 3: Now, once again note the date and the result ofreduced calls, simply because you determine you don’t need tophone back: 1. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 2. Date: ____________Result: _________________________© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 12
  • Volume 1 Workbook 3. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 4. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 5. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 6. Date: ____________Result: _________________________ 7. Date: ____________Result: _________________________OK, so that’s a quick fire, put straight into action, easy littlestrategy that can start to make an impact immediately.Now onto something a little more substantial, but still part of theNitty, here’s a question for you:What Exactly Is A Home Business With A Death Wish?As you’ve signed up for this coaching program, you’ve probablyrealised that you have a little problem with your home business oryou don’t have a problem yet, because you don’t have yourbusiness and you’re smart enough to realise that you could do witha helping hand as you start to build it!© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 13
  • Volume 1 WorkbookI suspect that at the very least, you think that there may be roomfor some dramatic improvement?Great!I just assumed you said yes, or why bother progressing!At the end of the day you just cannot have the business you havealways dreamt of unless you are ready and willing to first admitthat what you have been doing and are doing now, isn’t quiteworking for you.OK, so let me help you understand what exactly a home businesswith a death wish really is.Well here is my definition; see if any of it strikes a chord:Home Business With A Death Wish: 1. To do with or being about a completely weird, customer-off- putting home based business that loses money. Also, the place of many suicidal behaviours, including: the Doberman scaring away the post man, customers sitting in deck chairs in the hall way for meetings, toddlers answering your business phone and having a little chat with potential new suppliers and/or colleagues or customers picturing you in your underwear or in your dressing gown while you are on a teleconference call and forgot the video was rolling 2. A business and an office that more resembles a playroom© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 14
  • Volume 1 Workbook than a professional space. This space could well include: piles of paper and newspaper, last nights take-away stuck to a customer proposal, safety pins and masking tape holding together your answer phone or computer and dirty nappies in your filing cabinetACTION 4: Did any of this strike a chord? Yes NoACTION 5: If yes, list and describe how it applies to you: 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________So, Do You Have A Home Business With A Death Wish?If you operate a home-based business, you are probably ready tosay something like:“Now hold on mate, my home business is not so bad. OK it’s not© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 15
  • Volume 1 Workbookideal and there was that mishap with my newborn screaming bluemurder while I took a call with Los Angeles, but my customersknow I’m a professional.”Emm!Make no mistake my friend, your customer only knows what theysee and hear from you. If they see that you have no place to meetthem but Starbucks, they won’t take you seriously. If you can’t getpackages delivered to your house because your dog nearly killedthe postman, they won’t think you are serious about your business.If your mother-in-law interrupted your last meeting to remind you topick up green beans at the super-market, you will not be able tostand up to your competition.Why?Because your competitors, whoever they are, wherever they are,are really serious about their business and making money.They want your customers!They look and sound polished and they are!They have great sites, great presentations, and great follow up,great payment processing, great support.They look big, even when they are one-man operations runningtheir business from home.They have put 100% value on growing their businesses.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 16
  • Volume 1 WorkbookYou on the other hand have a makeshift desk in the third bedroom.You have marmalade and jam sandwich stains on your keyboard.You have an office that is the “best kept secret” in the business.You have a business that’s stuck in neutral, or worse, goingbackwards at full speed in reverse.Want to get moving forwards at speed?Keep reading!The Ten Signs You’ve Got A Home Business With A DeathWishStill don’t buy it?OK, just review this list.If any of it sounds even vaguely familiar you may have the HomeBusiness With A Death Wish.And by the way, each and every story that follows came from areal entrepreneur…so don’t worry you are not alone! 1. “I want to hire an assistant, but we’d have to share a chair.” – if your business is expanding faster than you have office furniture for, or you are meeting with your clients or suppliers in the hallway, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 2. “My wife thinks I need to get a real job.” – that hurts a lot of you. If your spouse thinks that you spend your entire day© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 17
  • Volume 1 Workbook chatting with the neighbours, or your mother-in-law is convinced you are running a drug cartel out of your living room, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 3. “My friends think that working at home means I never miss Richard and Judy.” – If you don’t get any respect because your friends think you catch every episode of Richard & Judy and sleep until noon, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 4. “Starbucks is starting to encroach on my profits.” If you are conducting all your big meetings in the Science Fiction section of Borders or you are working on your sixth large cappuccino, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 5. “I realised today at 4pm that I was still wearing my pyjamas.” – If your idea of networking is talking to the cat, and you haven’t been in a shower or out of the house in over a week, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 6. “ I could die here and no one would ever know.” – If you worry that it might be the smell that finally gets people to inquire about your business, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 18
  • Volume 1 Workbook 7. “Why did God invest Oprah? How are we supposed to work when Oprah is on?” – If you are overwhelmed by the urge to climb back into bed or regularly feel a deep longing to do several loads of laundry in the middle of a business day, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 8. “No, the baby doesn’t go in the playpen. Important papers go in there so the baby, can’t get at them.” - If you find yourself picking Cheerios out of your laptop, chasing the kids around the kitchen while on a conference-call and wiping peanut butter off you client’s work, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 9. “I feel like I live at the office…wait! I do!” – If your workday ends two minutes before you drop into bed, or you are taking 4am phone calls from sleepless clients, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish. 10. “Since you’re home all day anyway, I need a favour…” – If you are picking up your wife’s laundry, driving your friend to the airport, or running errands for your neighbours in the middle of your workday, then you have a Home Business With A Death Wish.ACTION 6: I am hoping you’ve got the point by now. Which one, or© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 19
