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Intro to Social Media for WAW Pasadena March2010
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Intro to Social Media for WAW Pasadena March2010


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Intro to Social Media deck for Women At Work Pasadena workshop - 3/10. Please credit where credit is due.

Intro to Social Media deck for Women At Work Pasadena workshop - 3/10. Please credit where credit is due.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Introduction to Social Media Build your identity online Create a dialogue with people who share common interests Expand your network March 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    • What is Social Media?
    • Tools
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Blogs
    • Managing Your Account(s)
    • Other Tools
    • Privacy
    • Q & A
  • 3. What is Social Media?
    • A shift in how people discover, read, and share news, information and content. (Wiki)
    • A new form of direct communication using technology
    • User-generated, user-contributed
      • Less top-down communication
      • Permission-based
    • Fostering interaction through photos, videos, words, audio
    • Building community and creating relationships
  • 4. Social Media cont’d
    • Allows you to take control of your identity online across platforms
      • Google yourself
      • How do you want to present yourself in the online space?
    • Connect with people you know/knew and those you don’t know (yet)
      • Experts in a field
      • People with similar interests
      • Causes or Groups
      • Family and friends
      • Colleagues
  • 5. Social Media - Stats
    • According to a Spring 2009 BlogHer study:
      • 72M US women online
      • 42M are participating in social media (SoMe) activity per week
        • Social networking: Facebook, LinkedIn
        • Blog activity: blogging (writing a post on their own site), commenting on a blog, reading blogs
        • Message boards and forums
        • Micro-blogging: Twitter
    • “ Recruiters and hiring managers are now routinely using social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to bypass traditional recruiting media - job boards, advertisements and agencies - to connect with people qualified for their open positions.” (JCSI survey, 1/13/10)
  • 6. Social Media cont’d
  • 7.  
  • 8. LinkedIn - Professional social network
    • Professional networking manager
    • Consider it a new way of posting your resume and job searching
    • Log in, create a profile
    • Add your resume info
    • Connect with coworkers and colleagues
    • Create business contacts
    • Put your link on your resume:
  • 9. LinkedIn cont’d
    • Connections are confirmed by both parties
    • Members are listed with their consent
    • Request recommendations from your references/connections
    • Request an informational meeting or some info through a connection
    • Search job listings
    • Find a recruiter, senior staff
  • 10. LinkedIn cont’d
    • Join Groups, post on the Message Board, and search the Job Board
    • Answer or post questions on the Discussion boards
    • Some jobs listed within a Group are NOT listed publicly in the LinkedIn listings
    • Sync your Twitter updates to LinkedIn status update
  • 11. LinkedIn - Best Practices
    • This is your professional business card
      • Keep your personal life on FB
      • Post this on your business card, resume, sig file
    • Strongly consider uploading a “professional” photo, ie. no drunk photos
    • Make it easier for them to find you
      • Fill out every section of your profile
      • Edit your “public profile” URL and change the last part of the URL to reflect you:
        • (your name, snappy phrase, etc.)
  • 12. Facebook
    • Social networking website - “the world’s default social network.” (Techcrunch, 1/22/09)
    • In Jan 2010, Facebook drew about 133.6 million unique US visitors. (Compete, 2/19/10)
    • “ Facebook serves women’s need to interact with friends and share photos, while Twitter has become a tool that is primarily used for professional networking and learning about up-to-the-minute news, promotions and deals.” (SheSpeaks study, 1/10)
    • Members using this to connect with people they know
  • 13. Facebook cont’d
    • What is the purpose of YOUR Facebok page?
      • Personal connections
      • Professional connections
      • A little of both?
    • Privacy/Filtering
      • Group your contacts
      • Limit what they can see
    • Choose your Applications (social games, quizzes, hobbies, et al) wisely
  • 14. Facebook cont’d
    • Use FB to brand yourself
      • Status updates
      • Account info
      • Groups/Pages
    • “ Be a Fan” of a company, product/service, or cause - keep up with the latest news on the company/product
    • Link up with other members within a group
    • Create your own group
  • 15. Facebook - Best Practices
    • What is your main purpose for an FB page?
