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eLINKS Brochure

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2012 09 17 e links brochure

  1. 1. An Online Communication Solution for FFR Learning Professionals Monday –Thursday October 22 – 25, 2012* Linking Optimized Learning Delivery to Improved Individual Performance Register athttp://tinyurl.com/FFR-LINKS
  2. 2. Who Should Attend? The LINKS virtual learning eventis a multi-day online communication solution designedspecifically for the training and development of the FFRLearning Professional community. This is an opportunityfor all: - FFR Certified Facilitators, - Coordinators/Producers, and - Program Specific Trainers such as Training and Curriculum Specialists, and their Supervisors,to meet in the virtual environment to link: - individual performance, - advanced skill and knowledge in learning delivery skills and - become more accomplished in the selection and delivery of the vast FFR Training curriculum.Other FFR Professionals desiring to gain information about FFR Training prod-ucts and delivery methodology are also invited to link-up.FFR Training is chartered to consolidate and centralize all FFR curriculum. Thislearning event links the curriculum to the FFR Customer Driven Business Strat-egy components to train, reinforce development and recognize outstanding FFRtalent. LINKS is designed to develop highly skilled FFR Learning Professionals indelivering desired business results. DIR NE FI EC DE T Leading 4 Performance DE R VE EL LI V OP DERegistration is Easy! Register today for LINKS – It’s Free! The earlier you regis-ter the more information you will receive about how to become comfortable inthe online communication solution whether you plan to attend it all, or just afew sessions. You will be able to start networking right away, find your way toyour virtual theater, test your technology and never have to worry about pack-ing a bag, hassling with check-in at the airport or negotiating for travel funds. REGISTER http://tinyurl.com/FFR-LINKS
  3. 3. Why an Online Communication Solution?LINKS is your opportunity to spend fourintensive, six-hour, interactive days with other FFRLearning Professionals who are all focused onoptimizing the learning experience in an innovativeenvironment.Using your computer, the internet and your tele-phone you will learn new skills, network acrossthe global FFR Learning Professional community and experience avirtual solution to performance improvement.LINKS will include interactive keynote plenary sessions from learning and devel-opment professionals; small breakout sessions that include knowledge and skillsharing through small group discussions and social networking experiences.It’s A Learning Event! Clear your schedule now, just like you were heading outof town. For the best LINKS experience, plan to attend as many appropriatesessions as possible. Dedicate October 22-25 (23-26*), 2012 as your profes-sional training days.All technology is being tested to work on the NMCI and ONENET computersystems, however sometimes the technology gremlins can impact delivery. Al-ternate back-up systems, unofficial wi-fi, tele-working, etc. may be options thatyou and your supervisor may choose to consider for the best learning experi-ence. All sessions will require a telephone with toll free access or internationalcalling capability.In order to accommodate our global work force, all sessions will be repeatedlive. Some juggling of work schedules may be needed in some time zones.Each rotation will begin at 8 am and 5 pm Central Daylight Time (CDT). On theschedule below * indicates target audience, however you may attend either orboth sessions.8 AM CDT = 5 PM CDT =11 PM Guam *Next Day 8 AM Guam10 PM Japan/Korea *Next Day 7 AM Japan/Korea9 PM Singapore *Next Day 6 AM Singapore*4 PM Bahrain/Greece Next Day 1 AM Bahrain/Greece*3 PM Italy Spain Next Day 12 AM Italy/Spain*7 PM Diego Garcia Next Day 4 AM Diego Garcia3 AM Hawaii *Noon Hawaii6 AM Pacific *3 PM Pacific*9 AM Eastern 6 PM Eastern
  4. 4. Virtual – I’m not Interested. Face it! Face-to-face interaction is desired by most learning professionals. Serving others, seeing the “Ah-Ha” moment and watch- ing others grow and develop are some of the greatest rewards a learning professional can experience. LINKS is an opportunity for learning professionals like you, to set aside pre-conceived ideas about the virtual environment,to be innovation leaders and to gain learning skills that provide Navy FFR teamwith the skills to be tomorrow’s leaders. Give it a try! Following the LINKSevent we will gather participant input and experiences via an online survey. Make time for a face-to-face social event during the week of the digital conference. While LINKS is an online communication solution, there is still an oppor- See a movie? tunity for face-to-face interaction and knowledge sharing with other FFR Bowl a game? Learning Professionals. Use the LINKS Social Networking tool and make time for Play a roundsocial event during the week. Reach out to your a face-to-face of golf? Eat lunch together? local FFR Learning Professionals and.... Join a keynote session together... See a movie... Then, snap and post a picture of your Go bowling.... LINKS – social event. Play a round of golf... Eat lunch together.....OR..... Then, snap and post a picture of your LINKS – social event. Be creative, during the live event you will be able to see how others have linked-up!