  • Volume 1 Workbooksimilar applied to you?Sitting In Your Underwear At Your Computer Doesn’t MakeYou An Entrepreneur.Don’t be fooled!Just because you have a desk and a stapler, that doesn’t makeyou an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs do not define themselves asthey are today. They define themselves by who they will betomorrow. They are visionaries. They are comfortable assuming alot of risk today to build their businesses for tomorrow.They are not fearless, but they eat the fear and move forwardanyway. They conquer their fear by doing something – one smallstep at a time. They put one foot in front of the other until theyhave walked themselves out of the ditch.They are always moving toward the future.They are not stuck in one place.Entrepreneurs are active.If you are rolling out of bed and sitting at your desk in yourbasement, trudging through the same old routines, doing the sameold things that are not moving your business forward, if you areflicking pencils at the ceiling and wondering why the dream ofhaving your own business is better than actually having your own© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 20
  • Volume 1 Workbookbusiness then you are not being entrepreneurial.Today is the time for you to do something different. It is time foryou to summon your inner maverick. It is time for you to becomethe visionary for your own business, to take one small, tiny steptoward the company your dreamed of having when you weresitting in that cubical working for your overbearing bosses at thatsoulless corporation.It is time to go from ordinary to extraordinary.Today is the day to become an entrepreneur!An Ordinary Bloke Makes It BigAn ordinary bloke works at a Wall Street firm studying markettrends. He sees a trend that no one else has spotted. He hasdaydreamed about starting his own business. He decides to takethe leap. He packs up his stuff and quits his job!He sets up a home business in his two-bedroom house. Free atlast! No more listening to his inept boss. The regular bloke is nowcalling the shots. He brings his wife into the business and hits hisfamily for a sizeable investment. The future is bright.He runs extension chords out to the garage to operate hiscomputers and uses doors from Home Depot as desks. Life ispretty chaotic, but it soon pays off.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 21
  • Volume 1 WorkbookA month later, this bloke is selling product in all 50 states and 45countries. Two months later, he’s bringing in $20,000 a week inrevenue.Sounds implausible, right?Well, this ordinary bloke is named Jeff Bezos and his multi-billion-dollar company, Amazon.com, proves that you can start abusiness at home and use it as a launch pad for success.Ask yourself, “Why did I start my home based business, or why doI want to start a home based business?”Didn’t or don’t you start out trying to create something amazing?You can still do it. It’s not too late.Remember, Jeff Bezos was just an ordinary bloke – albeit a verysmart and hard-working bloke – working at his computer on top ofan unfinished door. And he turned that meagre beginning intosomething extra-ordinary.If an ordinary bloke can create something extraordinary, whynot you too?Now let’s get to the Gritty for Volume 1.GRITTY© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 22
  • Volume 1 WorkbookDOING 90% OF THE COACHING YOURSELFNow I know I have already made this next point clear in thewelcome letter, but such is my personal conviction about this beinga key to you building a successful business as a buddingentrepreneur, that I want to underline it once again.This second section of You’re A Success! will be to many of mystudents, a non-essential piece of non-sense.Let me tell you as clear as clear can be…it was the principlesand secrets within this section that lead to my success…my£189,000 and 1476 customers in my first 8 months and makeno mistake about it.Bypass it at your peril.Because we both know that you have had dreams and goals formore years that you care to remember, have invested in previouscourses, done very little if at all, and are really no further along thejourney to success than when you first started.Ouch!I know that hurt, but…© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 23
  • Volume 1 Workbook…”Just like when you go to the dentist, what hedoes will hurt you, but it won’t harm you. In fact itwill make you well. And that is my intention.”My experience with a variety of people, both as a pastor/ministerof religion and now an entrepreneur and as a client, convinced melong ago that more than 90% of the work in effectively being theperson I really want to be, successful, happy, peaceful, could beachieved outside the coaching room.But it was not at all clear WHAT that 90+% might be or couldbe.All too often, I, like almost everyone else I knew, drifted around in: 1. Uncertainty. 2. Ignorance. 3. Denial.…about my personal growth paths, hopes and dreams, inshort…that yearning to be successful.ACTION 7: Spend a couple of minutes reflecting on those threepoints above and just put a cross against which ones have or dostill apply to you for life in general or business/work specifically© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 24
  • Volume 1 WorkbookNow I intend to give you the means, each month through thisworkbook and the accompanying free bonus video diary, to setand accomplish: 1. Growth and, 2. Wholeness goals……Specific to you (yep I did say Wholeness. I could have saidhealing, which would have been much more pointed…come onadmit it, we are all works in progress, we are all a little insecure atbest and we can all do with a helping hand).“One important goal of this second part of thecoaching program is to empower you, to accomplishmore growth by yourself, when so often previouslythe New Year resolution is in the gutter by the 3rdJanuary. I am going to help YOU take action”.POPULAR IDEAS MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOUR HAPPINESSIn this second part of the program, I intend to challenge manypopular unhappiness-causing ideas and to support "wrong" viewsof such ideas, (yes I did say support “wrong” views!), perhaps© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 25
  • Volume 1 Workbookoccasionally causing offense.I consider this necessary!For the areas of our lives that contain unhappiness will usually onlybe changed by challenge.Many popular ideas of today are unhappy ideas.If you hold such unhappy ideas, the ultimate goal of inner peace isnot attainable.I really do hope that you will experience a vast amount of growth,happiness, and peace and see some of your dreams comingtrue while working through You’re A Success! and putting mysuggestions into action.How you respond to seemingly "wrong" ideas is very important,for many of us tend to “throw out the baby with the bathwater”.If thoughts like "he should know better" or "that is stupid" floatthrough your mind, you are making judgments. A more neutralresponse like "I dont agree with that" is a happier non-judgmental choice.I know already that many of you reading this section of theworkbook, are thinking, “I don’t need this”…I’m fine. But the truthis, you do have dreams and goals but you haven’t achieved themyet. I have and I discovered that part of my journey was to face upto these, shall we call them, psychological aspects of mypersonality that were causing the blockages to my success.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 26
