Marketing plan
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  • 1. Marketing Plan Authors: Chucshwal Sangmhchai Presenters: Chucshwal S.
  • 2. Objectives
    • Marketing planning
    • Tactical and Strategic Marketing Plans
    • Marketing planning process
    • Marketing audits
    • Corporate Planning
    • Assumptions
    • Marketing Objectives
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Program
    • Mission statements
  • 3. Marketing Planning Market Needs Wants Strengths of organization Weakness of organization Existing competitors Expected competitors Design for creating value
  • 4. Marketing Planning Process
    • Definition:
    • The application of marketing resources to achieve marketing objectives.
  • 5. Marketing Planning
    • Plan B2 classification of a business plan, short-term (1 year), medium term (1-3years) and long-term (3-5 years) by major product.
    • On the economy at that time. The Company has the flexibility to be timely.
  • 6. Marketing Planning Process
    • A major change in strategy. And direction of business in the last 3 years by major product.
    • Reduction steps operations to Shorter.
    • Packaging design to reduce costs. Marketing strategy is “Services.” save cost of the customer.
  • 7. Marketing Planning Process
    • The risks involved business operations.
    • Procurement of raw materials The packaging material Availability of backup Technical services offsite
  • 8. Marketing Planning Process
    • Strategies to manage risks that occur by major product.
    • Sales coordinator
    • Gantt chart
    • Meeting (A related third parties)
  • 9. Marketing Planning Process
    • Profile targets for business margin, The key variables to achieve the goal.
    • 45 percents margin, Attention with care of existing customers with excellent service.
  • 10. Marketing Planning Process
    • The market penetration “New customer base or a new customer. “
    • Sources of information Corporate sponsors such as business, government and private sector.
    • Construction group.
  • 11. Marketing Planning Process
    • Overview of the industry and growth.
    • The problem of insufficient raw materials. Coordination within sales, production and packaging departments.
  • 12. Marketing Planning Process
    • Overview of the industry and growth.
    • Home repairs, flooding. To support ASEAN in 2015.
  • 13. Develop a Market Plan
    • Strict compliance with Supplier.
    • Sales report design.
      • System as a standard, sales performance.
      • As a new customer. Find and contact new customers must be made 3/4 every day.
      • And the report will provides a strategy .
  • 14. Essential of Marketing Planning
    • Assessment plan “National economic policy.”
    • We need marketing planning when hostiles increased and environment is complex.
  • 15. Our Challenge
    • We should manage:
    Cost Optimization Revenue Profit Return on investment
  • 16. A Goal is a dream with a deadline Chucshwal S.