  5. 5. Schedule and Agenda. This training agenda will enable you to gain compre-hensive knowledge of the FFR Training culture, develop strategies for futurelearning delivery, best practices and new delivery skills that will promote thetransfer of learning in the workplace. Skilled and committed FFR LearningProfessionals impact the services that Sailors, family members and the DODcommunity around the world experience. Professionals talk about and leverageskills and resources to improve our customers’ quality of life whether it is in a MWR recreation program, a Fleet & Family Support Center, a family housing home or grabbing a bite to eat. FFR Learning Professionals are the LINKS to building loyal customers. TIME (CDT) DAY 1 OCTOBER 22, 2012* 8 AM or 5 PM Opening Session and Welcome 9 AM or 6 PM Don’t Just Deck Em Keynote 10:30 AM or Learning Transfer- The Missing Link Keynote 7:30 PM 9 PM Using Games for Learning Events (This session will not repeat.) TIME (CDT) DAY 2 OCTOBER 23, 2012* 8 AM or Eliminating Time Wasters -- Keynote 5 PM 9:30 AM or The Producer’s Human Performance Classroom Facilitating 6:30 PM Role in vTraining Technology and FFR Training Best Practices NOON or Connecting Mgmt Work Skills Overview Using Adobe Tools 9 PM Actions to Training TIME (CDT) DAY 3 OCTOBER 24, 2012* 8 AM or Engage & Sustain Multi-Tasking Audiences -- Keynote 5 PM 9:30 AM or Asynchronous Delivery Selling Through Stellar vILT Best Practices 6:30 PM Best Practices Service NOON PM or Genuine Leadership Facilitator Certification FFR Mentoring Process 9 PM Overview Process TIME (CDT) DAY 4 OCTOBER 25, 2012* 8 AM or Storytelling and Connecting to FFR Content -- Keynote 5 PM 9:30 AM or Needs Based Coaching Delivering On the Job vAdult Learning Techniques 6:30 PM Overview Training NOON or 9 PM Rewards and Recognition
  6. 6. Don’t Just Deck Em! Amy Glass, Senior Facilitator Brody Professional Development Monday, October 22, 9 AM OR 6 PM CDT* Is impact missing from your slide decks? Modern presentations need to be impactful and interesting – which means that, planning, design and great delivery are all musts. This keynote focuses on the effective planning and design of slide decks and helps the presenter make the slides (and message) come alive creating a lasting impact to the audience. Learning Transfer: The Missing Link Roy Pollock, Chief Learning Officer The 6Ds Company Monday, October 22, 10 AM OR 7 PM CDT*In today’s rapidly changing environment, training plays a vitalrole in enabling the Navy to fulfill its mission, provided the train-ing is transferred out of the classroom and put to work on thejob. For many training programs, however, transfer is the weak-est link; only a fraction of what is taught gets applied. In thiskeynote we will see why transfer has historically been a weaklink and what we can do to strengthen it to ensure that trainingdelivers maximum value where it counts most. Game On! Andrew Kimball, Founder and CEO QUBE Learning Monday, October 22, 9 PM CDT (*This session does not repeat live) In this fun interactive learning session we will explore how organizations are getting more learning bang for their buck by using learning competition platforms to transform a wide variety of training into engaging, effective game-based learning modules. We will see examples of online and mobile learninggames, created at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional learning simulations thathave increased retention, boosted learner motivation, and accelerated time to learning.We will also explore which learning topics are most suited to online and mobile learninggames and which are a waste of money.