  • Volume 1 WorkbookWhat makes you any different?“Most of us psychologically are like houses in needof some renovation, structurally sound, but with anumber of possible psychology improvementprojects.”ACTION 8: Have you ever noticed that your negative judgmentsabout people or ideas either:(1) Make you unhappy or(2) Serve as largely unsuccessful attempts to boost your ownlow self-esteem? 0Therefore, do you really want to judge others?(I am going to be talking more in Volume 8 about judging others,the unhappiness resulting from them and how to stop making somany of them.)The result of our people-judgments is that we often throw away© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 27
  • Volume 1 Workbooksomeones ideas because the wrong person voices them orbecause we dont totally agree with all their ideas.Just because I may talk about a few seemingly wrong ideas, doesnot mean that everything I say is useless.I doubt that there is a person alive who will agree with everything Isay in this coaching program.When you find yourself not in agreement, I recommend that you:(1) Enjoy the differences between us,(2) Play with my ideas mentally, and(3) Evaluate which of them might prove happier for youdespite their supposed wrongness.EMPOWERING YOURSELFOne of my goals is to empower YOU, to accomplish more personalgrowth and wholeness, the result of which will be success in manyareas of your life, money being just one of those areas.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 28
  • Volume 1 Workbook“Part of that empowerment is to realise that nobodyelse really runs the show.”If you really want to grow and change and succeed, I can help,books, videos training can help……“Otherwise, everybody else is useless!”All too often, people presume that the teacher or coach knowswhat is best for them and knows the answers; more often than not,that is just coach and client wish-fulfilment. Or put more simply,both are in Noddy land!If you are thinking about hiring someone or have already done so, Isuggest you push the pause button, as I have a lot more to sayabout that in the coming Volumes.“More than 90% of the work in effective successcoaching is done OUTSIDE the coaching hour, bethat face to face or reading this Work Book.”© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 29
  • Volume 1 WorkbookUpon hearing the title of this Series, one coaching friend remarkedthat I would not be popular with some of my colleagues. Welaughed together, for both of us knew that popularity had neverbeen my strength nor was it my goal for this work.Instead, for you, my goal is movement along your individualpath towards inner peace and success…. now that truly wouldbe success with a big “S”.ACTION 9: Just take 5 minutes to imagine, being settled in yourmind, settled in your emotions, settled and successful in youractions, no longer with that angst, that driven anxiety thatsomehow you deserve the success and peace that has evadedyou all your life. But instead, you just enjoy time with yourself, yourspouse, your partner, your family, and your job. Imagine for amoment what a world with those sorts of perpetual experiences,really would fee like.HELP FOR YOUR ASPIRATIONS OR PROBLEMSThis second part of the program, can most likely help with any ofyour aspirations, or problems that coaching might help.That would include difficulties with relationships, phobias,anxieties, addictions, self-esteem, depression, co-dependency, sexuality, anger, violence, or any other problemsor symptoms that are amenable to coaching.I will provide you with clear, suggested paths to try or suggestedways to gain a different perspective, either of which will often be© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 30
  • Volume 1 Workbookenough to significantly shift you towards your goals and dreams ofa different and more fulfilled life.“Today your optimum coaching might focus on body,emotions, thinking or spirituality.”“It certainly, will not focus on business, which isjust one aspect of recognising that You’re ASuccess! and enjoying a successful life. I want tohelp you with the fundamental things that affectyour entire life!”Please understand the need for some patience.Our desires and goals and symptoms of any blockages orproblems are there for very sufficient reasons, and few will beinstantly achieved or cured by any means.But I do believe in simple systems and I have absolutelyexperienced success and so will you…if you journey with me andtake action!© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 31
  • Volume 1 WorkbookWE ARE LIKE HOUSES IN NEED OF RENOVATIONMost of us consider ourselves to be - "just fine except for thatone problem, that one unfulfilled dream, that debt trap youwould like to escape" - that is difficult to deny (or 2-3 problems)."If only I could resolve that one issue, things would be almostperfect!"Actually, the vast majority of us, experience dozens and dozens ofunhappy/ upsetting/ irritating events every week.Each of these is a potential handyman DIY project for us.Psychologically, emotionally, aspirationally, we are like thosehouse renovation projects; structurally sound but showing need fora variety of repairs.As you work through this second part of the program and watchthe accompanying free bonus video 1 with each Volume, you maydiscover fifty or more potential growth areas for yourself.Feel excited about this and do not feel badly about such a largenumber, for almost everyone else is in the same condition a YOU.Most of these “changes”, “goals”, and “repairs" can be at leastpartially completed by you without help from a paid face-to-facecoach.Each one that you are able to accomplish will leave you feelingcalmer, more at peace, more successful and more able toenjoy life to the full.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 32
  • Volume 1 WorkbookBut each takes time!Therefore, give yourself permission to take as much time as youneed.LET ME BE YOUR COACHSheldon Kopps book title, “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road,Kill Him”, most succinctly expresses my beliefs about the value ofmost coaches (Gurus).Thinking of us as “The Knowledgeable Ones” is a thought trap intowhich coaches sometimes fall.This makes sense, for there is knowledge (about ways of beinghappier and feeling better), which hopefully we possess, in greaterquantity than our students.On the other hand, I do believe there are a few genuine usefulgurus (Coaches) out there.I think true gurus have many attributes in common with Gandhi:they are not in the business of acquiring money or materials, andthey preach neither fear nor judgments. If these attributes fit, thenperhaps you have found the real thing.I certainly hope that as we partner together, you will quickly cometo see that every aspect of this program, from workbook to FreeBonus DVDs, and all the material contained within, is totally, 100%focused on helping you grow, find wholeness, build a great© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 33
