Free Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents


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This is class one of two on Real Access Pro training for real estate agents.

What we should be doing in our real estate business and Why we should be doing it

Facebook Advertising

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Free Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Free Facebook Advertising Presenter: Chuck Ward “Pro” Director of Marketing
  2. 2. This Week’s Agenda • Recap of Chuck’s Last Training • Benefits of Social Media Marketing • Main Elements of a Business Page • Why We Should Post on Social Media • What We Should Post on Social Media • How Often Should We Post • How We Post on Facebook
  3. 3. Re-Cap of Chuck’s Last Training • What is Social Media – The use of dedicated websites and applications to communicate (informally) with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself (you, the real estate agent) • What is Facebook – A brand name of social media marketing – Just Like Twitter – Just Like Pinterest – Just like the other 300 + SMM applications out there today
  4. 4. Benefits of Social Media Marketing (aka SMM) 1. Reach new customers of friends and family of current clients (those who have bought already, those in the process, those starting out) 2. Promoting Listings to new markets with little to no extra cost 3. Develop better client relationships 4. Understand prospective clients better (for higher closing ratios) 5. Generate more leads and sales (in less time, money and effort)
  5. 5. Mandatory Pieces of Facebook Business Pages (for Realtors) 1. Profile Image (this follows you around) 2. Timeline Image (this tells about you) 3. Opt in Form(s) – Mailing List – Credit Management – New Homes List – Area Discounts 4. Listings of Homes for Sale in Your Area
  6. 6. Why Should We Post on Social Media • Goal is to get more likes, shares and comments of your post. • When you do this, your content will be in the new feeds (the walls – not the business pages – of the friends of your fans , fans are people who like your page
  7. 7. Why Should We Post on Social Media 1. To get our name in the community and build our brand 2. To target the age group who is using Facebook 3. To help with other potential clients in finding our page
  8. 8. How Often Should We Post • Minimum 1 – 3 times weekly • Best 1 – 3 times day, every other day
  9. 9. One “PRO” Hint • IMAGES and VIDEOS • These work the best when it comes to posting on Facebook
  10. 10. Content Posting Remember the 80 / 20 rule • 80 % of the time, post informational items • The other 20%, is flat out blatant marketing
  11. 11. What Can We Post on our Social Media Channels Valuable Information • Area Info and Events • Information about the Industry • Commonly Asked Questions • Area Businesses and Referral Partners (coupons) • Market Changes • How Long a Transaction Took to Close Marketing • Listings • Loan Programs • Sell Your Home • Coming to the market (pocket listings) • (Other Office Listings or HUD Homes) • New Home Buyer Programs – Both Local and National
  12. 12. What Can We Post on our Social Media Channels • Specific Items to Encourage Engagement – Images – Caption Contest • Give a Caption for Any Given Image – Vote Contest • Which Photo does Someone Like From Your Latest Listing – Other Contest Ideas • Photos of a neighborhood, region, or farm area • Get more images of a new listing • Follow up recently renovated homes – Picture of Holding Keys in Hand • Especially great when someone is closing on a deal that day
  13. 13. Other Things We Can Post on our Social Media Channels • Videos – Customer Tips – Partner Marketing Tips • Great way to market to another company’s list of clients – Agent Development Tips • Great way to recruit
  14. 14. Speaking of Which • Have you seen our new series via email ?? • • Check your “PRO” family website – Top Menu Bar, Click on Training >> Just One Pro Tip
  15. 15. Another Marketing Method • Facebook Paid Ads For Real Estate – (and other small businesses) • (next month’s topic)
  16. 16. How Easy is it To Post on Social Media? • Simple as Copying a web link and pasting into Facebook • Other Automated Tasks – Facebook Listing Promotion App – Auto Posting Properties – Cross Promotion from Your Blog or other social media accounts to Facebook
  17. 17. Tricks When Posting • Use Hashtags (#) – Geographically Specific (#anyarearealestate) – Listing Specific (#bigbackyard, #poolhome) – Image Specific (#decorate,#newhome, #getmortgageready) – Hint: Use no more than three, and one of each
  18. 18. Tricks When Posting • Use Tagging Feature – Use the “@” symbol – This will put your post on their wall also – (Their friends on facebook will then see it, and thus see you) Even if their friends know nothing about you
  19. 19. Ok, How Do We Do it (Exactly) Come Back on Thursday to See How it is done
  20. 20. Contact Presenter: Chuck Ward Director of Marketing and Training Real Access Pro 888-884-0303 chuck.ward (at) Ask Me How to Get Into the “Pro” Family and Become a “Pro” in your business