2012 12 17 cyp update v3


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CYP Update for 17 December 2012

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2012 12 17 cyp update v3

  1. 1. CYP Update17 December 2012 Policy and process news from CNIC for CYP Professionals SAC-YOUTH, TEEN AND YOUTH SPORTS NEWS!The Navy FitFactor initiative ended on 30 November 2012. Although the website will be gone, Navy YouthPrograms will continue to offer a variety of sports, fitness and fun activities with the forthcoming Navy YouthFitness Operating Manual! Be creative and partner with other CYP and MWR organizations (OutdoorRecreation, Golf, Bowling, etc), BGCA and 4-H to offer a variety of youth fitness experiences and utilize thegreat resources our partners have to help you conduct activities in your daily programs. Continue to provideopportunities for youth to eat healthy, be active and Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit! Thank you for all of your hardwork and FitFactor support over the years.Note: CY programs will not be inspected on FitFactor during FY13 and all existing incentives are to be used atthe programs discretion. CAREER FORUMCYP Professional Development Institute (PDI) CNIC N926 launched the professional development initiative bypiloting the CYP Professional Development Institute (PDI) in Guantanamo Bay Cuba in September 2012. There are currentlythree (3) individuals participating in the initial phase of the pilot and we are seeking to add up to an additional three (3) moreindividuals in 2013. This is an open continuous opportunity and a great potential opportunity for existing CYP-1702-IIlevel employees with at least one year of GSE-04 experience who may be seeking opportunities for professionaldevelopment. Submit and application for consideration CYP Leader (Professional Development Institute) CY-1702-II(GSE-05) for this position via www.NAVYMWR.org.Positions are established in support and direct care categories and are unaccompanied PCS assignments to specifiedhost site locations. Eligibility requires:  meeting minimum qualifications outlined in the position description; 17 December 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 1
  2. 2.  accepting unaccompanied PCS orders for 12-24 months, with transportation agreement and allowances or support for lodging where appropriate; and  passing medical screening for local residency where limited medical services are available (e.g., Guantanamo Bay Cuba).Candidates selected for the pilot phase of this program are placed in full-time benefited positions and upon successfulcompletion of the program receive job placement assistance. As the program evolves, it may include professionaldevelopment opportunities for entry level and mid-level management positions within military child care programs. Itis an accelerated instructional program that incorporates Navy Standardized Training Modules, experiential learning,and on-the-job training to prepare individuals for future careers as Navy CYP Program Professionals.CYP Program Managers, Training & Curriculum Specialists, and Supervisors are encouraged to promote thisopportunity to current CYP Program Assistants who are eligible for CYP Lead, current and former MEIP interns, andother prospective candidates. For the job announcement and to apply visit http://navymwr.org/jobs/12-6-78056. Foradditional information contact Rikki Leigh, Career Manager at rikki.leigh@navy.mil, COM 901.837-6692, CELL901.600.9515.Congratulations to our Spring 2013 Interns! We are pleased to welcome Spring 2013 Interns for placementsduring January-April 2013 in the following regions: Guam, Hawaii, Naval District Washington, Southeast andSouthwest.• GUAM/Guam o Mentor: Gina Tatingfong o Intern : Courtney Stocks, University of Florida• HAWAII/Joint Base Perl Harbor-Hickam o Mentor: Lisa Jerome o Intern : Monique Muhammad, University of Phoenix• HAWAII/Joint Base Perl Harbor-Hickam o Mentor: Rachel Morel o Intern : Krista Royce, Washington State University• NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON/BETHESDA o Mentor: Sandra Franklin o Intern: Tashina Andrus, Washington State University• SOUTHEAST/Corpus Christi o Mentor: Patti Barclay o Intern: Hannah Darphin, Louisiana State University• SOUTHEAST/Kings Bay o Mentor: Candace Dugan o Intern: Jessica Flores, Texas A&M University-San Antonio• SOUTHWEST/Ventura o Mentor: Jacob Munyon o Intern: Jazmyn Morgan, Central Michigan UniversitySummer 2013 Internship Applications Now Open !Applications for Summer intern positions opened 30November and will remain open until 30 January 2013. CNIC will be working with Regions to identifyupcoming placements and mentors and encourage both trainers and supervisors to work closely with Regional 17 December 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 2