  • Volume 1 Workbookbusiness and finally realise and enjoy the reality that You’re ASuccess!“Self help is useful for almost any coaching, self-improvement goals but patience as well as dedicationis usually required before the good stuffmaterialises. But it will!”The more I do the work of coaching, the less I seem to know whatpath is right for students (i.e., how to be their coach).Yet, I seem to be effective in assisting them to find their ownindividual paths.While as a country we tend to be supportive of some individualism,this acceptance is limited.Unique individuals in pursuit of very different lifestyles often findtheir unhappy ways into my life, asking the age old “I really wantto be successful, but I just keep failing” questions.Frequently they are unhappy because they are trying to fit somesociety, family or personal norm that is totally inappropriate forthem as individuals.For example, loners often get little acceptance from society oreven from many other coaches. Yet, for many loners, being aloneis not only their preferred mode but also their best mode. The© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 34
  • Volume 1 Workbookquestion for them is not, "When are you going to become moreinvolved with people?" but instead, "What is the right level ofaloneness for you?".If you’ve watched the bonus video so far and followed, makingnotes with this workbook, you have already exposed yourself tosome different ideas and beliefs that may require sorting, siftingand detailed examination.ACTION 10: List some of these thoughts and observationsbelow: frequent reaction of my students to coaching sessions is thinkingabout the session for many hours afterwards.This part of the program can affect you, similarly. If it does, thenyou are already on the road to becoming your own coach, doing90+% of your personal growth work.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 35
  • Volume 1 WorkbookFOLLOW YOUR OWN YELLOW BRICK ROADThere is no right or wrong way to use this part of the HomeBusiness Accelerator program. In fact, there are many choicesavailable to you.You should go through the free bonus videos on a monthly basisuntil you have completed the entire coaching course and then feelfree to flip around and dip into and out of the ones that arechallenging you the most, or proving the most helpful.“Now here’s a little snippet that we’ll explore laterin the course. “Anger is ALWAYS based uponunfulfilled expectations; fully let go of theexpecting, and your anger will be no more.”I suggest that you allow yourself to drop this workbook and theaccompanying bonus video for periods of time and then comeback to it later when that impulse strikes. And by the way, you willget the impulse and you should respond to the intuition to pick it upwhen you do. After all, that is a major part of this course, “killingprocrastination.”Many changes described in the series can take some time toaccomplish, but we’re not talking about long periods.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 36
  • Volume 1 WorkbookTherefore, watching and hearing more and more possible changesfor yourself may not be productive if you are already mind-jugglingprior possibilities.YOU, in fact any of us, can only change a few things aboutourselves at a time.So take your time!Now, if strong negative feelings develop towards me or Tim, thenperhaps you are attempting to "shoot the messengers" in thehope of denying the accuracy of the messageI hope that you use this part of the program your way, and at yourown pace.If you can discard some ideas (there will likely be parts that yousense are presently wrong for you) without losing others that couldbe valuable, then you will gain the maximum benefit.I hope and am committed to helping your growth process with thisseries, but YOU ultimately are your own coach. You are and werealways meant to be A Success!FIND YOUR OPTIMUM COACHING FOCUSDo you enjoy quizzes about yourself and discovering the "right"answers to such quizzes? Such quizzes are often found in yourfavourite magazines. There are quizzes for most of theseVolumes. Most come with answers, but some do not as therereally are no right answers, but merely your reflections to some© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 37
  • Volume 1 Workbooktesting questions, based on what you have taken onboard anddigested from the specific session.As I have said, there really are no right or wrong answers to mostof the questions. But certain answers cause us comfort and easewhile others cause us grief and unhappiness.We do have choices about whether we think A or B. A significantportion of some thinking (see Volume 8) is helping students tochange their thinking from A to B, from unhappiness-causingreasoning to happiness-causing reasoning. Such is coaching work!Such is Your work! And such will result in success that you feeland experience.“Remember, most of us psychologically are likehouse renovation projects, structurally sound butwith a number of possible psychological andaspiration improvement projects.”Human existence can be considered a house of four rooms, therooms of (1) the body, (2) the mind, (3) the emotions and (4)spirituality. Coaching usually concentrates on just one or two ofthese rooms. Yet for maximum health, wealth, success andhappiness, it has to be said that we need to visit each of theserooms every day, if only briefly.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 38
  • Volume 1 WorkbookIf you have selected a coaching or training strategy thatconcentrates exclusively in one or two rooms, you do need to beaware that your growth may be happening in only one or tworooms.You need to make a decision about how much, when or if the otherrooms are visited. Ultimately, any one-room focus will likely needto change (tomorrow, next month, next year or several years inthe future). There are times when focusing upon one room isentirely appropriate, and I do not intend to imply that you shouldselect only a four-room coach. The workbook and accompanyingfree bonus videos, during Volumes 3-11 discuss these four roomsin more depth.BEING YOUR OWN COACHMy goal is not to get you to change but to empower you tochange, if that suits your purposes. For it is YOU that must identifyand ultimately accept that change is required.Frequently there are choices A and B, in which choice A, thoughvery popular and often judged as correct, leads to unhappiness.Choice B, however unpopular, is a growth choice that ultimatelyleads to calmness, lack of stress and a big dose of success.With my students and with you, my goal is to show you suchchoices. I fully accept your choice and students’ choices to retainunhappiness.However, I do hammer students over the head with such unhappy© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 39
  • Volume 1 Workbookchoices. For they (and you) are the ones choosing to retain theunhappiness by continually selecting unhappy choice A.“One recurring attribute of people who havehappiness (or inner peace or contentment) is theattribute of being grateful and appreciative forwhat is all around them. Do you need to develop thisfor yourself?”For example, men in our culture historically have made the choicenot to feel sadness and grief (i.e., choice A). The result is a widearray of acting-out behaviour such as: 1. Unreasonable anger or, 2. Drug/ alcohol/ sexual/ gambling addictions.Such behaviour temporarily relieves the stress that arises insituations that potentially might trigger sadness or grief.If such men learned instead to accept their feelings of sadness andgrief, then the experience of such feelings (i.e., choice B) would© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 40
