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Sec 5 NA Tourism (2)
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Sec 5 NA Tourism (2)



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  • 1. Types of Tourism Tourism INTERNATIONAL INTERNAL
    • Refers to the movement of tourists from their own country (source-country/ place from which the visitors arrive) to other country (destination- countries/ places that visitors go)
    • Eg: An America who is in Singapore for a holiday
    • Refers to the movement of tourists within their own country
    • - Eg: A Malaysian from JB who is in KL
  • 2. Where do visitors travel to? The 4As A ttractions A ccessibility A menities A ncillary services
  • 3. Where do visitors travel to?
    • A ttractions
      • May be natural or human-made
        • Eg: Nigeria Fall (natural attraction)
        • Night Safari (human-made attraction)
      • Within a destinations, there can be numerous attractions
  • 4. Sungei Buloh Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
  • 5. What attracts people to a destination?
    • A ttractions (con’t)
      • Attractions can either gain popularity or lose it
        • Due to the change in the visitors’ taste
      • Attractions have to be well-managed to remain popular
      • Attractions of a destination are for the enjoyment of both INTERNATIONAL & INTERNAL tourists
  • 6.  
  • 7. What attracts people to a destination?
    • A ccessibility
      • Development of well-linked infrastructure such as:
        • Airports
        • Port Centre
        • Railways
        • Roads
        • Expressways
      • Help to ensure that the various tourists’ attractions are easily accessible that help to save time, cost and hassle
  • 8.  
  • 9. What attracts people to a destination?
    • A menities
      • Eg: Accommodation, shopping malls & Food and Beverage services
      • These provide the basic convenience and comfort to the tourists
      • In Singapore, the number of hotel rooms is a reflection of the increasing number of tourists arrivals over the years
  • 10. What attracts people to a destination?
    • A ncillary services
      • Refers to the additional or supplementary services that provide the support needed by the tourist industry
        • Marketing
        • Reservation
        • Co-ordination among tour agencies
        • STB
  • 11. STB Operate offices in other countries Aims to promote S’pore as a regional business & premier convention city Eg: NATAS fair That greatly helps to boost the tourism industry in S’pore Provide the latest information to potential visitors & “virtual tourists” Market S’pore to tourism-related agencies Market S’pore as a tourism, business, sports & art hubs Eg: Cruise operations Investment would boost the local industry Worked with other countries & tourism agencies to market travel packages exploring the region Advertise through travel guides & brochures Tapped the internet Holds international trade shows, travel fairs & travel conferences
  • 12. Aspect of the Mexican stand at the NATAS Tourism International Fair. September 10-21. Suntec City Convention Centre Crowds gathered to see the artistic performances during the NATAS International Tourism Fair.
  • 13. What attracts people to a destination?
    • A ncillary services (con’t)
      • SIA
        • Increases the no. of flights, destinations and air carriers to different parts of the world
        • This increases the accessibility of S’pore to the rest of the world
      • Tourism Malaysia
        • Aims to market Malaysia into a top destination & to develop its tourism industry into a major contributor to GDP
        • Achieve through media advertising