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Continuing our conversation on real estate blogging, this class and my next class will concentrate on blogging on …

Continuing our conversation on real estate blogging, this class and my next class will concentrate on blogging on

History of Active Rain, and more is included. On my next class, I will actually create proper content for blogging as well as the Real Access Pro property blogs

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  • 1. What / Why / How About Presenter: Chuck Ward “Pro” Director of Marketing
  • 2. Welcome • Helping real estate agents change the fruits of their labor • By change the root system of their business
  • 3. What is One of the largest online real estate communities and resources Owned by Market Leader and
  • 4. History of Started June 2006 Received Venture Funding April 2011 ($2.75 M) Purchased By Market Leader Part of Trulia (NYSE: TRLA) 2 M Visitors monthly #1 Source of P2P Training (Peer to Peer)
  • 5. Mission of Their goal is to “empower the real estate professional” and as an extension empower the consumer. They don’t believe in placing additional barriers between the consumer and the agent.
  • 7. Why Use • Site Traffic – 2,000,000 visitors per month • Great Place for Blogging – Blogging, the art of creating internet content – Subjects • Real Estate • Area Information • Local Vendors
  • 8. Best and Fastest SERPS • Top Ranked SERPs – Search Engine Result Page • Layman’s Terms – Getting to the top of an internet search – Fast – (which gets you more calls on your Real Access Pro call capture number)
  • 9. Best Way To Get Calls • More search results on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines • Equates to • More Phone Calls • (and phone calls are bad)
  • 10. More Chances • More Phone Calls = More Chances at Bat – At Bat to Pitch You, Your Abilities, Your Results – Ultimately get more closings and commission checks from title companies – (image source:
  • 11. Peer 2 Peer Training • AKA Peer Groups • The ability for a real estate agent – To get marketing ideas – From others agents – Sharing what works and what doesn’t – General business building ideas, meet-ups and seminars and more
  • 12. Blogging and • is the number one place for real estate agents to blog at – Create local expert status – Create high ranking search results – Connecting consumers with local real estate agents
  • 13. Fast Attack Blogging in 3 Steps Pick a Subject – Marketing – Area Events and Info – Questions and Answers
  • 14. Fast Attack Blogging Ideas • Farm Area Description • Housing Styles in your Area • Churches • Commentary on local news stories or local public policies • Guide to Dining Out • Environmental Issues • Job Market in Local Area • New Businesses Coming • Local School Ratings • List of Basic RE Definitions • Real Estate Hoaxes and Scams • Buying your First Investment Property • Buying a 2nd Home • A Closing • Do’s/Don’ts of Buying Income Properties • Fair Housing Issues • Home Prices in the local market • Over-Priced Home • Pet Friendly Housing
  • 15. Fast Attack Blogging in 3 Steps • Create Your Content (Properly) • Title • Word Count • Images • Links
  • 16. Fast Attack Blogging in X Steps • Lather Rinse and Repeat
  • 17. Thursday Training • How to Do “Fast Attack Blogging” – How to find the best search phrases – Specific content creation – Proper link structure • Where to Get Content Already DFY (Done For You) • How To Create Multiple Original Articles from One • How to boost your individual content pieces as well as your website(s)
  • 18. Thanks for Attending Chuck Ward Director of Marketing Real Access Pro 888-884-0303 chuck.ward (at) • Upcoming Training Topics – Real Access Pro Property Marketing Updates • Email your topic to us – Helpdesk (at)