  • Volume 1 Workbookchange those so-called "bad" feelings to ones of contentment and“OKness” - sorry English has never been my strong point! (Volume9 deals more about this choice.)To be your own coach, you must first have knowledge of theexistence of such choices so that you can make them consciously.There may be many possible choices for you to make as you workthrough this series and I can promise you that each will haverepercussions in terms of your health and happiness, for these twoelements are so often inextricably linked.Knowledge of what various coaching strategies are trying toaccomplish is often lacking in students.How in such cases could students have personal power?Therefore, just knowing what coaching is trying to accomplish canoften be a significant step toward its accomplishment.Consequently, two major focuses in this series are on:(1) What coaching is trying to do and,(2) How YOU, can do as much of it as possible.I do not intend to imply that all your growth work and movement toachieving your life long goals and dreams can be done without the© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 41
  • Volume 1 Workbookaid of a coach, that’s why you’ve got me and of course all thebusiness training and resources of this Home BusinessAccelerator course.Instead, do as much as you can and use me and this series as anassistant for what you cant accomplish on your own.Sometimes assistants know more about certain issues than theboss. The wise boss accepts this without believing either that theassistant is boss or that the assistant knows everything.Remember that you, not me, are the ultimate boss.THERE ARE MANY CHOICESEven if you choose not to pursue the quiz path described earlier, itis my intention that while working through the course and watchingthe accompanying bonus videos you will be exposed to manybeliefs and ideas that in our culture directly cause discomfort andangst.The choice will be yours whether you change any unhappybeliefs that you possess. But first you must see that there is achoice.“Today your optimum coaching might focus on body,emotions, thinking or spirituality.”© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 42
  • Volume 1 WorkbookWhen the world was considered flat, there was no choice. It was"obviously" the truth. Just look at the flat horizon!When the idea was then raised about the world being round, therewas instant rejection by all those who "knew better".Over time, however, the arguments for roundness were morepersuasive and beliefs changed.This is the same process that may happen when you meet one ofmy "wrong" (or blasphemous) pronouncements.Your worst response may be instant rejection, for then you maynever see if it might have an inkling of truth or be preferable foryou.Your best response would be to acknowledge there are at leasttwo choices, your way and my way. That is the first step ofchanging, to realise (without beating ourselves up in any way)that there is another alternative to our unhappy upset responses.BEING GRATEFUL AND APPRECIATIVEOne recurring attribute of people who have happiness (or innerpeace and contentment) is the attribute of being grateful andappreciative for what is all around them.This is an attribute that all of us could do with cultivating, becauseit genuinely changes how we feel.Our upsets tend to melt in the face of gratefulness. This is© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 43
  • Volume 1 Workbookcompletely contrary to the current media emphasis about what iswrong. That emphasis is unhappy, so why would I want to limitmyself to just the problems?“One important goal of this series is to empoweryou, to accomplish more growth and success byyourself.”Why not emphasise some good stuff too?Therefore, throughout this series I have included sections that canelicit these positive feelings within us. Just feeling some of thatgratitude and appreciation will bring a touch of healing for us all.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 44
  • Volume 1 Workbook Self Help QuizACTION 11: The following questions test your knowledge aboutself-help and ways to maximise happiness and personal growth tomove you towards realising that You’re A Success!Tim and I have worked really hard to develop it in such a waythat it helps you embed the training deep into your everydaylife.1. T F 90% or more of effective coaching is usually done outsidethe coaching hour.2. T F Popular ideas (held by the majority of the population) areoften the CAUSE of much of our personal distress.3. T F Gurus (Coaches) are never useful.4. T F Self help tools and ideas can help us achieve most of ourlife long goals.5. T F All of us with similar challenges, sooner or later, will followthe same paths of growth.6. T F Most of us think that if just 1 or 2 of our difficult problemswere solved, then we would be forever happy.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 45
  • Volume 1 Workbook7. T F Useful coaching focuses upon one or more of thefollowing: body, mind emotions spirit.8. T F For men, (women too but not so often), addictions areoften caused by the choice not to feel sadness and grief.9. T F For women, (men too but not so often), addictions areoften caused by the choice not to feel rage and hate.10. T F One common attribute of happy people is that they aregrateful. Answers: (False: 3, 5) (all others True)© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 46
  • Volume 1 WorkbookPART 2: How To Create A ProductAnd Get It Selling Powerfully In Just24 Hours.Free Bonus Disc 2 of Volume 1 provides an introduction to thisimmensely powerful section of the Home Business Accelerator.You see product creation is absolutely foundational to buildingyour business…and yet people really do make very hard work of it.In reality…the process is very simple and can be veryquick…you just need to know the clear…step by step system andbefore you know it you’ll have products stacking up and pulling inthe sort of profit you could never have thought possible. That’sexactly what Kevin did and is the reason that before the end of thisyear he will have pulled in certainly £1,000,000 and probablymore.And don’t forget you have the accompanying high quality freebonus “live” course where we filmed Kevin and I creating aproduct…almost out of thin air in front of a specially invitedaudience…it includes all the theory…but more importantly the“live” demonstration of how this process and system takes placeand over the next 12 volumes…we are going to provide you withevery single step. Now be patient as this coaching programme iscrammed full of no nonsense…absolutely essential training…butwe are aware that we do not want to overwhelm you…so as with© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 47
