Chs fy13 q1


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Chs fy13 q1

  1. 1. F i r s t Qua r te r , F Y 1 3 A t - A - Gla n c e A ug us t - Oc to be r , 2 0 1 2 C LARKSBURG M E DIA C E NTE R Media Specialist Roles: Online Searching for the K-12 Digital Native Teacher 70% Instructional Partner 5% When was the last time your students called library software “sweet?” That’s what they say Information Specialist 10% about Destiny Quest™, the first library search interface designed to appeal to today’s digital native students. Destiny Quest engages students in a visually appealing and highly graphic Program Administrator 10% online searching experience. All MCPS school libraries are now using this incredible tool for managing library resources. For Technology duties 5% the first time, users can search both print and database resources with one quick search. Plus, students and teachers can create their own personalized resource lists to support their re- Destiny Login Information search projects and pleasure reading. You can: For all faculty, staff, and students: Links to Destiny can be found at:  have 24/7 browser-based and mobile access to library material information from a comput- 1) Programs > 7. Media er, smart phone or iPad 2) Media Center home page on  rate and share reviews of books based on a the CHS website star system in a safe, social networking at- 3) Media Center page on Edline mosphere Your username and password is the same as you use to log in to CHS All 9th graders reviewed Destiny during their me- computers. dia orientation in September. Give it a try yourself!Did you know? During this quarter: WHERE CHS LEARNS: WHERE CHS READS: The “Much A-Brew…” Café began morning operations as a Media Classes receiving information literacy instruc-  3256 books circulated for pleasure reading Center fundraiser. Coffee, any- tion this quarter: and/or research one? Media Orientation and All English 9 classes  Veronica Ward and Kim Houser introduced the The media staff attended Destiny Destiny training Maryland Black-Eyed Susan reading incentive training to ensure a smooth tran- program to all ninth graders sition to this new library manage- Noodletools, Discov- All US History classes ery Education and  The CHS Book Club read the Maryland One ment system BES Presentation Book, The Cellist of Sarajevo Pam Scott attended the YALSA conference in St. Louis and spoke Writing a Petition English 9 personally with many YA authors WHERE CHS MEETS: PowerPoint ESOL 2 Paul Ormsby attended meetings La Vida de los Immi- Spanish 4  7 PLC meetings of the SLMP Advisory Committee and the local SEIU Elections grantes  4 CHS Book Club meetings committee. Environmental Water Pollutants  1 PTSA meetings Kim Houser met with support Chemistry  2 Booster Club meetings staff as CHS’ Elected Support The Crucible English 11 Representative, SEIU  College essay writing workshop Media Center Student Usage Q1 Pam Scott met author Neal Shus- 344 terman during his visit to Walter Johnson HS 7365 Individual student usage during the 305 materials were added to our 5926 First Quarter = 12,322 visits! collection 486 Before School During Classes Lunch After School