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Customer CEO(TM)  Overview (C) 2012 Chuck Wall
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Customer CEO(TM) Overview (C) 2012 Chuck Wall


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Overview of Customer CEO: How to Profit from The Power of Your Customers.

Overview of Customer CEO: How to Profit from The Power of Your Customers.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. TM  Profit from the Power of Your Customers.
  • 2. The customer is the new powerat the epicenter of the enterprise.
  • 3. Overview The greatest asset companies possess is not their building, brand,reputation or heritage. It’s not even their valuable employees.  It’s their customers. Today this is truer than ever before in the social businessmarketplace. Customers now share or control the conversationwith brands, the distribution of their marketing and, ultimately, theirsales. To some, this is a threat. To the smartest, it’s an opportunity. Customer power has unlocked the potential of co-creationmarketing, innovation and distribution. It has transformed everyemployee into a valuable listening post. It provides leaders withmyriad channels through which to humanize their brand.The success stories of the future will be those companies thatpartner with their customers, that lead with listening, inspire theiremployees through purpose, and bring their core values to life inways that are meaningful to customers and employees alike.
  • 4. Imagine what the economy could be if everycompany truly tapped into the unrealizedvalue of engaging their customers.
  • 5. The New BookCustomer CEO > How to Profit From The New Power of YourCustomers, launches at SXSW in April 2013. The bookprovides the roadmap for such success by relieving clientfrustration, exposing the futility of fad strategies andempowering companies to leverage timeless businessfundamentals for success in today’s marketplace - brandintegrity, employee participation and customer engagement. Traditional brands, as we have come to know them, arebreaking down and their underlying value is disappearing intothin air. Tried and true business models are decaying becauseleadership has either remained entrenched in the old ways orsimply waited too long to change. Some are stuck in theircomfort zones while others believe it’s just a matter of time until the return of the good old days.But there’s no going back. We’ve entered the age of the Customer CEO.
  • 6. It’s time to turn the business world upside down with the customer on top.Every organization should create their own “upside down” org chart and start to live a business life of “service first”. Chuck Wall, Customer CEO
  • 7. The AuthorCustomer CEO author Chuck Wall is a business futurist andentrepreneur with over three decades of diverse business andleadership experience across a variety of industries. As thefounder and CEO of six companies, he believes that the onlylasting solution for business growth in today’s world of shortterm business thinking is for enterprises to start buildingcultures built on deeper customer insight. He has advisedcompanies ranging from Fortune 500’s to start-ups. Chuck is an expert in customer research, having interviewedover 100,000 B2C and B2B consumers. This insight had ledto the creation of billions of dollars in incremental revenue forhis clients through innovations in goods, services andexperiences.
  • 8. The Market Has ChangedThe innovation marketplace is replete with fad strategies. They come withhigh-priced consultants and sure-fire systems that companies invest in onlyto find the same cultural problems persist while the results they seek eludethem. What expensive consultants overlook in their rush to justify their fees isthe fundamentals of corporate culture – brand integrity, employeeoptimization, and customer engagement. At the same time the market has changed. Social media has givencompanies the tools to listen to customers at scale in real time, to rallyemployees around a shared vision, and to share a corporate purpose that will make the brand more meaningful and trustworthy to their media-savvycustomers. The key to effective innovation, employee optimization, and customerengagement today is simple and disruptive. Social media has turnedemployee and customer engagement on its head. As such it has totallyredefined business leadership and innovation. Instead of hierarchical corporate structures, product verticals, and mediasilos, the social business marketplace is flat. It requires seamless, real-timeengagement with employees and customers using new social listening andcommunication tools. Most of all, it requires adaptation to a reverse in thepolarity of the conversation, from a top down approach to one whereleadership and their employee follow the customers’ lead. This effectively inverts the power, control and direction of decision-makingand content distribution. Locked in dialogue with vocal consumers,companies must adopt a co-creation approach and listen in real time to hisor her wants, needs and demands.
  • 9. Social media is transforming the rules of everypersonal and business relationship so quicklythat even the experts can’t keep up. It is themost powerful torrent unleashed in our lifetimes. Chuck Wall, Customer CEO
  • 10. Meet The Customer CEOThis begs the question of who, ultimately, is in charge. No doubt, the C-suite still steers each company, but the drivers ofinnovation, sales and profits have shifted to the consumer. So how dowe communicate such a fundamental shift in power and all itsimplications? We reframe our thinking around the Customer CEO. Tomorrow’s business practices will be almost unrecognizable fromtoday’s solutions. Companies will have turned their marketing strategiesinside out, flattened their hierarchical structures, and embracedleadership through listening.Social media is the most powerful disrupter to emerge in terms ofbusiness innovation and transformation. The ability to smartly managethis multichannel new customer world will differentiate the winners fromthe losers. Driving this shift will be a new breed of thought leaders thatoffer the rare combination of real world experience, proprietary insights,and technological savvy. Customer CEO will be at the forefront, adaptingtimeless fundamentals that include brand integrity, employeeparticipation and customer engagement, for a social, connected andmobile consumer world.  
  • 11. Businesses that don’t understand that thecustomer is in charge are willfully blind anddeserve their inevitable demise. Chuck Wall, Customer CEO
  • 12. The Customer CEO Audience Anyone who has a customer or plans to have one is a prime prospect for Customer CEO. The book is about the power of understanding the customer so it applies to every kind and size of business. No matter their size, companies need clarity and solutions around this subject. Several recent business research studies prove this point.   •  In their annual CEO study, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers found that company leaders overwhelmingly said the #1 issue for growth is to better understand their existing and future customers.   •  In a new corporate study, Frost & Sullivan discovered that executives said their two biggest issues are “identifying breakthrough ideas” and “matching innovation projects to unmet customer needs.”   •  In a comprehensive study about innovation, Harris Interactive reports that over 50% said they “have no innovation process or team in place to talk to the customer.” •  In a new Boston Consulting Group study of which companies did well during the 2008 – 2009 recession, the winners were the ones that continued to innovate. Those firms leapfrogged their competitors who pulled back.   In today’s business world, time is the most precious resource for over worked executives and business owners. But, they realize they need current and relevant information to stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices.
  • 13. Stories are the universal way we’ve always learned from each schools teach through case studies. Yet, in the practice ofbusiness, we tend to rely on our own experience and opinions as thefinal word while ignoring the stories that really count; our customers. Chuck Wall, Customer CEO
  • 14. What if every company demolished the barriersbetween their customers and employees? Workingtogether solves problems and defuses differences. Chuck Wall, Customer CEO
  • 15. Enterprises that give their customers a meaningful seat at the head ofthe table will be respected, recommended and richly rewarded. Chuck Wall, Customer CEO
  • 16. TM Launching August 1, 2012