Part 5 learning center framework by richard c close


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Draft of Lesson 5
from the Course “Global Learning Framework” by Richard C. Close
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Part 5 learning center framework by richard c close

  1. 1. Part 5: LearningLearning Center Framework™Framework of the… Global Learning F k™Framework™ Course. By Richard C. Close The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. By Ri h d C Cly C C C y C p g , Richard C. Close Global Learning Framework™ Personal Learning Framework™ Transformative Learning Framework™,  Micro Learning Paths© are a Copyright 2009‐14 Richard C. Close No version can be reproduced in any format without written permission from author  Web Education System™ is a Trademark of  BASCOM Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda The Learning Center Framework The Learning Center • Uncommon world • Safety & Love• Safety & Love • Learning Center Framework™ – Individual C ti– Creative space – Writing to heal – Empowerment – Situational experience ll b– Collaboration – Personal touch – Recognition – Collaborative reflection • Outcomes Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Copyright RClose Kenya 2007
  3. 3. Common Core in a Uncommon World Walt Disney's Surprise Package (1944)Walt Disney s Surprise Package (1944).  “Might Highty Tidy” By Dick Huemer and Joe Grant In front of the jail, the Highty-Tighty put a greatHighty-Tighty put a great machine. “Now,” he said, “begins the fun. We'll take these folk and stretch them a little here, squeeze them a little there, press a bit, flatten a bit, until their forms are just like mine!” The people shook their fists and cried out angry shouts. But it was no use. One after the other, the short, the tall, the fat the lean werethe fat, the lean, were crammed into the wide metal mouth of the dreadful machine. One after the other they tumbled out again, Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   e u le ou g , stretched and flattened and absolutely square!
  4. 4. Creating Spaces for Speaking & Writing the Pain  Research Studies 1 &3 = Joni Schwartz Ph.D. Recommendations:Recommendations: • Disclaimer from the Instructor • Physical Spacey p • Being vulnerable yourself • White privilegep g • Reflective/Evaluative Journals • Personal Narratives • Mentoring • Focus and Male Therapeutic Focus Groups Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   Global Learning Conference 2011
  5. 5. Assessment as an Empowerment Tool You Must Trust Your StudentsYou  Must Trust Your Students – Self administer Learning styles– Learning styles – Personality types Lif Skill– Life Skills – Listening W i i h l– Writing to heal Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  6. 6. Strategy 1, The Total ExperienceStrategy 1, The Total Experience Center Culture Content Community Methods Student’sPersonal LovingStudent s Experience Personal Culture Loving Volunteers Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  7. 7. Strategy 2 A Safe PlaceStrategy 2 A Safe Place • Safe space • Safe people• Safe people • Nonjudgmental  th dmethods • Positive mentoring • Love… most important Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  8. 8. Creating “Safe” Spaces Research Study #1Research Study #1 safety healing voice growthg Global Learning Conference 2011
  9. 9. Blending the Internet into Collaboration Strategy 3Strategy 3 DiscoverProblem Adopt ShareCollaborateDiscoverob e Adopt ShareCollaborate AgreementExplore What is  gift to  the Learning  Styles Quiz Personal  Report  d St d Group Discussion Published  Essays the  world? and Study  Guide Poems Journaling  book Study  Guide Social  Networking (Ning) Poetry “Writing to Heal” Personal  Counseling Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  10. 10. Global Social Change Model Global Learning Framework™Global Learning Framework™ Global Change Disco erP bl Adopt ShareCollaborate Personal  Change DiscoverProblem Adopt ShareCollaborate Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  11. 11. Strategy 4, It’s PersonalStrategy 4, It s Personal • Sensitive to what trust isSe s t e to at t ust s • Sensitive to past  experience and valuesp • Assessment • Personal planp • Individual counseling • Individual support pp services • Privacy Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  12. 12. Strategy 4, RecognitionStrategy 4, Recognition • All adults as individualsAll adults as individuals • Easy reward system bli h i i• Publish writings • Equal voice • Encourage • Honor responsesHonor responses Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  13. 13. Strategy 5 ReflectionsStrategy 5 Reflections • Caution with solo  reflection • Facilitate discussion • Stretch but not to  far.. achievable • Writing to heal• Writing to heal • “Freedom Writers” • JournalingJournaling • Media discussion • Poetry Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   y
  14. 14. Collaborative ReflectionCollaborative Reflection Democratic Teaching Methods:Democratic Teaching Methods: – Present opportunities for discourse – Present topics with competing valuesp p g – Review life histories and lessons – Stories and lesson from home – Offer controversial statements and situations – Discuss alternative ways to see things – Present a model of patience, respect, civility,  responsibility and helping. Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  15. 15. Strategy 6 DemonstrationStrategy 6 Demonstration • ProjectsProjects • Writings b• YouTube • Work • Badges • CertificatesCertificates Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  16. 16. When The pieces come together Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   
  17. 17. Get Real – AL educators are…Get Real  AL educators are… • servantsse a ts • a resource • facilitatorsfacilitators • guides • confidantsconfidants • life lines • shoulders to cry onshoulders to cry on • The one who  passes or fails Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   passes or fails
  18. 18. Content QuestionsContent Questions Define the following strategies for LearningDefine the following strategies for Learning Centers: Total Experience:p  Safe Place: Blended experience:p Personalized: Collaborative Reflection: Demonstration: Love: Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  19. 19. Your Personal Context QuestionsYour Personal Context Questions Using these strategies for your Learning Center orUsing these strategies for your Learning Center or education program, how will you change it? Total Experience:Total Experience:  Safe Place: Blended experience:p Personalized: Collaborative Reflection: Demonstration: Love: Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  20. 20. Where are you going:Where are you going: Successfully CompletedSuccessfully Completed  Introduction to Global Learning Framework™  The Global Learning Framework™ The Global Learning Framework  The Personal Learning Framework™  Th T f ti F k™ The Transformative Framework™  The Learning Center Framework™ Keep Going  Now change the world…… Literally speaking Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.  
  21. 21. Questions By Richard  C. Close The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. N Milf d CT 06776New Milford, CT 06776 Twitter: richardcclose Global Learning Framework  Community Chrysalis Campaign. Inc. Site: http://globallearningframework.ning.comp //g g g Micro Learning Paths™, Global Learning Framework™, Personal  Learning Framework™.  Transformative Learning Framework ™  are Trademarks 2011 ‐ 2014 Richard C. Close  Web Education  System, My Web Library are Trademark s of Bascom, Inc.  www bascom com Space Images Copyright NASA Africa Space Images Copyright NASA.  Africa and  Brooklyn, NY photography copyright 2007‐11  Richard C. Close More information at   Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. In a US non‐stock holding company. UNESCO S d t t lli t l t Global Learning Framework© Copyright 2009 Richard C. Close, No version can be reproduced in any format.   UNESCO Seed storytelling portal at: http://this‐is‐my‐