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Corporate Real Estate Benefits (Part Two)
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Corporate Real Estate Benefits (Part Two)


This presentation talks about how to set up a complete corporate real estate and group benefits website. …

This presentation talks about how to set up a complete corporate real estate and group benefits website.

Included are elements, ideas and other information for mortgage lead generation and real estate lead generation

(copyrighted: Chuck Ward Florida Mobile Fusion 2013)

Published in Real Estate , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Corporate Real Estate Benefits Elements, Scripts, and Everything Behind a Successful CREB website
  • 2. Why CREB is Important • South Florida Top 5 Companies Employ – 52964 Employees (Source: SFBJ July 2013)
  • 3. Why CREB is Important • South Florida Top 5 Companies Employ – 52964 Employees (Source: SFBJ July 2013) • If you were the primary real estate agent or office for those companies, you can expect 10 – 18 transactions annually for every 1000 employees
  • 4. Why CREB is Important • 953 Transactions • Average Transaction = $199200 • $189,873,600 in sales • $ 5,695,128 in gross commissions (assumes 3%)
  • 5. Think of it This Way • If this ATM was giving 50 dollar bills for every 1 dollar bill you inserted • How many $1.00 bills would you insert
  • 6. CREB • Ethical Bribe for Real Estate Transactions – By Agents • Cash Back at closing based on the sale price (tiered) • Travel Vouchers (I use CMIG) • Other Ideas (I PADS, X-Boxes are Hot) – By Mortgage • Set Dollar amount or percentage off origination fees • Set Dollar amount or percentage off appraisal • Cash Back Visa Card (up to $400)
  • 7. CREB • Ethical Bribe for Real Estate Transactions – All Others • A discount of some type
  • 8. Cash Back Rebates Allowed? • Currently (as of 11/7/2013) there are ten (10) states that DO NOT allow CASH BACK REBATES –so all rebates must be in the form of closing cost credits – Oregon – Kansas – Iowa – Alaska – Louisiana Tennessee Alabama Mississippi Oklahoma Missouri
  • 9. Expects Changes • Here are some websites to read and follow up on – http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/real_estate/rebate s-details.html – http://www.buysellcash.com/articles/doj.php • The D.O.J. supports offsetting consumer paid realtor fees by seeking to eliminate some states restrictions on real estate rebates many brokerages across the country are offering consumers. Currently, realtor rebates are banned in 10 states, but as consumers become increasingly wary of traditional high priced brokerage packages, the D.O.J. is applying pressure to allow realtor rebate programs in all states. – http://www.crownbroker.com/PDF/Full%20Disclosure %20About%20Cash%20Back%20Rebate.pdf
  • 10. Above All Else • I am NOT a real estate attorney • Consult one or your managing broker
  • 11. What Does it Look Like
  • 12. What Does it Look Like
  • 13. Approaching Providers (Referral Partners)
  • 14. Approaching Providers (Referral Partners)
  • 15. Approaching Providers (Referral Partners)
  • 16. Social Media and Internet Marketing • • • • • • Facebook Page Google Plus Page YouTube Channel LinkedIn Google Blogger Page Web 2.0 Sites • Keep them the same name
  • 17. Make NAP is consistent Make Images are consistent
  • 18. Website Traffic • Craigslist • Pay Per Click Ads – Google – Facebook (Target by Occupation, Business Name, Location) • Social Media – Active Rain – Agent Marketing Blog – Google Plus (Google +) • Press Releases
  • 19. Dealing with HR Departments • Letter by Karen Dies HAVE YOU EVER WISHED THERE WAS A WAY TO PROVIDE YOUR EMPLOYEES WITH MEANINGFUL EMPLOYEE BENEFITS – WITHOUT COSTING YOU A DIME? As costs associated with comprehensive employee benefit programs continue to rise, I personally know how difficult it can be to continue providing increased benefits and still hold down the costs to the company. That's why this no-cost, turn-key, voluntary employee benefit program is a great addition to your current benefit offering. Our program is a wonderful way to bring a valuable service in-house and enhance your company’s recruiting efforts, increase employee retention, and support employee productivity. • Powerpoint (by Chuck Ward) – (Included in the zip file)
  • 20. Other Ideas • Military (Military Home Benefits) – Post Specific (MacDillAFBHomeBenefits • Subdivision or Farm Area – https://plus.google.com/b/101786005264968591 703/+PebblecreekrealestateNet/about
  • 21. Action Trumps Knowledge Go and Do
  • 22. Next Week Class • Add About HUD HOMES for Sale – How to market • Rules of marketing – How to List – Financing Programs • Become the Hero • Guest Speaker – John Rainville, – Real Access Pro Member and Broker/Owner of BrokersRealty.com (PA/MD)
  • 23. Contact Information Chuck Ward Director of Marketing Head Trainer Real Access Pro Chuck.ward ( at ) realaccesspro.com 888-884-0303 x200