Online marketing basics for artists


Published on This is the presentation that I gave at the Artist Trust event in Seattle, WA.

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  • Do you want to be aloof and remote, or do you want to form a personal relationship with your collectors? Do you want the gallery controlling your relationships? Do you think the gallery has your best interests at heart? Do you see your art as a business with the gallery as a partner, or are you dependent on them? Willing to do what it takes to meet people and get their interest?
  • Old, wealthy, white men. Middle aged house wives. This is expanding to the middle class. Art is a status symbol, and people have disposable income.
  • Don’t use template sites or Art Malls, Wordpress, FASO, my services.
  • Online marketing basics for artists

    1. 1. online marketing for artists
    2. 2. gallery vs independent many well known gallery artists don’t make a great living, but they have a place in academic circles and historymany artists with a relativelysmall audience make a greatliving and have strongconnections with theircollectors
    3. 3. know your collectors Who are they? Where do they live? What are their hobbies? Where do they spend their time? They’re not always older…
    4. 4. what makes you special? unique offerings and programs – like welding kitsshow your personality and sources of inspirationresearch what other artists in your niche are doing online
    5. 5. have a great online
    6. 6. sell originals at full price sell prints at a discountSee my free video on how to build an artist website with Wordpress.
    7. 7. copyright concerns• leverage Creative Commons• use low-res images (72dpi)• keep them small (500 pixels wide or less)• don’t use scripts that disable right-clicking or sharing
    8. 8. email newsletters The single most important marketing tool an artist has. • Email list sign ups • Write down names at galleries, fairs • Ping your list at least once per month
    9. 9. write a blog your blog is the place to talk about your work, what inspires you, and other topics of passion. • set a schedule you can keep • 23 things to write about • share your posts with others
    10. 10. be sociallast year, Natasha Wescoat made $50,000 from Facebook related sales.• 80/20 ratio of interesting/engaging content to sharing your art• ask questions and respond to theirs• make it fun – giveaways, contests, auctions, charities• build urgency
    11. 11. what is success?• track everything with Google Analytics• # of Sales• email list sign ups• traffic to your site• tweets, likes and pins are nice, but they are not equal to sales
    12. 12. questions?contact me forspeaking, coaching, and otherprojects