Does Evil Exist


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Does Evil Exist

  1. 1. During a school conference, attended by many scholars, one professor challenged his pupils… Start of the XXth century, University of Berlin, Germany.
  2. 2. … with the following question: “ Did God create every thing that exists?”
  3. 3. One pupil bravely answered: “ Yes, He did…!”
  4. 4. “ God created everything?” Insisted the professor. “ Yes, sir!”, the young man answered.
  5. 5. Then the professor asserted, “If God created everything, then God created evil, for evil exists, and allowing the assumption that what we create is a reflection of what we are, then God is evil!”
  6. 6. The young man remained quiet at such an assertion and the professor was happy, regaling for having proven, once again, that faith was but a myth.
  7. 7. Another student raised his hand and said: “ May I ask a question, professor?” “ Of course”, was the professor’s answer.
  8. 8. The young man stood up and asked: “Professor, does cold exist?” “ What kind of a question is that? Of course cold exists, or haven’t you ever felt it?”
  9. 9. The boy answered: “In fact, sir, cold does not exist! According to the laws of Physics, what we consider cold, is in fact the absence of heat. All bodies and objects are subjectable to observation when holding or emmitting energy, and heat is what makes a body hold or emmit energy.
  10. 10. Absolute zero marks the total and absolute absence of heat, all bodies become inert, unable to react, but cold in itself, does not exist. We created that definition to describe how we feel when we have no heat.”
  11. 11. “ And, does darkness exist?” Continued the studant. The professor answered: “It does!”
  12. 12. The studant answered: “ Again you are mistaken, sir, darkness does not exist, either. Darkness is in fact the absence of light.”
  13. 13. “ Light can be an object of study, darkness cannot! We even have Nichols’ prism to decompose white light into the many colours it is composed of, each with its different wavelengths. Not darkness!”
  14. 14. “ A single ray of light pierces through darkness and lights the surface where it ends. How can we determine ‘how dark’ is a set ammount of space? Based on how much light there is, in that space, isn’t that so? Darkness then is a definition man developed to describe what happens when there is no light present.”
  15. 15. Finally, the young man asked the professor: “ Sir, does evil exist?”
  16. 16. The professor answered: “Of course it exists, obviously, like I said from the beginning, we see rapes, murders and violence, all the time, in all the world, those things are evil!”
  17. 17. And the student replied: “ Evil does not exist, sir, at least not in itself on its own. Evil is simply the absence of good, it’s the same as the cases I presented before, evil is a definition man created to describe the absence of God.”
  18. 18. “ God did not create evil. It isn’t like faith or love, which exist, as do heat and light. Evil is the result of humanity not having God present in their hearts. It’s the same thing that happens with cold when there is no heat, or darkness when there is no light!”
  19. 19. It was around 1900, when this youth got a standing ovation, and the professor just shook his head, whitout uttering a word…
  20. 20. He answered: “ Albert Einstein.” Immediately after, the director turned to that youth and asked what was his name. Always keep God present in your heart!!!