  • Volume 1 Workbookthe other elements of the programme, put some time aside eachmonth…work through the book follow the exercises and use theFREE bonus DVD course as supplementary support.Out Of Thin Air? – Where On Earth Do You Start?Well to be honest you have to start with a product idea….at least amain niche.Do you want to develop a product from the money makingniche…around stocks, property… business opportunity… or do youhave a passion in life…a skill…a hobby that you know a lot about. Bythe way even if you don’t have mastery and knowledge...it doesn’tmatter as you will be learning how to get other people to do most of thework for you and at best all you’ll be doing is coming up with an ideaand then looking after the customers…once they get the product.Now I know that last sentence sounds ridiculous and you’re alreadythinking it can’t be that easy…but it is…my friend it truly is, as youwill see.Now we need to slip in a brief word of caution…you really do need to besure that if you have an all consuming hobby or skill that there is aready market for it…it’s no good if you love collecting Coke bottle topsand attaching them to long lines of string which you then decorate yourhouse with…if you are the only person in the world doing this you’renot going to make much money are you?. Get the point?…you need tofind a hungry market and you do this simply by searching the internetonce drawing up a list of ideas or you go to your nearest largemagazine stationers and see if there is already a market for this. You’llknow as there will be lots of publications on the magazine stands.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 48
  • Volume 1 WorkbookAnyway…we are jumping a head and as we know people get stuck andfall with product creation at the very first vitally important hurdlewe just want to take it nice and steady and make sure that we help youget the penny to drop…the light to come on.So when you watch the accompanying “live” demonstration…you’ll seethat we quite literally ask somebody to just give us a Niche….in fact webreak our rule of “is there a hungry market?”…because we want toprove a point that you can quite literally create a product out of“thin air”…we do of course test it’s viability as the “live” presentationunfolds.Now all we want to focus on today is two things…simple…easy…butvitally important two foundational things and here’s what they are: 1. It does not matter what subject you pick you can easily…we mean so very easily create a first class product in just a few hours and have it selling. Yes we do need to check there is a market…but just park that part up for the moment…we want you to understand that you can create a product day after day after day from any niche….any subject. 2. The 3 main niches that are practically guaranteed to enable you to build a business quickly…and pull in a sizeable income very quickly are: a. SEX: As you’ll see on the accompanying Bonus Video I always cringe when Kevin uses this word…but it’s true. Of course neither nor Kevin are not talking about pornography or anything remotely linked to this…as you can© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 49
  • Volume 1 Workbook imagine…that’s a far cry from our lives. No when we say SEX we are referring to beauty, dieting, food, health, fitness, dating… it’s just that it all gets lumped under this large major niche called SEX. b. MONEY: Again this is a massive niche…unfortunately there is a lot of rubbish peddled within this niche…so please be very very careful and always remain personally committed to only creating and delivering first class, high quality products…anything less simply won’t do. And at the end of the day…quality is very easy to achieve and costs no more money or time…as we shall show you in the up coming volumes. Within this Niche is Business Opportunity, Real Estate, Stocks, Shares and Equities, Business Building such as the programme you are now following. c. SPIRITUALITY: I have to say that Kevin finds this a strange one and I don’t think the penny has dropped for him yet…as he’s been working for a pittance for several years as a minister…so that’s quite a big one for him to adjust to. But nevertheless…spirituality as a major niche is huge. You only have to look at Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret…which she produced as a video and then an audio book and then a written book and pulled in tens of millions of dollars in practically no time at all. One year she was quite literally almost bankrupt and by the end of the next, having created The Secret she was a multi –millionaire many times over.So, if you are following with the free bonus video, you will have alreadyrealised that the niche that was decided upon by the group was© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 50
  • Volume 1 WorkbookFOOD…much to the initial dismay of Kevin who thought that a big holewas going to open up and swallow him…as all he’d done so far wasbusiness….Now the audience new nothing about the principles of the 3 big nichesuntil after they had decided on food…but nevertheless…their decisioneasily fitted into one of the big three...and you can be sure that stickingwith product niches from within these groups will have youcreating products and pulling in the profits in no time at all.And that is it for this Volume…nothing more nothing less….You cancreate a product from anything…easily…simply…but if you confine it tofitting into one of these broad niches….it will work and a few minutes ofbrief testing via some Google searches will quickly confirm that there isa market.Now all we want you to do this month…is simply accept the truththat: 1. Creating products is one of the easiest things in the world! Just accept it. Use the principles in Nitty and Gritty to get your mind to submit to this fact…as it is true and the only thing that will stand in your way with future volumes is if you cannot or will not accept this fact. 2. Commit to memory the three big almost GUARANTEED meta niches…or major niches, Sex, Money, Spirituality.Now those really are very easy exercises aren’t they….certainly they’lltake you quite a bit less time than the 5 we have created for you at theend of the next, but equally powerful and exciting section of the Home© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 51
  • Volume 1 WorkbookBusiness Accelerator.PART 3: Lead Explosion SystemAnd The Millionaire Mindset!Free Bonus Disc 3 of Volume One, provides an overview of ourPowerful Lead Generation System, taught by our friend MattBacak and throughout the entire course, Tim and Kevin will takeyou by the hand and show you step by step, exactly how tobuild an online business, build a list of potential customersand turn those customers in to buyers, including every powerfulformula and simple accelerating method you can use from thecomfort of your own home.You will be amazed at the skills you acquire, both technical andmarketing and the rapid progress you make month on month, asyou literally see your own business start to emerge, before yourvery eyes.Free Bonus Disc 4 (Marketer’s Toolbox), is the Resource discfor Volume 1 and contains: 1. This Read Me electronic PDF file. 2. Two PowerPoint slide shows to enable you to follow our training and then reflect and go back, time and time again until you really get the concepts and are ready to move onto Volume 2.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 52
