04 Atonement Divine Initiative -Eng
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04 Atonement Divine Initiative -Eng







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04 Atonement Divine Initiative -Eng Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Lesson 4
  • 2. How could God have acted about man’s sin? WITH LOVE (without justice) Overlooking the transgression and continue with the relation with man like nothing happened. WITH JUSTICE (without love) Destroying immediately Adam and Eve.
  • 3. How did God act about man’s sin? By GRACE, He acted with JUSTICE and LOVE “The theme of redemption is one that the angels desire to look into; it will be the science and the song of the redeemed throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity” , Steps to Christ, pp. 89-90)
  • 4. The mystery of God’s love. The mystery of God’s grace. The mystery that was hidden for centuries and ages. The mystery of Atonement.
  • 5. Although it wasn’t His duty to look for a solution for sin… Although He knew that we couldn’t keep the law by ourselves… His love led Him to look for a just solution which could allow our salvation He gave himself in our place!
  • 6. Divine grace never showed before (it wasn’t necessary) Grace was necessary because man doesn’t deserve salvation; there is no justification for our sin. Grace makes salvation free for man. He paid the cost: Jesus died for our sin.
  • 7. 1. The plan was created a long time before man’s creation and before Satan’s rebellion. 2. It was hidden from universe and from the angels for centuries. 3. The mystery was about the ministry, death, resurrection and mediation of Christ. 4. The intention of the plan was to restore cosmic harmony through Christ. 5. This mystery was gradually revealed to humanity and it is known through the incarnation of Christ.
  • 8. Was there “O my Father, IF IT another BE POSSIBLE, let this cup pass from way to me”(Matthew, 26: 39) save the man? The salvation of human race could only be achieved through God’s death.
  • 9. Jesus took Atonement very seriously. The NEED of carrying out the mission of saving man marked all His work. HIS DEATH HIS MINISTRY quot;[The Son of man] must [it is “Wist ye not that I must [it is necessary for Him to] suffer many necessary for Me to] be about things, and be killed” (Mark, 8: 31) my Father's business?” (Luke, 2: 49)  Mateo, 26: 54; Luke, 9: 22; Luke, 17: 25;  Luke, 4: 43; Luke, 19: 5; John, 4: 4; Luke, 22: 39; Luke, 24: 7; Luke, 24: 46; John, John, 9: 4 3: 14; John, 12: 34 HIS RESURRECTION HIS MEDIATION “He must [it was necessary for “Ought [Was necessary for] not Him to] rise again from the Christ to have suffered these dead” (John, 20: 9)  Mark, 8: 31; Luke, 9: 22; Luke, 24: 7; things, and to enter into his glory?” (Luke, 24: 26) Luke, 24: 46  Hebrews, 7: 25
  • 10. ADAPTalo! Efectivo para GRUPOS PEQUEÑOS Enfoque de Enseñanza ASOCIAR la verdad  ¿Por qué debería estudiar esta lección? DESCUBRIR la verdad  ¿Qué dice la Biblia acerca de esta verdad? APLICAR la verdad  ¿De qué manera esta verdad impacta en mi vida? PLANIFICAR la práctica de la verdad  ¿Cómo puedo usar esta lección? TRANSFERIR la verdad  ¿Qué cambios necesito hacer en mi vida? Slideshare.net/chucho1943