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Unit 9  speaking Unit 9 speaking Presentation Transcript

  • Deserts trees animals
    • Unit 9: Deserts
    • B: Speaking
  • What trees/ animals might exist in deserts? Unit 9: Deserts- speaking- task 1      Trees/ animals In deserts Banana Eucalyptus Cactus Date palm Grass Frog Horse Buffalo Trees/ animals In deserts Crocodile Camel Fox Dog Lizard Rabbit Goat Sheep View slide
  • Explaining the choice:
    • A: What trees/ animals do you think might exist in deserts?
    • B: Date palm, cactus, grass can exist in deserts because they don’t need a lot of water and can stand the severe climate there.
    • A: What about banana trees?
    • B: I don’t think they can live in such hot weather.
    Unit 9: Deserts- speaking- task 1 View slide
  • Unit 9: Deserts- speaking- task 2 Finding out as many natural features of a desert as possible.(group-work) Deserts Rainfall Climate Plants Animals Soil Seasons Hot in the daytime; cold at night Some kinds Little/ rare Some kinds Dry Hot/ cold
    • A: What do you know about the climate in the desert?
    • B: It is said that it’s very hot in daytime and cold at night.
    • A: Please tell me about the rainfall. How often does it rain there?
    • B: It rarely rains there so everything is very dry.
    Unit 9: Deserts- speaking- task 2 Using what you have done to make conversations
  • Unit 9: Deserts- speaking- task 3 Choosing the five most important things to bring with you when going on an expedition across a desert      Why do you choose them? Things Your choice A knife A box of match Water A gun A car A mosquito net Things Your choice A horse A camel A cell phone Food A blanket A walkman
  • Explaining the choice:
    • Food/ water: The most important thing -> survive -> hardly find food/ water in a desert -> bring as much as possible.
    • A knife: help eat easily/ protect from the attack of animals.
    • A camel: not need much water/ food -> save -> move easily.
    • 4. A box of match: make fire at night to warm/ cook food.
    Unit 9: Deserts- speaking- task 3
    • In not more than 50 words, write a passage to say “why desert is not a favorable place for people and animals to live.”