Risk Culture Builder Services Profile


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Risk Culture Builder Services Profile

  1. 1. Horst Simon Risk Culture BuilderDIRECTION STRATEGY ORDER ENRICHMENT FOCUS OUTCOMES“Mitigating Human Control Malfunction”
  2. 2. Developing an Organisational Risk Management Culture Those who do not understand therisks or miscalculate the risks stand to be exploited by those who understand them better
  3. 3. ERM in the Corporate CultureRisk management is everybody’s job. Everybody who doesanything in the company is a risk manager to some extent.The most important thing is to get buy-in from the mostsenior levels of the organization first. Until you do that,you’re going to have great ideas, but they’ll never see thelight of day. The key to high-performance risk management is aligning risk strategy among key risk stakeholders, obtaining and sustaining senior management engagement, and achieving effective integration with strategic planning
  4. 4. Organisational Change & Exposure to Risk Increased Dynamic-Intensity of Change Gradual EXPOSURE TO RISK Change pace of continuous change change Frequency of Change
  5. 5. The Risk NERVOUS system• Collect risk intelligence from everywhere!• Build internal pathways throughout the organization• Clear and unobstructed communication• Bad news must travel faster than good news- to better anticipate action needed and thus avoid/mitigate pain or loss• Practice pro-active Enterprise risk management
  6. 6. Managing Risk in the Era of BehaviourThe future of risk management lies in an ability to incorporate andinspire more of the behaviours wewant- both the behaviours we wantto encourage and those we would like to avoid
  7. 7. Development path of ERM Shareholder Overall Value Risk Sustainable Framework Competitive Advantage Consistent Risk Proactive Risk Measurement Management t en ro vem p Risk im ed rat Identification eg d int Risk Management n sa ou sophistication ti nu n Co
  8. 8. • “ Human capital appreciate in value only if looked after and trained properly. They are incredibly flexible and inventive if given the right motivation and confidence. They have untapped potential which can be discovered if allowed to flourish ” • Andy Law-in his book Experiment at work
  9. 9. How we help you to achieve value through an effective risk culture• Public and “in-house” training courses• Unique risk culture evaluation and monitoring services• Risk Consultancy services• External Risk Management Audits• Risk Management project leadership• Vendor selection and evaluation
  10. 10. Public and “in-house” training courses• Practical Operational Risk Management Training Workshop– 2 Days• Developing an Organisational Risk Management Culture– 2 Days• Executive Management Risk Think-Tank-- only offered “in-house” for existing EXCO teams and Boards of Directors
  11. 11. Unique risk culture evaluation and monitoring services• Risk Culture Maturity Monitor- accurately measures the level of maturity of ERM Culture at 5 different levels in 6 different operational areas- in association with Genius Methods, UK• Behavioural Risk Monitor- survey and monitoring tool that measures and analyses up to 400 business behaviours in 3 classes with quantifiable outcomes and monitoring- in association with Penumbra Consulting, UK
  12. 12. Risk Audit and Consultancy services• Formulation of Risk Management strategy• Benchmarking of current Risk Management services• Development and implementation of Risk Management Competency frameworks and requirements• Preparation of Risk Management frameworks, policies & procedures• Support implementation of Risk Management Standards• Preparation of RFP’s and managing vendor selection process• Board Evaluation & Board Governance Services
  13. 13. “In a world where change is the only constant, success depends on the depth of our awareness of the risks and rewards on the horizon and on the quality of our preparations to respond to them appropriately” Jaime Caruana It is not just what you know,but what you do with what you know
  14. 14. Culture is key to ‘embedding’ ERM• Risk awareness• Common language• Risk Appetite• Training & Development• Communication and Engagement• Risk Ownership and Accountability• Performance & Recognition
  15. 15. People Risk Mitigation Methodology Five Pillar Methodology Spiritual needs Actualisation Competency Leadership Framework The Right Policies PEOPLE RISK MITIGATIONAll rights reserved, Horst Simon, chungarisk@yahoo.co.uk
  16. 16. Innovation Framework Innovation is the key to sustainability •Risk management systems are no good on their own; if everything is not connected, it cannot be effective •Risk management processes must be simpler and result in LESS work and BETTER decisionsAll rights reserved, Horst Simon, chungarisk@yahoo.co.uk
  17. 17. Risk Culture Builders Innovation Framework Creating Knowledge & Capacity Innovation Infrastructure Competencies VISION Partners Embedded ERM Talent Culture Enhance Environment Enhance Efficiency Mitigation Market ConditionsAll rights reserved, Horst Simon, chungarisk@yahoo.co.uk
  18. 18. Horst Simon Risk Culture BuilderDIRECTION STRATEGY ORDER ENRICHMENT FOCUS OUTCOMES Tel: +971-502931463 chungarisk@yahoo.co.uk