  • Volume 1 Workbook 3. We have also included our Master Blue Print as a PDF document. This is a compressed summary of the entire system, Matt will be teaching you as you progress through the Home Business Accelerator. Each month, we are going to drop this onto disc 4, by way of a reminder. We want you to open it, review it and realize very quickly, just how much you are learning and hopefully putting into practice over the course of this home business-coaching programme. 4. We are also including a great electronic book called Stay Ahead of The Pack – Viral Marketing, which will help prepare you for the future volumes of training which move quickly and powerfully beyond this introductory overview into the nuts and bolts of building an online business step by step with every short cut imaginable. 5. We are also including a phenomenal free bonus called Carbon Copy Marketing, which includes an electronic Resource Report, and 39 additional videos, which is a truly incredible bonus. 6. As an additional resource for Volume 1, we are including within this document, a link that will take you to a very powerful tool called the Listopt tool.To be honest you don’t need this today, but, it specifically relatesto building a list of potential customers as fast as possible, which iswhat we’ve asked Matt to talk about in this first Disc 3 video, and© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 53
  • Volume 1 Workbookso we thought we would provide you with the link, which you canalways refer back to at a later stage, when you feel ready to takesome really big action steps.Click on the link below to review the testimonials and to get asense of the power of this resource:http://www.listopt.com/listbuilder/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=240In the next Volume, we are going to jump straight into the step-by-step approach to building your new business.OK so having given you a brief summary of bonus Disc 3 and aquick overview of bonus Disc 4, let’s dive into the workbooktraining. You should insert Disc 3 Millionaire’s Sat Nav and followwith this workbook, making notes along the way!© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 54
  • Volume 1 WorkbookOK, it’s now time to put Bonus Disc 3 into your DVD playerand follow the coaching session accompanied by your WorkBook and perhaps even a printed copy of the Power Pointslide show.You should realise right from the start that this is not just a watchand learn programme.We have asked Matt to teach this section as he has a really solidability when it comes to building online easily set up businessesand so we’ve asked him to spend time instructing you throughoutthe volumes and we really do expect you to take action as youwatch the video bonus discs, following along at the same time.As we always say with our training programs, these are “warts andall” videos…the audio sometime breaks down, the guys speak tooquickly, you can’t always hear the questions from the audience,but with this work book, the quality of the instruction and theadditional resources on bonus Disc 4, you are going to have agreat time learning how to set up and run a complete businessonline. Now you may have heard that before…but trust us…withthis course, that is exactly what we will deliver.We would also suggest you load up the PowerPointpresentation from Bonus Disc 4 and print it out to accompanyyour workbook and video bonus training.PLEASE NOTE: The students at this “live” coaching programpaid $12,500 and within this fee were provided 1 year of Free© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 55
  • Volume 1 WorkbookHosting and a free copy of Autoresponder Plus. As you areonly paying just under £30 per month, we are not unable to fundeither the hosting or the auto responder. However, we will tell youwhere you can sign up for each service. We will provide you withall the additional video training for the hosting, free of charge andWe will provide you with a free alternative auto responder. So allin all, expect only to have to pay a few extra pounds in addition tothe coaching program to be able to achieve all your are taught.I am now going to hand over again to Kevin who will accompanyyou as one of your mentors throughout the rest of this section.During this entire program you will: 1. Build a list of potential customers – this is how you will make money. The system is quite literally the system Matt uses to make the multi-million dollar fortune he has accumulated from each of his 3 corporations. 2. Get Traffic (people with money). 3. Be shown every strategy Matt and we use to get YOUR sites generating money. 4. You are going to cover 3 years worth of work, easily and painlessly in the first 12 months.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 56
  • Volume 1 Workbook 5. You will learn the “System” that the Cambridge Business Academy operates and Matt teaches, which will be identical, whichever, sphere of business (niche) that you want to work within.Matt uses 4 different types of websites:1. A Branding Site.2. A Sales Letter.3. A Blog.4. A Power Squeeze page.Matt will show you exactly what each site looks like and explainwhy you should use them!You can have as many sites as you want, across different nichesand products, each one powerfully and easily helping you generatefresh new sources of income.By the time you have finished this program, providing you workthrough it diligently, putting the systems into practice, you will quiteliterally, have new customers in your new business.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 57
  • Volume 1 WorkbookNot might...but will.The three biggest money-makers on line are: 1. Sex: - beauty, health, wellbeing 2. God: spirituality 3. Money MakingMatt made his first $1 million on line by selling other people’sproducts. He had no products whatsoever but he had a listand that’s what you will have by the time you have completedthis coaching program.REMEMBER: The people making the most money on theInternet are those with lists.So if Matt’s business vanished right now, what would he dofirst? 1. NOTE: Do NOT go and buy a domain name or hosting package yet. We will walk you through what to do and when to do it, just at the right time. What follows is simply to provide you with an overview of what Matt would do, if he© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 58
  • Volume 1 Workbook lost his entire business, demonstrating how easy it is to build a powerful business on the net. a. Domain Name and Hosting: He would get a domain name, a “www.mycompanyname.com” type of domain and somebody to host it. b. Personally and firstly I would go to http://eUKhost.com and buy a domain name. I have included this address also in the PowerPoint slide. Although Matt refers to GoDaddy, for too many reasons to explain, my suggestion would still be to buy your domain from http://eUKhost.com Essentially, this is a UK company with a top reputation, UK support and operating the system the Academy uses for it’s own hosting. c. Once you have a domain name, you then need somebody to host this, (literally to put it up on the Internet and keep it there for you). This is called hosting. You should seriously consider identifying and buying a domain from http://eUKhost.com Whilst the main disc 2 video and the video based Power Point slide show points you to FrontierPowerHosting, this and FatJack are NOT suitable for my students in the UK and can no longer be accessed in the US. NOTE: In fact only certain parts work well on Frontier Power or FatJack and I shall point these out to you and as you© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 59
