2012 08 20 cyp update v1 final


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2012 08 20 cyp update v1 final

  1. 1. CYP Update 20 August 2012 Policy and process news from CNIC for CYP ProfessionalsTRAINING OPPORTUNITY: 4-H 101 & Up For the ChallengeTraining • 13-16 November 2012, Kansas City, MO • Deadline to Apply 31 August 2012This training covers the basics in forging a 4-H Club and is designed as a "Train-the-Trainer" workshop.Attendees must be willing to return to their installation/region and train other CYP staff to ensure sustainable 4-H Clubs throughout Navy CYP.**ELIGIBILITY**This training opportunity should be extended to SAC/Youth Directors, Leads, and T&Cs that have NOTattended 4-H 101 Training in the past. CNIC has not been provided with a specific number of trainees.Therefore, all eligible professionals are recommended to apply. Ensure that your FULL installation name islisted under "Organization" i.e. Naval Base Kitsap. This will allow USDA to allocate a balance between theservices.**APPLICATION**Please complete the attached registration form and forward to Michelle Perez at mperez@ksu.edu by 31 August2012. USDA will notify selected trainees by 15 September 2012.**FUNDING/TRAVEL/LODGING**ALL authorized travel, lodging, select meals, per diem, and reimbursements will be coordinated and covered byUSDA. The training will be held at the Kansas City Airport Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, MO. All attendeesare required to submit a travel expense form to Kansas State University upon completion of the training.**SESSIONS**Specific training agendas will be provided at a later date. However, attendees are expected to attend full-daysessions. 20 August 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 1
  2. 2. Attention all CDC and CDH programs....Bumbo Baby Seats have been recalled for repair due to a fall hazard. Information on the recall and a picture ofthe seat can be found on following website.http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml12/12247.htmlPrograms should stop using the seats immediately until a free repair kit is installed. The repair kit consists of arestraint belt with a warning label, installation instructions, safe use instructions and a new warning sticker.Information on obtaining the free repair kit can be found at http://www.recall.bumbousa.com/.Even with the belt, the seat should never be used on any raised surface.If you have questions, please contact Nichele Murphy @ nichele.murphy@navy.mil (for CDC programs) orDebbie Enright @ Deborah.enright@navy.mil (for CDH programs).CAREER FORUM: CYP Professionals are needed across the enterprise in critical and strategicleadership and support positions. Current CYP Professionals are encouraged to explore career progressionopportunities for individual professional development. Have you recently obtained an industry credential, orcompleted higher education? Are starting to think about your next career step? If you are mobile don’t miss outexciting CONUS and OCONUS opportunities.CNREurope: • BAHRAIN: Training & Curriculum Specialist, and Youth Director • NAPLES: CYP Assistant DirectorCNRJAPAN: • ATSUGI: CDC DirectorCNRSOUTHEAST: • GUANTANAMO BAY CUBA: CYP Sports Coordinator • GULFPORT: CYP Director: http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-08-20-cyp-update- gulfport-cdc-directorCNRSOUTHWEST: • MONTEREY: Youth DirectorVisit NavyMWR.org for additional information and to apply today!NAVYCHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION INFORMATION 20 August 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 2
  3. 3. NRMA Education Connection Newsletter: In this issue; EFMP and Special Needs,Charter Schools and DoDEA updates:LINK: http://www.discovermwr.com/media/publications/slo_newsletter.pdfNRSE Academic Anchor Newsletter: In this issue find out about Transition Support,Partnerships in Education, and see our Youth Sponsorship program in action:http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-08-20-cyp-update-cnrse-newsletter-recap-2011-2012-school-yearTUTOR.COM – NAVY USAGE: Find out how Navy Families are using their free access toTutor.Com. Follow the link to the Navy Usage Report:LINK http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-08-20-cyp-comms-input-client-report-by-location-access-point-rollupHealthy Family Information: Dr. Krystal White provides the below and attached findinformation to share with your parents from our medical community: THINGS EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOWInteract with your kid, play with him (her), and make him feel loved – Scientists observed that babies who PLAYING makes kids SMART!were not cuddled, played with and loved have stunted brain growth. They also observed that babies whowere not held and did not receive attention failed to grow, became depressed, and eventually died. On theother hand, many studies have shown that loving, hugging, interacting and playing with your child all havehas a strong effect on developing his intelligence. The loving connection formed between you and yourkid and your one-on-one interaction with him provide the foundation for his higher thinking skills.Play with your child---meaning both of you are HAVING FUN! Together---without SCREENS, at least 5 daysa week for 20 minutes at a time. THIS BUILDS your child’s BRAIN power! Read more at:LINK: http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-08-20-smart-families-things-every-parent-should-knowDoDEA Solicits Feedback from Families: DoDEA is currently soliciting communityinput for the revision of Graduation Regulation 2000.1, 2004. Input will be solicited between August 1 andSeptember 30, 2012. Topics of discussion will include, but are not limited to, minimum graduationrequirements, alternatives to graduation requirements, grade point average, course requirements, diploma types,and supports for students transitioning to and from DoDEA schools.Input may be provided from the front page of the DoDEA webpage in section "DoDEA News" at http://www.dodea.edu 20 August 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 3
