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Relationship test Relationship test Document Transcript

  • RelationshipsA: Respond to each of the following statements with T if youbelieve the statement to be a generally accurate representation ofyour attitudes about love and relationship, or with F if you believethe statement does not adequately represent your attitudes aboutlove and relationship.1_____ My lover and I have the right physical “chemistry” betweenus.2_____ I feel that my lover and I were meant for each other.3_____ My lover and I really understand each other.4_____ I believe that what my lover doesn’t know about me won’thurt him/her.5_____ My lover would get upset if he/she knew of some of thethings I’ve done with other people.6_____ When my lover gets too dependent on me, I want to backoff a little.7_____ I expect to always be friends with my lover.8_____ Our love is really a deep friendship, not a mysterious,mystical emotion.9_____ Our love relationship is the most satisfying because itdeveloped from a good friendship.10_____ In choosing my lover, I believed it was best to lovesomeone with a similar background.11_____ An important factor in choosing a partner is whether ornot he/she would be a good parent.12_____ One consideration in choosing my lover was how he/shewould reflect on my career.13_____ Sometimes I get so excited about being in love with mylover that I can’t sleep.14_____ When my lover doesn’t pay attention to me, I feel sick allover.
  • 15_____ I cannot relax if I suspect that my lover is with someoneelse.16_____ I would rather suffer myself than let my lover suffer.17_____ When my lover gets angry with me, I still love him/herfully and unconditionally.18_____ I would endure all things for the sake of my lover.This scale is from Hendrick and Hendrick1 and is based on thework of Lee2. The statements refer to the following six types oflove: eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania, and agape.Statements 1–3 are characteristic of the eros lover. If youanswered “true” to these statements, you have a strong eroscomponent to your love style; if you answered “false,” you have aweak eros component. Statements 4–6 refer to ludus love, 7–9 tostorge love, 10–12 to pragma love, 13–15 to manic love, and 16–18 to agapic love.Write down your love style here: __________________________                                                         1 ^ Hendrick C, Hendrick SS, Dicke A (1998). "The Love Attitudes Scale: Short form". J Pers Soc Psychol. 15 (2): 147–59.  2 Lee JA (1973). Colours of love: an exploration of the ways of loving. New York: New Press.