    • Consider a Fan Page for your product or business
    • Think twice about that picture you want to post
      • If you do decide to post it, limit the eyeballs
    • Be Santa: Put every Friend on a List
    • Decide which List (or Friend) is allowed to see parts of your FB page
    • Remember, you are in control of what you put out on the internet!
  • 16. Twitter - What are you doing now?
    • Micro-blogging tool (140 characters)
    • Instant message to the world (or your selected few)
    • What are users doing?
      • Reading up-to-the-minute news & disseminating information
      • Creating dialogue
      • Following experts
      • Networking
      • Linking their blog posts, syncing FB & LI
      • Are you ready to celebrate? Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars! w00t!!! Best day ever!! 05:14 PM June 19, 2008 from web
  • 17. Twitter cont’d
    • Who’s using it?
      • Individuals
        • @BarackObama
        • @JessicaGottlieb
        • @MargaretCho
        • @Serena
        • @The_Real_Shaq
      • News
        • @NPR
        • @LATimesCityDesk
      • Companies & Groups
        • @WAWPasadena
        • @IdealistJobsCA
        • @sonypictures
        • @JobsLosAngeles
        • @zappos
        • @thecoffeebean
        • @Jetblue
  • 18. Twitter cont’d
    • How will you tweet?
      • Mobile device
      • Laptop
    • Is this for you?
      • For many Twitter users, learning about and sharing relevant and recent nuggets of information is a primary utility (Marketing Charts, 2/18/09)
      • Twitter is great for professional contacts and companies, learning about promotions and coupon codes and quick and up-to-the-minute information updates (SheSpeaks study, 1/10)
  • 19. Twitter - Best Practices
    • Find your voice
      • Become known as an expert or a resource
      • Animal welfare expert? Local Foodie? CEO of your business? Mommy blogger?
    • Keep your tweets to about 10 per day
      • Of the Top 50 Twitterers, they are averaging about 3-10 per day. (, 3/2/09)
      • @ Replies excluded
    • Give credit where credit is due
      • “ RT” (Retweet) or “via”: LA teachers being arrested. via @utla2009
      • Abbreviate long URLS (;; tinyurl)
    • Twitter is about dialogue - DO NOT SPAM.
  • 20. Blogs
    • Another way to continue branding yourself
      • Post your LinkedIn URL
      • Write about your interests
      • Be the expert
    • Free blogs
    • Free (limited) website hosting
  • 21. Blogs cont’d
    • Buy your domain name for about $9-10/year
    • Mask a free blog with your domain name
    • Free plug-ins and widgets to make your site more dynamic
      • Twitter
      • Flickr
      • Chat
    • Free templates
      • directory
    • Mobile/micro-blogging: Tumblr, Posterous
  • 22. Managing Your Accounts
    • Platforms that can streamline your SoMe accounts
      • Lifestreaming services
        • Digsby
        • Bebo
        • Facebook Connect
        • Brizzly
        • Seesmic
        • Twitterfeed
      • Twitter-centric
        • Tweetdeck
        • Echofon (Mac, FF, iPhone)
        • Twitterfon, Tweetie
        • Twitterberry, uberTwitter
        • Hootsuite, CoTweet
  • 23.  
  • 24. Privacy
    • According to a 2008 Pew Internet Project (PIP) report, the average social network user has more than one profile, and generally each profile resides on a different social network.
    • Nearly 2/3 of adults surveyed restrict access to their online profiles and a similar percentage restrict access to specific content within their profile.
    • “Users of social networking sites are giving away vital information about themselves and their whereabouts that is potentially being used by professional burglars to establish a list of targets.” (Legal & General poll, 9/1/09)
    • You are in control of the information you put on your profiles.
  • 25. Questions?
    • Chris Lam
    • [email_address]
    • Twitter: @thechrislam