  4. 4. Refer to the Memorandum signed by Ms. Fitzgerald announcing this process (Attached).LINK: http://www.slideshare.net/chuckbev2000/2012-08-20-do-dea-director-memo-grad-reg-revisionaugsep2012MILITARY EXTENSION INTERNSHIP PROGRAM SPRING 2013APPLICATIONS NOW LIVE! A partnership between the Cooperative Extension System andthe Department of Defense has provided the funding for a national, military childcare/youth developmentinternship program. Through this initiative, students and recent graduates have the opportunity to developprofessional skills in childcare and youth development through practical work experience with military children,youth, and families. This is a great opportunity for individuals to meet internship requirements as part of anacademic program and to gain practical experience in a chosen field.. This may be a strategic professionaldevelopment opportunity for current flex or part-time employees who need additional professional experienceand meet the eligibility criteria for the internship program.Eligible to apply? To apply to the program you must: • be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident • have a GPA of at least 2.75/4.0 • have completed at least four semesters of college classes by the beginning of the internship • be majoring in childcare, youth development, recreation, management, or a similar program • plan to pursue a professional career similar to your major such as those within education, child or youth programs, or family servicesThe Spring 2013 application period opened Wednesday, August 1, 2012 and the deadline for applications isFriday, September 28, 2012. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Internships take place on militaryinstallations across the U.S. and around the world. Interns will have the opportunity to gain first-handexperience in military child and youth programs. Please visit www.ydae.purdue.edu/military<http://www.ydae.purdue.edu/military> for more information about the internships, including job descriptions;instructions on how to apply; intern profiles; and frequently asked questions and answers. Internships availablein Child Development, School-Age, and Youth Development ProgramsCNIC CYP Team Points of ContactTRAINING & IMPLEMENTATION = Maryann Coutino Maryann.coutino@navy.milCDC = Nichelle Murphy Nichelle.murphy@navy.milSAC/YOUTH/TEEN/YOUTH SPORTS = Brent Edwards brent.a.edwards@navy.milCDH = Deborah Enright Deborah.enright@navy.milOUTEACH/EFMP/NACCRRA = Terri Dietrich terri.dietrich@navy.milFACILITIES = Lorie Boyd lorie.boyd@navy.milCAREER DEVELOPMENT: Rikki Leigh Rikki.leigh@navy.milINSPECTIONS = Janie Heisner janie.heisner@navy.milCHILD & YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES = Chuck Clymer chuck.clymer@navy.mil 20 August 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 4
  5. 5. Follow CYP:(Click on logo) Navy CYP Navy SLO Youth CYP Navy Teen Sponsorship Professional CouncilAROUND THE WORLD IN CYPKINGS BAY “ELEMENTARY EXTRAVANZA” SUCCESS! To ensurethat military families moving to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay have a smooth educational transition, theSchool Liaison Officer Clainetta Jefferson and Child and Youth Program Assistant Kevin Furrow coordinatedthe first-ever Back-to-School Bash just for elementary students. The “Elementary Extravaganza” was hosted onSaturday, August 4th at the installation’s Fitness Complex from 12 noon until 2:00 PM. This event was intendedto provide military families with elementary students a casual atmosphere in which to learn more about the localschools and the programs they offer.The nearly 145 guests in attendance were able to play outdoorgames, splash in the pool, listen to the latest tunes, and eat lunch.Most importantly, parents and students met with school principalsand administrators from three local elementary schools. Thesuccess of this event was based on the collaboration betweenChild and Youth Programs, the Fleet and Family Support Center,Operation Homefront, Navy Federal Credit Union, and volunteersfrom the installation’s Branch Medical Clinic.Although this was the first “Elementary Extravaganza,” this eventmarked only the beginning the installation’s Back-to-School Bash Dr. Sheila Sapp (seated), Crooked River Elementaryactivities. For nearly three years, Naval Submarine Base Kings School principal, distributes information to a parent atBay has hosted “Middle School Mania” and “High School Hype” the "Elementary Extravaganza" hosted as part of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Back-to-School Bashto help secondary students start the new school with a ‘splash.’ As events.part of the Child and Youth Sponsorship Program, Kings Bay willhost these two Back-to-School events this Saturday, August 11th at the Fitness Complex. These events providesecondary students the same opportunity to meet school administrators and get answers to those last fewquestions before school begins on Tuesday, August 14th. These back-to-school events not only promote betterpartnerships between the installation and local education agencies, but they help students of all ages begin thenew school year confident, relaxed, and ready to learn. 20 August 2012 – Weekly CYP Update| 5