  3. 3. CYP Managers to identify potential Mentors and to discuss becoming a host site location. If you would areinterested in hosting an intern, but need more information just ask the CNIC POC or any of those in your regionwho have previously hosted an intern with the program.Further, this is a great opportunity for flex employees who are actively enrolled in academic programs and is agreat way to strengthen competencies and build key strategic skills for professional growth and developmentleading to CYP Careers. Encourage staff members to explore this opportunity and others! Have you everwondered about the “real” impact the internships have in the lives of the interns. Here’s your chance to find out.Check out the intern profiles online by visiting: http://www.ydae.purdue.edu/military/internprofiles.cfm.Did you know that interns are not just your typical college students? Some have had no military affiliations,some are former National Guard or Reserve Members, some are Active Duty Spouses, and others are evencurrent flex employees for Navy, Army, and Air Force at the time of their Application. This week, less than 72hours ago, 2 interns while presenting their Fall capstone reports reported out they were “hired” and starting theirfull time positions this next pay period, one of which was an Assistant Director.Keep in mind, Summer Mentors will be required to participate in an orientation and training the week of May12-17, 2013. Additionally, if you request an intern and are selected as a host location, you will also be requiredto commit to sending your mentor to the training. POC: Rikki Leigh, DSN: 882.6692 COM: 901.874.6692 orrikki.leigh@navy.milJOBS, JOBS, JOBSDid you know that NavyMWR.Org has a newlook?Are you in the know? Looking for leadership,management, or training positions? Are youready? Opportunities are now available around the globe. Be sure you are frequently checking www.navymwr.org/ Jobs are currently available both CONUS and OCONUS. Careers and CNIC Regional pages http://www.cnic.navy.mil/CNIC_HQ_Site/index.htm. There are some new opportunities for professionals at all career levels. ere is a snapshot of what’s closing via NavyMWR.org in the next few weeks! Don’t forget to check out the Open Until Filled/Open Continuous Opportunities Now Available Too! ACT NOW THEY CLOSE FAST! Application and Interview Tidbits Recently, I had the opportunity to ask a member of the Headquarters recruiting team what one of the most common application mistakes or errors they see in application packets. 17 December 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 3
  4. 4. Oddly, it is probably not the one you are thinking of right now. Typically, you think – TYPOS right. Has to bein the top three (3)? Which it probably is, but we didn’t get that far.Surprisingly, the first thing that popped up – wait for it…“did not reference the job announcement number”.Unfortunately, it is something relatively simple and it gets lost in translation, but it is huge and makes a colossaldifference in whether or not a potentially qualified candidate could make it on a cert list and whether aprospective hiring manager ever sees his or her resume.If Human Resource Staff are unable to match resumes and applications to specific job announcementsunfortunately the application packet goes no further than the inbox even if it was acknowledged that it wasreceived. Because, technically it was received – unfortunately, it has no where specifically to go beyond thatpoint and with multiple openings and sometimes up to a hundred application packets received daily it is notlikely that an individual candidate would ever know that his/her application was never attached to a specific jobannouncement.So, as you are working with prospective internal and external candidates please encourage them to referenceappropriately and follow-up when in doubt to ensure that their materials were received and attached to theappropriate position for which they applied. Sure would be awful to miss out on a great opportunity for atechnicality or simple error. Wow wouldn’t be crazy to accidentally put your name in for the wrongannouncement number and interview for something you never heard of before? Stranger things have happened!Let’s talk interviews. Those things can be killers right? Especially the 30 minute phone ones where you can’tsee the people on the other side and they round robin the questions, the phone cuts out and you hear every thirdword, and they want you to describe something. Well, yes. You are right. They are tough. They are tough toparticipate in and they are tough to facilitate, but they don’t really have to be as hard as you make them. Coupleof things to think about when conducting and participating in the interviews: 1. BREATH. Take a moment to gather your thoughts. It is okay to clarify the question that is asked of you or to reframe the question if you need a bit more information. It is okay to acknowledge you are a little bit nervous and to take a moment to gather your thoughts; not every answer ties back to every job. Take a moment to choose the best fit experience for the question presented. It’s not one size fits all. 2. LISTEN. Make sure you listen to the question and the answers and ask follow-up and clarifying questions where applicable. Don’t give the text book check list or a do-it-yourself 5 step response. Tell the interview what you did, what your outcomes were, and use specifics where appropriate (specifics = $, total participants, inventory, outcomes, lessons learned). Trust me on this…chances are the interviewer(s) already know the “how to” and they “REALLY” want to know about your accomplishments and achievements, lessons learned, level of leadership responsibility, etc.!See, that’s not so hard. Honestly, you want to highlight real work examples of what you have achieved in yourpersonal work experience. Some things are going to be in your current positions and others you may pull fromvolunteer or community activism, student teaching or practicum experiences, other professional work history, ormay not have had the opportunity to perform and those are all ok. Just relax. Ask clarifying questions and don’ttalk in circles you’ll do fine. Everyone gets nervous. It all works out! For additional information contact RikkiLeigh, Career Manager at rikki.leigh@navy.mil, COM 901.837-6692, CELL 901.600.9515. 17 December 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 4