  7. 7. Eliminating Time Wasters Tom Drews, CEO and Founder WhatWorks! Communications Tuesday, October 23, 8 AM OR 5 PM CDT* There are two kinds of time wasters. One is how we waste our own time, and the second is how others waste our time. During this session, we will share examples and then help determine where we can free up the most time. Most partici- pants are able to free up at least one hour in their workweek by implementing this exercise. Engage & Sustain Attention of A Multi-Tasking Audience Dr. Carmen Taran, Founder, Rexi Media Wednesday, October 23, 8 AM OR 5 PM CDT* Whether you are presenting via web meeting or face to face you need a whole new set of skills to be effective in this world of multi-taskers. This keynote will focus on how to engage and sustain the attention of multitasking audiences. Linking Stories to Learning Kelly Leiker, Achieve Global Thursday, October 25, 8 AM OR 5 PM CDT*Storytelling and tailoring skills to make content more relevantfor individual audiences impacts the transfer of learning.Learn how to make stories succinct, yet powerful, and how todraw relevance from experience. *Keynotes will be offered live two times. Pick the time that works best for your schedule.
  8. 8. October 23, 9:30 AM OR 6:30 PM CDT The Producer’s Role in virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) Lisa Nathan, FFR Master Virtual Producer Delivering successful virtual learning events require a managed partner- ship between the facilitator and the producer. This breakout will address the producer’s roles and responsibilities and best practices when serving as a virtual producer. Human Performance Technology (HPT) Sandy Keehner, Ph.D., CPT, Branch Manager, FFR Training The science behind the development of FFR Learning Events is human performance technology. This breakout will address how to find out the need behind the need when training is requested and how to answer the question, “Is training really the solution to the performance problem?” Classroom Facilitating Best Practices Amiee MacDonnell, Master Facilitator, Navy Region Japan Classroom delivery is still the preferred learning delivery method. This breakout will address best practices for delivering training and will include an interactive session to share lessons learned. Come prepared to share your best practices and learn from other FFR Learning Profes- sionals. October 23, NOON OR 9 PM CDT Connecting Management Actions to Training Anne Guetschow, Ms.Ed., Instructional Designer, FFR Training Research proves that the manager’s involvement before and after a learning event increases the value of learning. This breakout will connect the manager and facilitator’s actions with learning events and discuss conducting Pre/Post Training Meetings and the Behavior Demonstration Checklist. WorkSkills: Steps to Your Success Tiffany Johnson Meikle, Master Facilitator, Navy Region Midwest The WorkSkills curriculum provides line and staff support employees – new hires as well as established employees – with fundamental skills for achieving workplace success. These 2-hour, facilitated classroom based learning events are available for all FFR Employees. Learn how Navy Re- gion Midwest has successfully implemented these learning events in the development of employees at the Deliver level.
  9. 9. Using Adobe Tools Dean Pianta, Evolve Media, Adobe Virtual learning is the wave of the future and the way ahead for many FFR Training learning events and facilitated conference calls. This session will address the tools, bells and whistles that are available in Adobe Connect and how to use them to promote engagement and learning.October 24, 9:30 AM OR 6:30 PM CDT Best Practices for Asynchronous Delivery Randy Sells, Instructional Specialist, FFR Training Facilitating the FFR Professional Development for Managers Series or any asynchronous learning event requires a specific set of skills to meet the expectations of the learner in the virtual environment. This breakout will focus on best practices and techniques for a successful facilitating experi- ence. Selling through Stellar Service Ann Carlson, Achieve Global Star Service introduces the foundational service language for FFR. This session will introduce how two of the newest FFR learning events: Guiding Customer Conversations and Expanding Customer Relations build on this service culture. These learning events provide employees with a proven Need Satisfaction Selling Process. These learning events use language and context appropriate for those who often feel that they’re really not salespeople. The skills will help FFR to both save money by solving problems better and faster, and to make money through cross- selling and up-selling. Virtual Instructor Led Training Best Practices Kelly Leikert, Achieve Global Facilitating virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) requires a specific set of skills that combine using technology, a variety of voice tones and select- ing the right words to use. This breakout will focus on best practices and advanced facilitating techniques to facilitate virtual learning that promote learning transfer and learner engagement. October 24, NOON OR 9 PM CDT Genuine Leadership Overview Sandy Keehner, Ph.D., CPT, Branch Manager, FFR Training So you want to become a Genuine FFR leader? This breakout will intro- duce a Genuine Leadership development track for leaders across the N9 enterprise, review the purpose, process and payoff of the included mod- ules and answer questions about how to successfully implement these learning events at your installation.
