Media Center Newsletter Q2 FY12


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Media Center Newsletter Q2 FY12

  1. 1. S e c o nd Qua r te r , F Y 1 2 A t - A - Gla n c e N o v . , 2 0 11 - J a n. , 2 0 1 2 C LARKSBURG M E DIA C E NTE R Media Specialist Roles: INTE GR ATI N G WEB 2.0 TOOLS INTO Teacher 75% T E AC H I N G A N D L E A R N I N G Instructional Partner 10% Clarksburg faculty, staff, and students are using Web 2.0 tools to facilitate online collaboration and sharing of Information Specialist 5% information. Students are more engaged when using Bl Taxo oo technology products, and it is part of the Maryland Program Administrator 5% m’ nom School Library Media State Curriculum that sD y Technology duties 5% students, “[u]se technology to present find- igi ings/conclusions in a variety of formats.” ta Students have been using many online tools l this year as part of their research, such as Glogster, Prezi, and Animoto. This quarter teachers volun- tarily received instruction in the Media Center on how to create and incorporateScan this QR “Wordles” into their lessons.Code with Additional Web 2.0 trainingsyour are being planned to assistSmartphone faculty and staff with theirto set up your technology professional de- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.access! Author: Samantha Penney, velopment.Did you know? During this quarter: WHERE CHS LEARNS: WHERE CHS READS: Pam Scott met with Montgomery  2201 books circulated for pleasure read- Instructional focuses for this quarter: College librarians regarding ser- ing and/or research vices for high school students A Farewell to Arms English 9  The CHS Book Club read Extremely Loud Kim Houser trained individual Water Pollution Environmental & Incredibly Close by Jonathan S. Foer teachers on LanSchool Chemistry  255 new materials were added to our Copyright Digital Art collection Veronica Ward attended training for Spectrum (the library’s online catalog) To Kill a Mockingbird English 9 WHERE CHS MEETS: Global Cultures Humanities  3 CHS Book Club meetings Paul Ormsby worked on promo- Boolean Searching Food Trends  4 PTSA meetings tional videos for the Minority Scholars Program and to show- Evolution of Electricity Matter & Energy  3 Booster Club meetings case CHS to our feeder schools The Crucible English 11  Meet the Coaches Pam Scott and CHS students  8th Grade Parent meeting Photographers Photography attended the John Green “Tour de Nerdfighting 2012” book Shakespeare Author- English 10 Media Center Student Usage Q2 night in Bethesda ship 453 Individual 5883 student usage Small groups used the Media Black and White English 9 7759 during the Center almost daily for instruc- Second Quarter Occupations ESOL tion or assessment 636 = 14,731 visits! Stoichiometry Chemistry Before School During Classes Lunch After School