2012 09 03 cyp update v1 final


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CYP Update 3 September 2012

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2012 09 03 cyp update v1 final

  1. 1. CYP Update 3 September 2012 Policy and process news from CNIC for CYP ProfessionalsInclusion Booklet for Military Programs:CNIC introduces new the Inclusion Booklet Order Page for Military Programs. A variety of Inclusion resourceshave been designed to assist military programs. These resources can be ordered on-line at the KIT Website forno-cost for Navy Child and Youth Programs.Communication Journals: A hands–on tool designed to facilitate communication between families andprograms. Designed as a small spiral bound notebook that can be carried in a pocket, the journal serves as acommunication tool to support the child’s experience in a program.Supporting Children & Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Topics include: Understanding AutismSpectrum Disorders, Supporting Communication, Supporting Behavior, and Helping Children & YouthUnderstand their Peers.Supporting Children & Youth with Social–Emotional Needs: Topics include: Understanding Social–EmotionalNeeds, Exploring Emotions and the Brain, Modeling Control, and Program Supports & Accommodations.Supporting Children & Youth with Developmental Disabilities: Topics include: Understanding DevelopmentalDisabilities, Creating Diverse & Accepting Environments, Supporting Inclusion & Social Skills, and Tips forFacilitating Friendships.Booklets are centrally funded from CNIC CYP and are provided as resources for CYP Professionals andfamilies. Submit your order athttp://kidsincludedtogether.wufoo.com/forms/inclusion-booklet-order-page-for-military-programs/ 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 1
  2. 2. CAREER FORUM:Military Extension Internship Program Highlights & Success Purdue University Military Extension Internship Program positively impacts the lives of interns and CYP Programs alike. Follow Casey Dickinson’s Summer 2012 Internship journey to full time- MENTORING employment. Below she highlights how this “Being a mentor is more opportunity leads to meaningful experiential than just showing your learning opportunities and jumpstarts her career intern what your day to day working with military children and families. job duties are. It is being As a student at any university, you are often that person that your intern bombarded with emails informing you of different can come to with questions, opportunities in the community and for professional ideas, situations and development. Unfortunately for me, most of these obstacles that they mayopportunities either weren’t in correlation with my career goals, I didn’t encounter during their timequalify, or I just wasn’t interested. That was until I received an email from with you. Sharingmy Psychology advisor about a program called the Military Extension experiences with them andInternship Program. The very second I finished reading the email, I went letting them know that youto their website for more information. I quickly became aware that this have been where they areprogram gave people the opportunity to work with military children all and through dedication andaround the world. As a person that has always been passionate about hard work overcome anyworking with children, I immediately called my mother to tell her about obstacles that may comethis amazing program. their way. I feel that yourIn the weeks to follow I began completing the application, tweaking it a success as a mentor is notlittle here and there to ensure that it was absolutely perfect. After biting measured by what you domy nails for months, I finally received an email informing me that the but by your intern’sNavy had selected me for an interview and a few days later I did just that. success!”I was pretty nervous I was going to get a placement out of my proximity -Sarah Hagensick, Mentorcomfort zone, but I remained open-minded. I then received a phone call Pax Riverinforming me that I had been selected for placement in NAS PatuxentRiver, Maryland. I hadn’t been this excited about an opportunity since I received my acceptance to Virginia Tech. My excitement only became more prevalent “…my three months with when my mentor, Sarah Hagensick, got in contact with me. I knew from the the Navy and Military very start that we were going to work very well together. Sarah had asked me Extension Internship Program were the most what I wanted my focus to be during the summer. All I knew was that I rewarding months of my enjoyed working with children, mostly younger children, but I wanted the professional growth”. chance to spread my wings and see what else military child and youth -Casey Dickinson, Intern programs had to offer. I had the privilege of going through two weeks of the best training I’ve ever received, I got to work at Mattapany Day Camp, I was given the responsibility of the supervision of twenty-eight individuals, I had the chance to work alongside Phyllis Leighton, the Child DevelopmentCenter Director with oversight, on several different projects, I got to work in conjunction with the MissoulaChildren’s Theatre, and on top of all of that I volunteered with the Liberty center and I used the available 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 2
