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Step by Step Guide on How To Blog for Real Estate
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Step by Step Guide on How To Blog for Real Estate


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Exact cheat sheet on real estate blogging using and real access pro blogger …

Exact cheat sheet on real estate blogging using and real access pro blogger

Why to bold certain words
How to determine what words to be found for
How to insert links and what links work
How to insert pictures

And more

Published in: Real Estate

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  • 1. Fast Attack Blogging Exact Steps of Blogging Presenter: Chuck Ward “PRO” Director of Marketing
  • 2. Welcome • Helping real estate agents change the fruits of their labor • By change the root system of their business
  • 3. Fruit Production • What Produces Big Fruits – Planting in the right soil – Constant Water and Fertilization – Pruning
  • 4. Why Blog Blogging is a huge part of ANY small business marketing plan – Mortgages – Local Services Trade Industries – Real Estate Information
  • 5. Where to Blog Four Great Places to Blog At: – – Your own website(s) – Google Blogger (free with gmail) – Real Access Pro property blogger
  • 6. USS Blogger (artist rendition)
  • 7. Four Steps to F.A.B. • Picking Search Terms – Long Tailed Search Terms – Short Search Terms • Content Structure – 100 – 300 words – Bold, Italics, Underling • Links • Images
  • 8. How To Use for Fast Attack Blogging • Login
  • 9. Setting Up for Success • Fill out your profile – You can use search terms you wish to be found for here – Include contact information – Search terms should be geographically specific – Fill out blog settings
  • 10. Setting Up for Success • Fill out your profile – Click on the “pencil”or the “plus” symbols to add content – Remember to add an image – Remember to add links to social media profiles
  • 11. Fill out Blog Settings
  • 12. Fill out Blog Settings • Add in images, videos and other static items that are seen on the side of your blog posts • Create a blog description (this is a search engine thingy) • Create a signature with links that is at the bottom of each post
  • 13. Create Your First Post
  • 14. Click on “write a blog” Type in a Title Repeat that title in bold on the first line in the large box (click on the “B” button) Write your content Insert your title throughout your piece of content (primary search phrase)
  • 15. Deciding on a Search Phrase (Term) • This is what your article is going to be found for – Should be geographically specific as possible – Description – City and State – Farm area / subdivision • Know as “primary search phrase” • 3 bedroom home for sale – Tampa FL – Easton Park
  • 16. Deciding on a Search Phrase (Term) • Add in supporting phrases – Similar to your primary phrase – Geographically specific – Highlight in Italics or underline or bold/underline or italics/underline – (hit the u, I or b button on the editor • Known as alternate (secondary) search phrases • See next page for ideas
  • 17. Deciding on a Search Phrase (Term) Primary Search Phrases • Type of home for Sale – City ST – Subdivision • Zero down mortgages – tampa fl Secondary Search Phrases • Subdivision homes for sale – city state • Real estate for sale – city state • City properties for sale • City MLS Listings • 0 down home mortgage loans tampa
  • 18. Type into the Google Search Engine
  • 19. You can find other search terms at the bottom of SERPS • SERPS = search engine results page
  • 20. Links • Insert a few links to other places that benefit you around the web – Social media profiles – YouTube Channel – Saved MLS search – Opt In form (aka squeeze page) – More info about a certain property
  • 21. Links • Where do I insert my links – Primary search phrase should be made a link (“search term anchoring”) – Secondary search phrase(s) should be made a link – Call to action • Visit my website (where the word website is a link leading to a page on your website)
  • 22. Links (where do they go?) • Link 1 “condos for sale alexandria va 22310 alexandria condos” links to the single property website for that listing • Link 2 “search for alexandria condos for sale” leads to an opt in form • Link 3 “here” leads to the same form in link 2 • Link 4 – MLS saved search to my website for real estate for sale geographically specific to Alexandria VA (called a raw link)
  • 23. Images Upload photos just like you would when sending an email Hit the picture button (top) Then hit the folder button to find the image on your local computer
  • 24. Images Make sure to put in either your primary search phrase or secondary search phrase
  • 25. Finish it Up Add in tags (just use your search phrases) Post to: Here is where you can choose specific forums to post to, along with more geographically specific forums, as well as outside blogs Click Post blog entry DONE
  • 26. Lather, Rinse and Repeat • The more often you do this, the more that Google will recognize your content and reward your for it – Be one page 1 when someone searches for your search term • Clients and consumers will find you • Your phone will ring • Your checking account will get full (of money, not dust)
  • 27. Post to Social Media • Remember to take the link of your content and put it on social media – Google Plus – Facebook Business Page – Facebook Wall – Twitter – LinkedIn – Tumblr
  • 28. Bonus Training • Using the Real Access Pro Property and Agent Blogging Platform – A – Z steps – Logging In – Locating the blogging area – Creating a blog for the first time – Push button property blogging LOCATION
  • 29. Bonus Training • Use this code (URL link) to get a lifetime lock on membership at $29 monthly (Save 10 – 20 dollars) •
  • 30. That’s A “RAP” Chuck Ward Director of Marketing Real Access Pro 888-884-0303 chuck.ward (at) • Upcoming Training Topics – Real Access Pro Property Marketing Updates • Email your topic to us – Helpdesk (at)