Monetizing Android Apps in Asia


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Slides shared at AndDevCon II in Nov 2011

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  • I'm a huge fan of Startapp also myself.
    I've noticed that the majority of my installs come from outside the united states too I average about at .034 cents an installs (over the last 50k installs).
    I'm doing ~$ 600/day with them at the moment...hope to be your level soon!
    referral link here:
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  • Korean market has opened up - and there are more updates to the numbers and content as this industry is moving so fast.
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Monetizing Android Apps in Asia

  1. Your Monetization Partner for:Monetizing Android Apps in Asia– Knowing is half the battleChua Zi YongFounder and CEOStream Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd@ AnDevCon II9 November 2011 @getmovend
  2. Your Monetization Partner for:About myself: Chua Zi Yong Focused on Android since Nov 2008 Founder of CodeAndroid Developers Group (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand) Founder/CEO of Stream Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd Investee of SingTel Innov8 (Asia Operator Group) @getmovend
  3. Your Monetization Partner for:Stream Media Pte LtdPublished more than 400 Android games in Asia Pacificthrough operator, handset manufacturers and socialnetworks to more than 30 million Android handsets Partners Clients @getmovend
  4. Your Monetization Partner for:Stream Media Pte Ltd - MoVendIn-app payment platform for mobile apps coveringlocalized payments in more than 38 countries  Operator billing with more than 120 operators  Prepaid cards like MOLPoints and Cherry Credits  Alipay for Chinese market  PayPal  Credit Cards @getmovend
  5. Your Monetization Partner for:What we want to find out today? Get rich gloriously Is Asia a viable market? How to enter the Asian market? What are the best practices? @getmovend
  6. Your Monetization Partner for:What is the Mobile Market in Asia?There are more mobile users than PC owners Mobile phone is the primary device for accessing internetAccording to analyst, mobile internetusers in Asia will double from 623.3million in 2011 to 1.2 billion in 2015 @getmovend
  7. Your Monetization Partner for:What do they do on their mobile phones? Browsing the web Top 20 countries using Opera Mini Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, United States, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Poland, Nigeria, Malaysia, Belarus, Philippines, Egypt, Germany, Brazil and Bangladesh Using mobile apps, playing games Asia-Pacific will download 4.6 billion mobile apps by end of 2011 @getmovend
  8. Your Monetization Partner for:What do they do on their mobile phones? FIRST and ONLY connectivity to the internet ONLY social networking device ONLY entertainment device ONLY gaming device @getmovend
  9. Your Monetization Partner for:Android will be the key platform in AsiaAndroid is well placed today to capture the growth in Asia Low cost, mass market, feature rich devices Magic price point – below US$199 without contract Apps, Apps and more Localized Apps @getmovend
  10. Your Monetization Partner for:What is getting in the way? @getmovend
  11. Your Monetization Partner for:Asia is VERY BIGAsia is made up of many regions• East Asia (Pacific)• South East Asia• Central Asia• Middle East… is Russia a region by itself? @getmovend
  12. Your Monetization Partner for:Asia is highly fragmented Not one loaf of bread…. BUT in many slices… @getmovend
  13. Your Monetization Partner for:Language fragmentation Apa khabar? Pen yang-ngai?How are you? Anh có khoẻ không? 你好吗?Examples in East AsiaIndia – more than 1600 languages, and 30 have more than a million speakersChina – simplified Chinese charactersTaiwan – traditional Chinese charactersHong Kong – traditional Chinese characters but Cantonese wordingsJapan – JapaneseSouth Korean – Korean @getmovend
  14. Your Monetization Partner for:Cultural fragmentation Religion Beliefs Social norms Taboos Do you know the significance of these images? Thailand India Malaysia @getmovend
  15. Your Monetization Partner for: Infrastructure fragmentationHigh network coverage trending Low network coverageHigh bandwidth bulk Low bandwidthHigh end devices Low end devices Games in China, for example, has “lesser res” graphics because most of their user devices cannot display HD graphics/have low memory! Devices also fragments, variation in API support and web services - Examples in China: OPhone, LePhone, Yi, Aliyun Credit card payment is rare, operator billing is key for most countries @getmovend
