Digi pack idea 1 - presentation


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Digi pack idea 1 - presentation

  1. 1. Digi-pack idea 1 Here is a presentation of what process I took to create the end result for this first idea.
  2. 2. Drawing board… This is the image I started off with. This photo was taken during one of the days of filming. This image was a good start but lacked a good area to work around. For example, this area here below the waist couldn’t be used. Not just because it was a rectangular shape, but more so because no content is written on the bottom of a page. It is always big, bold and at the top The image could’ve worked as the poster/ advert but still lacked anything of great use. So I cropped the image to this…
  3. 3. The cropped image… From here there was a bit more to focus on and work with. For example, there was more area up here to work with. Unfortunately, the image still lacked a certain element that gave it that album cover feel. Although it was quite a striking image, the background just didn’t really work. Still not being happy with the image, I decided to crop it further to see if I could make more progress. I cut it down to this…
  4. 4. Further cropped… I was making progress, bit by bit I was becoming more pleased with the image. I still had a good area to work with in terms of placing the writing. The downside to cropping it to this size was that the font I wanted to use didn’t fit the way I wanted to and having the two different sets of writing on two sides didn’t look professional enough to be a CD cover.
  5. 5. Different ideas Here is one idea I began to design. I done some research into old fashioned army equipment, things like signing on books, documents etc. One theme i remember was them having a red stamp on the front. I thought of designing the cover to resemble that type of stamp. I soon found this was a very time consuming process and decided to abandon the idea and more onto something simpler…
  6. 6. Different fonts I carried out some research into similar texts in regards to fonts. I looked at fonts used by the libertines band. I also looked into old fashioned army style fonts. I used both to try and find out which one would look best with the image. I even tried a font which had no relevance to either to see what it looked like…
  7. 7. A bit different… This is the resulting image of much editing. I was very happy with this photo as I had a good area to work with. For example, I had the choice of putting fonts in these places. I had the choice or putting fonts in the top left corner, around the badge, on the beret’s brim and the forehead of the male model. Each had good potential for me to work with. In keeping with the theme of Tony Blair, I tried something different…
  8. 8. A bit creepy… On the left is the original image, on the right is the image I edited. Although they appear to be minor changes, which I done in photoshop, they allowed to me put the image on other pictures. Like I have done with this one…
  9. 9. Close to the end result After analysing various fonts I felt that these three were the best to use. The trouble I had was getting them to fit in the same space, for example the bottom font was small enough to this further down, but the other two larger fonts needed a bit more work. The other idea I had was using the tony blair mask in the eyes of the model. This reminded me of the old fashioned cartoons where people instantly thought of money and had the dollar signs in their eyes. It gave the same effect like they were being controlled by something. I did have to choose one font though…
  10. 10. The end result In the end, I decided to go with the third font and put it all the way across the top so it was big, bold and eye catching. I used the band on the beret to place the album name ‘don’t look back into the sun’. This was a very time consuming process as it had to be done letter be letter in order to curve it up with the hat.