  3. 3. resources offered by Fleet and Family to gain some personal and professional development skills. I’ve beenemployed since I was sixteen years old and I will honestly say that my three months with the Navy and MilitaryExtension Internship Program were the most rewarding months of my professional growth. As my internship period dwindled down, I started to fear what I was going to do next. After I applied towhat seemed like an infinite amount of jobs, I finally received an interview with Fort Drum, New York for theposition of a Nutritionist for their Child and Youth Programs. Since one of my Bachelor Degrees is HumanNutrition, Food, and Exercise, this position seemed like the absolute perfect fit for me. I went through two sets ofinterviews and I’m proud to say I received the position and will be moving to New York in just a couple short weeks. Though I have previous experiences with nutrition and child programs and I am passionate about this line of work, I say without a doubt, my internship with the Navy and the Military Extension Internship Program help set me above all the other applicants. Before entering this program, I felt lost, like I was the only graduate that didn’t know where they were going after graduation. Now I am confident in where I stand and my options are limitless. In the future, I know if I’m involved in something that is at least half as extraordinary as my internship in Patuxent River, Maryland I will becompletely content and enthused about what life has to offer. Feel free to checkout my internship experience athttp://paxriverintern.weebly.com/index.html .Congratulations to our Fall 2012 Interns! We are pleased to welcome Fall 2012 Interns for placements duringSeptember-December 2012 in the following regions: Europe, Hawaii, Japan, Midwest, NDW, Southeast andSouthwest.• EUROPE/NS Naples: o Mentor: Chris Kasparek o Intern: Ebony Ellis, University of Northern Iowa• EUROPE/Rota: o Mentor: Renee Montadon o Intern: Morgan Marquette, Oklahoma State University• HAWAII/Joint Base Perl Harbor-Hickam o Mentor: Lisa Jerome and Rachel Morel o Intern : Kelsey Wise, Washington State University• JAPAN/CFA Sasebo: o Mentor: Christina Sparks o Intern: Danielle Blyden, University of Georgia• JAPAN/CFA Yokosuka: o Mentor: Eric Barge o Intern: Seamus Corry, Temple University• MIDWEST/NSA Great Lakes o Mentor: Carmen Hood o Intern : Nicole Pederson, Washington State University• NDW/PAX River: 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 3
  4. 4. o Mentor: Sarah Hagensick o Intern: Colby Dillard, Old Dominion University• SOUTHEAST/Guantanamo Bay Cuba o Mentor: Christina Murcin o Intern: Bridget O’Connel, University of Illinois• SOUTHEAST/Panama City o Mentor: Heather Steinzor o Intern: Stephanie Brown, University of Illinois• SOUTHWEST/Point Loma o Mentor: Phyllis Williams o Intern: Dawn Garrigus, Kendall CollegeDid you know mentoring others can support your professional and career development? Applications for Spring2013 Internships close soon and we will be working with Regions to identify upcoming placements and mentors.Mentors will be required to participate in an orientation and training the week of January 13-18, 2013. POC:Rikki Leigh, DSN: 882.6692 COM: 901.874.6692 or rikki.leigh@navy.milJOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Did you know CNIC can help promoting career opportunities at the National Associationfor the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Career Forum online at http://careerforum.naeyc.org/ . CYPManagers are encouraged to submit hard-to-fill positions or critical vacancies to Rikki Leigh atrikki.leigh@navy.mil for posting and promotion.Are you in the know? Looking for leadership, management, or training positions? Are you ready?Opportunities are now available around the globe. Be sure you are frequently checking www.navymwr.orgCareers and CNIC Regional pages http://www.cnic.navy.mil/CNIC_HQ_Site/index.htm . Jobs are currentlyavailable both CONUS and OCONUS.CHILD DEVELOPMENT HOME (CDH) NEWS:NAFCC Conference: The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) held its 22nd annual conference in Atlanta, GA July 25-28, 2012. Forty-Two CDH professionals attended this professional development event taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about the most up to date information in the field of family child care and connecting with other professionals in the field. During the luncheon, several Navy participants gathered for a group photo. 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 4
  5. 5. NAFCC Accreditation update: Keep up the good work! Navy CDH programs have increasedthe number of providers involved in NAFCC Accreditation from 89 to 115 since December 2011!CDH ReminderCNIC Database CheckPlease remember that the information sent to CNIC for database checks on new providers should contain thefollowing: • Provider’s First and Last Name • Last 4 digits of SSN only • Spouse names are not necessary unless they are going to be a co-provider; back- up provider or substitute • Please only send NEW applicants; no need to send for re-certificationProtecting PII!!Since this information is considered PII, it must be sent in the following manner. 