Voigt Ascilite 2009 - Community embedded ePortfolios

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  • Useful exercise to become familiar with the literature See whether my concerns have been addressed under a different label That was not the case – nonetheless imprortant input
  • What do we assess How do ePs support reflection Do students have the necessary metacognitive skills so that grad quals can guide their use of ePortfolios?
  • What do we assess How do ePs support reflection Do students have the necessary metacognitive skills so that grad quals can guide their use of ePortfolios Ownership – legitimacy of structural interventions Business model – longevity
  • document the progress of a group research project, continue to share this experience with their peers submit parts for assessment include a summary of the research in their application for an upcoming placement Reuse summary for getting involved with an extracurricular community services


  • 1.
    • Ascilite 09
    A question of purpose: Community-embedded ePortfolios Christian Voigt Learning & Teaching Unit University of South Australia
  • 2. Background & My Motivation
    • AD: Involved in various ePortfolio projects in an advisor role (learning technologies)
    • All projects required a substantial additional investment (new tool, new concept)
    • Motivational issues insufficiently addressed (abstract >> concrete)
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11
  • 3. Outline ASCILITE 09 05/30/11 Existing Guidelines Critical Issues Audience Engaging ePortfolios Audience Audiences
  • 4. Existing Guidelines
    • Classified by stakeholders
    • Educators – Best practice guidelines
      • Collecting, planning, selecting, reflecting …
    • Users – Support guidelines
      • Embedding multi-media, managing access-rights, establishing means of communication
    • Sponsors – Evaluation guidelines
      • Maturity levels: scrapbook, CV, mentoring, authoritative evidence
    • SW providers – Development guidelines
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11
  • 5. Critical Issues 1: Pedagogical foundation
    • Reflection (How do ePs support reflection?)
    • Assessment (What do we assess?)
    • Graduate qualities
      • Do students have the necessary meta-cognitive skills so that grad quals can guide their use of ePortfolios?
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11 ‘ Weatherproof ‘ ePortfolios
  • 6. Critical Issues 2: Long term vision
    • “ life-time personal web space”
    • Ownership model: trust, legitimacy of interventions
    • Business model: longevity, separation of data & tool
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11
  • 7. Community embedded ePortfolios ePortfolio(s) LMS Lecturer (owns course design) Student (owns Portfolio design) Primary Author Visitor Visitor
    • Lecturer is accountable
    • Primary motivations are grades & passing
    • Systems can provide authoritative information (Links to grade books, placement systems, etc)
    • Student is accountable
    • Primary motivations are personal development & external feedback
    • Claims are not institutionally endorsed (though might be linked to grade books, placement systems, etc)
    Primary Author Employers Registration Agencies Communities of Practice Peers
  • 8. Community embedded practices
    • Forming identities
      • Historical, institutional & sociocultural influences
      • Communities can enable a dialogue around these influences
      • Helps to understand (a) one’s own approach to learning and/ or field of study (b) others
    • ‘ Self-critical’ reflection
      • Different communities have different views
      • Helps to understand levels of complexity and counteracts ‘old patterns of interpretation’
    • Networking (incidental practices)
      • Creating opportunities
      • Strength of weak ties
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11
  • 9. Conclusion
    • Potential Benefits
      • Purposeful networking component could become major attractor
    • Educational implications
      • product, process, audience
      • shift in emphasis: personal repository vs network
    • Technological implicatons
      • Interoperability between eP services (same or different tools)
      • Networking related features (community members, following changes in networks)
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11
  • 10. Outlook
    • Bottom up approach (first)
    • Designing comprehensive learning ecologies
    ASCILITE 09 05/30/11 Virtual Physical Short-term (<1 year) Long-term (> 1 year) Networking eP s (Course level) Dedicated Student Lounge Lifelong eP s (Program level) Temporary Student Space Solution Space