  • Volume 1 Workbook will be referred to FatJack in coming Volumes, I suggest you use http://eUKhost.com But once again, NOT YET. d. NOTE 1: as Matt is providing detailed video coaching and we will be providing supplementary video coaching for the hosting and other key tools, such as the Auto Responder mentioned in point 2 below, you should seriously consider using http://eUKhost.com e. NOTE 2: DO NOT sign up any domain names or a hosting package yet. Be patient and wait until instructed to do so. There are very good reasons for this which we will explain in due course. 2. Auto Responder: Next Matt would purchase a special auto responder. There are two types of auto responders: a. A regular auto responder - where “I” send you an email and it emails back. This not what you need. b. A smart auto responder – which is what you need and what we will be working on. It captures people’s information via a form, capturing their address and name, which will then enable you to mail people. For example you regularly receive nice coloured HTML emails from me, with either my Entrepreneur’s Pen or© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 60
  • Volume 1 Workbook support and resource information about my courses. These emails are personalised when they are sent to you. Well, all that is sent from within my auto responder. So when you originally signed up with the Academy for say the eBay Quick Start course, or this Home Business Accelerator Program, you provided me with your name and email address, either via an order form, a phone call or within my web site. This information is loaded into my auto responder and then automatically sends you either the weekly newsletter or product support information. I simply create the messages, set the timing, so that you get the first immediately after sign up and the second say an hour later and the third say a day later etc and then once I have created the messages and your information is dropped in, it takes care of everything else, sending them out and effectively acting as my PA or Sales Assistant. Anyway, more about the power and crucial importance for the right auto responder in later volumes. There really is so much more to say about these powerful tools. Quite literally I would be lost without it! c. Auto Response Plus (ARP3) is the one Matt will be training with. There will be more about this in later volumes. NOTE: do not worry about Matt’s comments about installing it. I will show you exactly where to go, what to do to enable you to get this installed set up and© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 61
  • Volume 1 Workbook working. But more of that in a future volume. Remember, all that Matt is talking about at present is what he would do if his company vanished tomorrow! 3. Set-up A Power Squeeze Page: Next, Matt would set up a Squeeze Page. Out of all Matt’s sites and pages, the Squeeze Page is by far the most important. It is the page, where Matt captures the customer’s details and this enables him to then market to them over and over again. Those of you who have already been a student of the Cambridge Business Academy will already know that we use the exact same formula to build our student data base. During this program, you will be designing your own Squeeze Page and building your own web site and let me tell you, it is so simple, you will not believe it. You will get a domain, get the hosting, install your auto responder, set up a Squeeze Page and start sending traffic (people, prospects, customers) to it and those people mean money! You will be doing this whilst following along with Matt. And even if you feel this is way beyond your ability, let me encourage you to trust me. You will quite literally be amazed at how easy it is! 4. Making Money: Once we have set all this up and started getting traffic, Matt will show you everything he knows about how to turn it all into money and some of his strategies are really mind blowing. And by the way, we use them all, because they work.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 62
  • Volume 1 WorkbookDuring the rest of this Volume, please open up the Power Pointslide show from Bonus Disc 4, called the Internet MillionaireMindset and print it off so that you can follow it and make notes onit as you watch and listen to Matt.Below I have provided you with a couple of sheets for you to makenotes on as Matt teaches you his Millionaire Mind Set:Be sure to follow it through and then once you’ve completedbonus disc 3, dive into bonus disc 4 and explore all it’scontents thoroughly and enjoy!Please Turn Over!© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 63
  • Volume 1 WorkbookThe Internet Millionaire Mind Set:© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 64
  • Volume 1 Workbook8.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 65
  • Volume 1 Workbook16.© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 66
  • Volume 1 WorkbookIn Volume 2, you are going to be shown some really amazingstuff about: 1. The power of headlines. 2. How you can identify your own profitable niche within which you can build your new business. 3. The secrets of advertising that will have new customers charging to your new site. 4. The best Domain names (web addresses or URLs) and how to avoid having these stolen before you even buy them. 5. We will also be providing you with £1,000 worth of headline tools, which we can’t say more about at present, but which will become very clear when our guest presenter, and Matt’s good friend will explain next month. (Value £1,000 + vat) 6. Finally, we will be providing you with some fantastic copywriting software free of charge, which will have you spitting out great moneymaking copy in minutes. (Value £497 + vat)We think it is vitally important that at the end of each Volume ofthis Coaching Programme, you commit to some serious action thatis going to move you forward in building your new business so© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 67
  • Volume 1 Workbookhere are your 5 ACTION STEPS for this month: 1. What area of business would you like to trade in? Do you have a passion or expertise, or are you just interested in the whole money market? a. Allow 30 minutes. b. ___________________________________________ c. Date Completed: ______________________________ 2. Make sure you have watched Free Bonus Disc 1 and completed the workbook? a. Allow 60 minutes. b. Date Completed: __________________________© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 68
  • Volume 1 Workbook 3. Watch Free Bonus Disc 2, following with the Work Book: a. Allow 15 minutes. b. Date Completed: __________________________ 4. Watch Free Bonus Disc 3, following with the Work Book and the Free PowerPoint slide show: a. Allow 120 minutes. b. Date Completed: ____________________________© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 69
  • Volume 1 Workbook 5. Explore all the resources on Free Bonus Disc 4 in preparation for Volume 2 next month: a. Allow 120 minutes. b. Date Completed: __________________________Until next time,May your success be more than you can hold!Tim Lowe Kevin A. Potts© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 70
  • Volume 1 Workbook© 2010 Tim Lowe, Kevin Potts & Cambridge Business Academy Ltd. All rights reserved. 71