A nice verbal identity - what's its hard commercial value?


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In the digital world, successful customer engagement depends on effective language.
But how do you measure it? What can you do to improve it?
Chris West explains the role of a good verbal identity for a brand.

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  • A nice verbal identity - what's its hard commercial value?

    1. 1. What’s the hard commercial valueof a nice verbal identity?
    2. 2. In the digitalworld, language is the hinge of customer engagement.
    3. 3. Good news. In the digital world, we can measure what customersmake of a brand’s language…
    4. 4. What do customers make of your brand’s language? 1. ONSITE COPYANALYTICS 2. TEXT ANALYTICS 3. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS
    5. 5. What do customers make of your language? 1. “ONSITE COPYANALYTICS” – now that we can measure progress through a site (e.g. Tealeaf ’s tools), we can see where customers stumble. Are they packing the cart but never checking out? It might be a technical problem - or it might be that the language on the site doesn’t give them confidence about delivery. Or perhaps earlier on, the language undermined the credibility of the brand…
    6. 6. What do customers make of your language? 2. TEXT ANALYTICS – unstructured data (free- form replies from customers, e.g. contact- centre conversations, comments on the bottom of a form) is about 5x as big as structured data (which box was ticked). The unstructured nature also means it can reveal unexpected issues and themes developing…if you can spot them and value them.
    7. 7. What do customers make of your language? 3. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS – it’s not about the 5,000 people your brand is connected to. It’s about their 500,000 friends that they’re talking to. Who’s most influential? What kind of language do they use? What kind of language do you use which motivates them? How do you use language to spot potentially valuable customers in your area? How do you use language to convert them?
    8. 8. If you know the value of a potential customer or you know the value of a customer lost,then you know the value of effective language.
    9. 9. An effective verbal identity identifies the role of language in successfulcustomer engagement andmakes the language of your brand more successful.
    10. 10. How do we measure it? Copyanalytics, “before Vs. after ” – improved conversion rates, improved values across key metrics. Identification of opportunities and developing themes via text analytics – we work with what the customer likes and the client values Growth of influence in social media– beyond last-click valuation.
    11. 11. “We create languagewhich creates value for our clients.”
    12. 12. Hear more: @verbid Find out more:yowesty@verbalidentity.co.uk