1. Please password protect the document being sent 2. You must encrypt the email (for problems with encryption, please see your IT people) 3. Include in the subject line: FOUO- Privacy SensitiveCDH Billing Cycle-FY 12 & FY 13The new CDH billing cycle is on the way! Be on the lookout for FY 13 billing cycle.CORRECTION TO FY 12 Billing cycle- Please note that under “Date Due” September 7th is incorrect andshould read August 31st. Please make appropriate adjustments.Background checks…again!CDH programs MUST ensure that ALL CDH providers have completed background checks PRIOR to workingwith children. This includes the NACI-with favorable responses. If you have any questions, please contact CDHCoordinator Deborah Enright at Deborah.Enright@navy.milCHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES (CYES)Youth Sponsorship – Yokosuka S2S Training Video: The S2S team for KinnickHigh School produced a great how not to and how to conduct a Youth Sponsorship Program. Feel free to sharewith your Youth Sponsorship Programs:LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aI9TaQgNSsMilitary Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3): The MIC3website has been up and running for almost 2 years now. During this time it has expanded offering new and 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 5
  6. 6. more varied information, resources and interactive capabilities. MIC3 wants to make sure the information isheading in the right direction and it has been suggested that we may want to look at making some changes.Please visit the below link for MIC3 below and take a moment to answer 10 questions:MIC3 LINK: http://www.mic3.net/SUREVY LINK: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RZCBJHP2012 CYES Training:It’s hard to believe Child & Youth Education Services (CYES) and our School Liaison Officers have been inplace nearly four years as part of the CYP Team! Were in the final planning stages of the SY12/13 MCECtraining execution guidance to the field for MCEC training. Below is the total amount of CNIC fundedtraining we have to execute. Region SLOs will be submitting a prioritized list of their needs in September.We’ve also included a link to the currently {Service-wide} scheduled training—Navy allotments below shouldstart showing up on the schedule in October.Total allotments available Navy-wide for SY12/13 • 8 Transition Counselor Institute (TCI) • 18 Student-2-Student (S2S) • 41 Junior Student-2-Student (JS2S)*[*JS2S targeting minimum 6 middle schools at one location, can go down to 4 if we dont have enough Tier I]MCEC Training Schedule Link: http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-09-03-cyp-updat-mcec-training-calendar-as-of-083112Army Releases EMC2 Report: The Army shared their latest study to developrecommendations for military leaders and educators: “K12 EDUCATION OF THE MILITARY CHILD INTHE 21ST CENTURY: Current Dimensions of Educational Experiences for Army Children.” This reportreflects a follow on to the “2001 Secondary Education Transition Study.” Follow the below link to find outmore:LINK: http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-09-03-army-emc21-repor-tfinal082712singles-2The Exceptional Advocate eNewsletter is here!The new school year is officially underway. DoDs Office of Community Support for Military Families has waysto set your children up for success? Check out the article: "Ten Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School"included in this months issue. A therapeutic ice skating program was offered this summer for children enrolledin the Peterson Air Force Base Exceptional Family Member Program; you can read all about it this month. OnAugust 31, Dr. Rebecca Posante retired from her position as director of the Office of Military CommunitySupport for Military Families with Special Needs (OSN). In this issue she says farewell and, in her own words, 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 6
  7. 7. recalls some of her career highlights and personal experiences. You wont want to miss it. Youll find thesearticles and much more in the September issue of The Exceptional Advocate. To view the interactive flipversion of The Exceptional Advocate, click on the link below.http://apps.mhf.dod.mil/efmp/book/2012/SeptemberYou may also view the html version of The Exceptional Advocate by clicking on the link below.http://apps.mhf.dod.mil/efmp/newsCNIC CYP Team Points of ContactTRAINING & IMPLEMENTATION = Maryann Coutino Maryann.coutino@navy.milCDC = Nichelle Murphy Nichelle.murphy@navy.milSAC/YOUTH/TEEN/YOUTH SPORTS = Brent Edwards brent.a.edwards@navy.milCDH = Deborah Enright Deborah.enright@navy.milOUTEACH/EFMP/NACCRRA/CYB-MFLC = Terri Dietrich terri.dietrich@navy.milFACILITIES = Lorie Boyd lorie.boyd@navy.milCAREER DEVELOPMENT: Rikki Leigh Rikki.leigh@navy.milINSPECTIONS = Janie Heisner janie.heisner@navy.milCHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES = Chuck Clymer chuck.clymer@navy.milFollow CYP:(Click on logo) Navy CYP Navy SLO Youth CYP Professional Navy Teen Sponsorship CouncilAROUND THE WORLD IN CYPLocal School Liaison Officer attends PTA Day at White HouseJEB Little Creek-Fort Story Public Affairs ALEXANDRIA,VA. Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-FortStory JEBLCFS) School Liaison Officer (SLO), Vernell B. Kilpatrick, travelled to the nation’s capital last weekas part of a group of parents and education advocates for an all-day meeting with White House and federalgovernment leaders on education and other topics facing children. See full story at:http://www.norfolknavyflagship.com/news/heroes_at_home/article_83ced3c0-ec8a-11e1-8a62-001a4bcf887a.html 3 September 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 7