  10. 10. I am a Star Service Facilitator, so what can I do next? Julie K. Smith Master Virtual Facilitator, FFR Training FFR Training relies on the stellar cadre of certified facilitators around the globe to deliver leadership, service and Navy-specific learning curriculum in the classroom and virtual environment. Certification provides you with the skills necessary to meet FFR’s expectations of the facilitator. This breakout will review the criteria and new facilitator certification process and the steps necessary to expand the breadth of your facilitation certifi- cations. FFR Mentoring Process Andrea Williams Intern/Mentor Program Manager, FFR Training The FFR Training Branch piloted the new FFR Mentoring Process in Navy District Washington in September 2012. This breakout will focus on the new mentoring process, the roles of a mentor and protégé and how you can help this groom future FFR leaders.October 25, 9:30 AM OR 6:30 PM CDT Needs Based Coaching Stacy Cooper, Achieve Global This breakout will introduce the newest learning event to complement the skills learned in Coaching for Extraordinary Service (CfES). These four new learning events in the FFR Genuine Leadership curriculum Shaping a Motivational Workplace, Offering Rewards and Recognition, Realizing Talent in Others and Giving Needs-Based Feedback build sustainable moti- vation in your FFR team by creating an environment where their intrinsic psychological needs are met. Delivering On the Job Training Ann Carlson, Achieve Global We all deliver training on the job; however we might not always have the skills to make it the most effective. This session will focus on the skills used to effectively implement on the job training and how to ensure the transfer of learning to the work place. Virtual Adult Learning Techniques Julie K. Smith, Master Virtual Facilitator, FFR Training This learning event is designed to help you develop a clear understand- ing of the adult learning techniques that will make you successful when delivering virtual training. At the end of this learning event you will be able to apply essential adult learning techniques to the virtual classroom; maximize participant involvement; engage virtual participants and use voice as a tool.
  11. 11. Training Support Awards Call for Nominations. Reward andrecognize the Outstanding Performers in our stellar cadre ofFFR Learning Professionals that either deliver or support thedelivery of the expansive FFR Training Curriculum including butnot limited to: - Star Service, - Genuine Leadership, - FFR Professional Development for Managers Series, - Program specific content such as: - CARE, CYP Training and Curriculum NGIS Certifications, Command Fitness Leaders, etc.These rewards are designed to show our outstanding FFR LearningProfessionals: - Our appreciation; - Be appropriate for what the recipients have done to promote a learning culture; and - Acknowledge many positive outcomes.Through these rewards FFR Training desires to make our outstanding FFRLearning Professionals feel valued as knowledgeable, skilled and experiencedfacilitators, producers and coordinators; communicate our confidence thatthese outstanding FFR learning Professionals have the ability to make similarfuture contributions; and help them identify the positive impact their contribu-tion to our partnership has on the entire FFR organization. For more information about how to nominate an Outstanding FFR Learning Professional contact Randy Sells at randy.sells@navy.mil, 901-874-6721/DSN 882. Rewards & Recognition You’re Stellar and It Shows! October 25 Noon OR 9 PM CDT Celebrate the Accomplishments of the Stellar Cadre of FFR Learning Professionals Recognize our Outstanding Performers