All about art idp


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Here is our group's first project. it contains a PPT file. Enjoy and thanks for visiting our blog

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All about art idp

  1. 1. By : Hong Chang Kyu (Thinkers)
  2. 2.  1 Introduction 2 Our group members ( Chang kyu, Kyohai, Chang yoon, Sakae ) 3 About the art IDP 4 Things we need for the IDP 5 How we are planning to do it 6 The stages-1. Brainstorm for ideas!!-2. We got the canvas!!-3. Get the pictures!!!-4. Now decorate the canvas!-5. Final Touch!! 7 A video on the IDP 8 Conclusion
  3. 3.  In this presentation, we are going to tell you about SEC 2’s art IDP presentation. For our IDP, Mr. John Torr told us that we had to decorate a canvas with mixed media collage related to our topics ( Thinkers ). We are going to tell you the whole story of how our group completed the IDP from the distribution of the canvas to the final presentation of the canvas. I hope you enjoy our presentation!!1
  4. 4.  Here are our group members for the art IDP1. Choi Chang Yoon2. Kyohei Hayano3. Hong Chang Kyu4. Sakae Kakiuchi
  5. 5.  There are few things we need for the art IDP Here are the stuff1 CanvasSome paintA few cans of spray paintA piece of transparent plasticA few brushesSome pictures from primary sources(pictures of ourselves) and secondary sources(pictures from internet and magazines)
  6. 6.  How we are planning to do it- The idea of how we are going to do it just popped into my head the moment I received the canvas. My idea was to draw a big light bulb with a pencil and then fill it with pictures related to thinkers, like scientists, inventions, mathematician and many more. So we just decided to make huge light bulb filled with pictures and decorate the leftover places with some paint
  7. 7.  Brainstorm for ideas!!Before we got the canvas, we brainstormed for about 2 class periods. As I told you before, we got the ideas easily and decided to go with the light bulb idea. Although I came up with the thought, the seemed brilliant. Now we only have to execute the plans. YEAH !!!!!!!
  8. 8.  We got the canvas!!Okay, so we finally got the canvas. Now we have to start with our project. We left the empty canvas in the art room and then decided to keep it empty until we get all the stuff we need. LETS DO THIS!!
  9. 9.  Get the pictures!!!So we finally got some pictures. I had a really difficult time searching for pictures related to thinkers, so if any of them goes to waste, I’m going to EXPLOAD! But after we covered the canvas, we had small patches of empty spaces. We thought small patches will be okay, but Mr. Torr told us that we need some words. So here we go again!!
  10. 10.  Now decorate the canvas!Now that we’re almost finished covering the canvas with pictures, we have to start painting it. At first, we were going to just cover the remaining empty spaces with just plain black paper, but we changed our minds and just decided to paint it. But just as we were about to start, Mr. Torr told us we had 6 days. We have to hurry!
  11. 11.  Final touch!! Today, we decided to finish our art IDP. Mr Torr told us before that we could use the art room for our projects, so we decided to finish it today. Because last time we painted the back ground, we only had to finish decorating it with spray paint and paint. And after an hour of spraying and painting, our group finally finished the canvas. We felt so proud of ourselves.
  12. 12.  Here is a video on the stages of how we completed our art IDP. ( click the video to start)
  13. 13.  We finally completed our art IDP, and what a relief! With this IDP we learned a lot of stuff. We learned how to cooperate with team mates, we learned to manage our time to meet the deadline, we also learned various ways of making an art project. So although it was hard it’s a JOB WELL DONE!!!! Thank you for reading, and have a pleasant day!!!!!