"Battle of the Mountains"


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  • Hi, just found your 'battle of the mountains' story on slideshare. It's awesome, I'm a teacher and I'm just marvelling how I've just become someone's genuine audience, even 8 years later, thanks to the good old internet. I'm making a website about mountains and I'm going to link your story!
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"Battle of the Mountains"

  1. 1. A Maori myth – “The Battle of the Mountains.” Room 4’s Creative Tiles from 2006 As part of our learning journey around the “Battle of the Mountains”, we individually re-created a design to paint onto tiles. It was an awesome experience that nicely capped off a lot of hard work in Term 3.
  2. 2. Tongariro, Taranaki,Tauhara, and Putauaki were warrior mountains. They argued and challenged each other, always trying to be the strongest and smartest.
  3. 3. Pihanga, the maiden mountain, grew up with the warrior mountains. As she got older, she began to stay away from their rough and tumble play.
  4. 4. Tongariro, Taranaki,Tauhara, and Putauaki began to look at Pihanga differently. They noticed how beautiful she had become. How she shimmered when the sun gently touched her through the morning mist…
  5. 5. and how she glowed in the evening when the sun painted her with the last colours of the day. One by one, each of the warrior mountains fell in love with Pihanga.
  6. 6. “Pihanga,” whispered Putauaki, “you are beautiful and I love you. I am more industrious than the others. Marry me and I will bring you anything your heart desires.”
  7. 7. “Pihanga,” whispered Tauhara, “you are beautiful and I love you. I am more caring than the others. Marry me and I will protect you forever.”
  8. 8. “Pihanga,” whispered Taranaki, “you are beautiful and I love you. I am more handsome than the others. Marry me and together we will reign over the land with our strength and beauty.”
  9. 9. “Pihanga,” declared Tongariro, “you are beautiful and I love you. I am as industrious, caring and as handsome as the others. We all want to marry you. You must decide.”
  10. 10. Pihanga replied, “If I must choose a husband, then he must be the mightiest of you all.” With that, the mountains cried, “Let the battle begin!”
  11. 11. Through days and nights, weeks, months and years, the battle raged on. The earth rumbled, the sky darkened, lava and ash flew, until finally Putauaki had had enough. He left and travelled towards the place where the sun rises in the morning.
  12. 12. Not soon after, Tauhara, exhausted and in pain left. He, too, began travelling towards the place where the sun rises in the morning.
  13. 13. Putauaki and Tauhara travelled in the hours of darkness, the time when mountains move. By the time the sun rose, Putauaki had reached the open plains of Kaingaroa and Tauhara had only got as far as the northern shores of Lake Taupo.
  14. 14. Taranaki and Tongaririo fought on, growing wearier each day. With one last effort, Taranaki threw a huge boulder at Tongariro, knocking his peak off. The peak crashed into the waters of Lake Taupo where it remains to this day, an island known as Motutaiko.
  15. 15. This last blow left Taranaki completely exhausted, but Tongariro became furious. After another ferocious attack, Tarankai finally gave up. He dragged his body wearily, gouging out a deep channel as he went. The channel filled with Taranaki’s tears, and is known today as The Whanganui River.
  16. 16. Taranaki now dominates the Tarankai landscape where the people there took his name for their region. Tongariro won Pihanga as his bride. The couple stand together still, in the land of Ngati Tuwharetoa.
  17. 17. Between them lie the waters of Lake Rotoaira. When Ranginui, the Sky Father, wraps Tongariro and Pihanga in a cloak of silver mist, the people of Tuwharetoa know that the marriage of their two sacred mountains has been truly blessed.