  5. 5. CHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES (CYES) NRMA School Recognize Military Kids! AlantonHallway of Stars- this year at Alanton each studenthonored a member of our military forces by writing thename of the member on a yellow star and then decoratingthe star. The military member could be a family memberor a friend of the family. Of course every classroom in ourbuilding has military families along with lots of our facultymembers- each child realized that everyone in our buildinghas this connection! This activity allowed our school tosee the strong connection of military members (both pastand present) to every individual at Alanton! It wasamazing to hear the student and teacher comments as theymoved through the hallway- it made an amazing impact oneach of us in the building! Navy families are fortunate tohave professional educators like Mary Knutter supporting our kids!IMPACT Aid Brochure: The attached Impact Aid that was produced by the US Department of Education. EDwas gracious enough to make a few changes to make it applicable for general distribution and send it to me.This brochure is great for command briefs, parent information and LEA distribution. LINK:http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-12-17-impact-aid-brochureSTEM – Navy League Ready to Help in Your Community: These are not just valuable disciplines for ouryoung people to pursue in school. They are the major pillars of the education of present and future members ofthe Sea Services. The Navy League is a major force behind this effort, known as STEM.What began as a technology-based training initiative has evolved into a major effort for our Navy Leaguemembers and supporters. STEM programs are underway across the country; many of our local Navy Leaguemembers have volunteered for these programs and put their expertise to work in the service of developing thenext generation of leaders.One such STEM initiative, SeaPerch, is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers andstudents with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in an in-schoolor out-of-school setting. Students build the ROV from a kit comprised of low-cost, easily accessible parts,following a curriculum that teaches basic engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme.The Navy League Sea Perch program, along with other STEM projects led by Navy League volunteers, supportscreativity, assembly, execution and teamwork - skills that ultimately find their way into the careeraccomplishments of members of the Sea Services. But these critical skills cannot thrive without the financialsupport from thousands who believe in the continued strengthening of our military and the importance of thefreedom of the seas. SLO’s should contact their local Navy League chapter to see how they can help! 17 December 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 5
  6. 6. American Federation of Teachers (AFT) announcing a report, “Raising the Bar—Aligning and ElevatingTeacher Preparation and the Teaching Profession,” issued by the AFT Teacher Preparation Task Force. Thereport calls for teachers to meet a universal and rigorous bar that gauges mastery of subject-matter knowledge,much like the bar exam lawyers must take before they can enter the legal profession, and demonstratescompetency in how to teach. Further, the report urges a systemic approach to preparing teachers and a morerigorous threshold to ensure that every teacher is ready to teach. The report now goes to the AFT executivecouncil for approval at its February meeting. View the report at:http://www.aft.org/pdfs/highered/raisingthebar2012.pdf. CNIC CYP Team Points of ContactTRAINING & IMPLEMENTATION = Maryann Coutino Maryann.coutino@navy.mil CDC = Nichele Murphy nichele.murphy@navy.mil SAC/YOUTH/TEEN/YOUTH SPORTS = Brent Edwards brent.a.edwards@navy.mil CDH = Deborah Enright Deborah.enright@navy.mil OUTEACH/EFMP/NACCRRA/CYB-MFLC = Terri Dietrich terri.dietrich@navy.milFACILITIES = Lorie Boyd lorie.boyd@navy.milCAREER DEVELOPMENT: Rikki Leigh Rikki.leigh@navy.milINSPECTIONS = Janie Heisner janie.heisner@navy.milCYES-SLO /COMMUNICATIONS= Chuck Clymer chuck.clymer@navy.milFollow CYP:(Click on logo) Navy CYP Navy SLO Youth CYP Professional Navy Teen Sponsorship Council CHILD DEVELOPMENT CYP Professional Shares Expertise! CYP Training and Curriculum Specialists Jeanette Wilder from NAS Jacksonville CDC has been published in the acknowledgments as one of the contributors that were responsible for revising the second edition of the Pediatric First Aid Book for Caregivers and Teachers. 17 December 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 6