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Chs fy14 q1

  1. 1. F i r s t Q u a r t er , F Y 1 4 At-A-Glance A u g u s t - O c t ob e r , 2 0 1 3 C LARKSBURG M EDIA C ENTER Media Specialist Roles: Teacher 70% Instructional Partner 5% Information Specialist 10% Program Administrator Meet Our New Media Assistant, Martha Mossberg 10% Technology duties 5% Support the CHS Book Club! The CHS Book Club is selling $4 reusable grocery bags to help fund its club activities. Show your school spirit by sporting these practical bags while you shop at local stores! You can order your bag by contacting the Media staff at 301-444-3542 or ask your child to pick one up in the Media Center. Makes a great holiday gift! CHS had more Black-eyed Susan votes last year than any other high school in MCPS! Please congratulate our students for being the best high school readers in the county! Reading increases SAT scores. Woot! Woot! Hello CHS staff! My name is Martha Mossberg and I have been a media assistant for 21 years. I have worked at Washington Grove ES, Twinbrook ES and at Clearspring ES. I am looking forward to the high school experience! I have two daughters, both teachers with MCPS. I also have 2 grandchildren and I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of my 3rd grandchild. Did you know? During this quarter: WHERE CHS LEARNS:  Veronica Ward trained individual teachers on LanSchool Instructional focuses for this quarter:  Superintendent Josh Starr met with PTSA Media Center Orientation All English 9 classes  Ms. Boots Quimby, Ph.D, of the Integrated Life  Martha Mossberg created amazing book displays for our Media Center. Stop by frequently to see our rotating displays!  Paul Ormsby redesigned the CCNN Show format and produced a parenting video for high school students WHERE CHS MEETS: leadership Sciences Program at UMD, met with Science National Honors students and APPS students Noodletools, Discovery Education and BES Presentation All US History classes Carbon Credits Env. Science  21 faculty PLC meetings Water Pollutants Env. Chemistry  1 College Essay writing workshop The Crucible English 11 WHERE CHS  5 CHS Book Club meetings READS:  Pam Scott attended the AASL Conference in Hartford and met many YA authors  2664 materials circulated to faculty and  390 materials were added to our collection  Veronica Ward and Martha Mossberg  Small groups used the Media Center almost daily for instruction or assessment students for research, viewing, and pleasure reading introduced the Black-Eyed Susan reading incentive program to all ninth graders  The CHS Book Club read King Peggy and Ender’s Game Individual student usage during the First Quarter = 16,172 visits!