  16. Your Monetization Partner for:Regulatory fragmentation You cannot sell Android games in Korea through Android Market Why? Because of their game rating system You cannot sell any digital content in China independently Why? License is required and only Chinese companies applies You cannot sell paid apps in Taiwan through Android Market Why? Because of their mandatory 7-day refund policy Not forgetting different business environment.. @getmovend
  17. Your Monetization Partner for:So how can you jump over the hurdles? @getmovend
  18. Your Monetization Partner for:1. Find out who are your usersFocus on key markets that your app can serve a needChoose markets that fits your sales strategy # of X China Users X India X Indonesia X Japan X South Korea X Thailand X Malaysia X United Arab Emirates X Singapore ARPU @getmovend
  19. Your Monetization Partner for:2. Find out what your users likeE.g. different type of games appeal to different groups of users inChina Online mobile (MMO) games appeal to the middle and young adults Casual games appeal more to 3 “低”s (低 means low in Chinese) - Low income, low education level, low age (children)E.g. specific topics or type of apps are popular in Indonesia Users subscribe to apps that show “exclusive paparazzi” photos of their favorite stars – delivered either over MMS or in-app Social network related apps are also popular – why? they like to chat on their phone when stuck in traffic jam! @getmovend
  20. Your Monetization Partner for:3. Formulate a business model that works Paid or free In-app payment or ads • In-app payment works for MMO games in China • Subscription model is popular in Japan • In-app ads CPC/CPM is low in Asia, but volume is very high if the app is free @getmovend
  21. Your Monetization Partner for:4. Localize, Localize, Localize • Localization is beyond language translation - connect with your users emotions • Understand culture and behavior within your target market – mascot, local festivals, iconic figures, taboos • E.g. Angry Birds and PvZ localization – mid autumn festival and Chinese zombies @getmovend
  22. Your Monetization Partner for:5. Know how users can find your app Featured Ads Print Ads SMS Marketing • Many of these marketing channels are still very important • Billboards, print ads, SMS marketing are important in the Asian context to capture user attention @getmovend
  23. Your Monetization Partner for:5. Know how users can find your app• Be on the equivalent of the search engine, social networks, forums, blogs, magazine in that market• Observation – Evernote in Japan appears as the top app in almost every Android magazines in book stores• In China MSN  Tencent (QQ) Facebook  Ren Ren Twitter  Sina Weibo Google  Baidu Youtube  56, Tudou, Youku @getmovend
  24. Your Monetization Partner for:6. Distribution – Getting it there3 main distribution methods• self-publish • will require local business knowledge and marketing operations• through partners/aggregators • work with partners (like us =)) and get into market • fastest way to get into market • Brick and Mortar app retails • PC sync clients • do take note: what can they bring to the table to make you a success• preload with operators/OEM • doesn’t happen unless you are super big (like Angry Birds) • long decision making and testing process @getmovend
  25. Your Monetization Partner for:How can MoVend help you? Distribution and Payment @getmovend
  26. Your Monetization Partner for:Publish in localized channelsWe deal with the market, you deal with the content Partners Clients @getmovend
  27. Your Monetization Partner for:Local payment in Asia that your users useWhen users can’t pay for your app on Android Market, whatdo they do? - PiracyHow do you collect payment from millions of customers whodo not have credit cards – but have the money?MoVend payment covers: Operator  Prepaid Cards  Alipay in China billing in 38 countries with more than 120 operators @getmovend
  28. Your Monetization Partner for:Infrastructure to fulfill your business needsMoVend in-app purchasing SDK allows you to easily enable • One time purchase • Subscription • Consumption modelSales analytics (for IAP customers)Localized and dynamic pricingDRM and malware protection toolFraud detection and parental controls @getmovend
  29. Your Monetization Partner for:Countries you may want to focus on High ARPU S. Korea Japan UAE High volume China Indonesia Any questions on these markets? @getmovend
  30. Your Monetization Partner for:Localized channels to >30 million customers• China – with Lenovo and HTC• Japan SNS – together with• South East Asian operators – with SingTel group• Preloads onto Lenovo devices in APAC @getmovend
  31. Your Monetization Partner for:Thank you Please drop me a note at and we can discuss further @getmovend