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Business Ethics - Disneyland Hong Kong
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  • 1. Business Ethics Walt Disney Company (Hong Kong Disneyland) Unethical
  • 2. Disneyland
    • Largest Media and Entertainment Corporation
    • Located in 5 Different Places in the World (Florida, California, Tokyo, Pairs, Hong Kong)
  • 3. Disneyland
    • Focuses On the Unethical Issues of Hong Kong Disneyland
    • Disney's all-time slogan -- "Where Dreams Come True"  An Anxiety to Visit Disneyland
  • 4. Disneyland – Hong Kong
    • 1997, East Asia Financial Crisis
    • Disneyland  Boost Up the Economy
    • 1999, Walt Disney  Hong Kong Government
    • Opened to Visitors on September 12, 2005
  • 5. Disneyland – Hong Kong
    • Created Different unethical issues within 7 years.
    • Analyze under 4 different aspects:
    • Rights, Justice, Caring, Utilitarianism
  • 6. 1. Rights – Environmental
    • Businesses have seen Environment as Unlimited Good
    • Ethics of Pollution Control
    • 1997, Hong Kong government committed to Disneyland on the ecologically rich Lantau Island
  • 7. 1. Rights – Environmental
    • Disneyland means Money, means Boosting up the Economy.
    • Construction of Hong Kong Disneyland = Enormous Environmental Costs
  • 8. 1. Rights - Environmental
    • Reclamation at Penny's Bay + Massive Infrastructural Development Created Air, Water, Noise pollution
    • Man-made Tourism become the Development mode for Lantau Island
  • 9. 1. Rights – Environmental
    • Creates more than 20 tons of Rubbish Every day
    • Total Amount of Polystyrene Products were used in Hong Kong Disneyland per year is about 7,300 tons
  • 10. 1. Rights – Environmental
    • Dredging work around Penny's Bay, Lantau Island began in June, 2001
    • Many fish farms are located
    • Surrounding water quickly filled with sediment, turning a threatening shade of brown.
    • Few months later, Fishermen at Cheung Sha Wan and Ma Wan, 3 km from the site
    • Estimate $3.5 million worth of fish died between July and September
  • 11. 1. Right - Environmental
    • Keeps the traditions of having Fireworks every night
    • Ignored all the Suggestions and Complaints from the local residents that live near Disneyland
    • The residents from Discovery Bay and villages near suffer from noise and air pollution
  • 12. 1. Rights - Environmental
    • Hong Kong Disneyland have not done a good job to protect the environment
    • Once the nature is damaged, it will take more a couple generations to do recovery
    • Valuable types of plants, fish, and animals are gone forever.
    • Hong Kong Disneyland should not violate the Rights of Future Generations to see this Beauty of Nature.
  • 13. 2. Justice - Employees
    • Justice concerns the proper ordering of things and persons within a society
    • Before the Union of Disneyland was build up, employees were torn by the policy of Disneyland, the working environment, the sweat of the management and the over workload
  • 14. 2. Justice - Employees
    • Since the Disneyland opened in September, the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union received over 250 complaints from the employees of Disneyland
    • No supports for the employees to fight for justice
  • 15. 2. Justice - Employees
    • At Beginning of the Disneyland Union, employees were threaten by their Boss
    • Employees would be fired when they join the Union
    • Last year, 738 employees of Disneyland were injured during work
    • Departments provided a ranking of sick leaving; Some of the employees were Fired
  • 16. 2. Justice - Employees
    • Justice for them means to be fair on the working environment, workload, promotion…etc.
    • Organization should make a balance between human right and the profit
    • Organization has the responsibility to take care of their employees.
    • Employees should have channels and opportunities to complain or speak up their thoughts
  • 17. 2. Justices - Employees
    • Most of negotiation between the employees and the management are useless
    • Increase the transparency of the Disneyland
    • Society can monitor the management of Disneyland
    • Government is the biggest shareholder of Disneyland, public should have the right to know about the management
  • 18. 2. Justice – Society, Consumer
    • The companies should take responsibility of their products and services.
    • The products supervise system of Disneyland is terrible
    • The suppliers of Disneyland treat their employees in unethical way.
    • The salary of those employees is non-reasonable
  • 19. 2. Justice – Society, Consumer
    • Disneyland must increase the transparency of the production
    • Consumers should know where the products are from and the process of production.
    • exploited workers are hidden in every toy of Disney.
  • 20. 3. Caring - Society
    • Disneyland claims its own value of providing everyone a dreamlike place, which is way beyond reality
    • Causes globalization means increasing connectivity, integration and interdependence in all nations
    • Nations are to be leaded by the strongest nation.
    • Globalization might benefits somehow; yet, it would also cause drawbacks
  • 21. 3. Caring – Society
    • America preaches her own ideal to others  Represents American-Chauvinism
    • E.g. Europeans have their own life style and culture, which is why the operating of Paris Disneyland was not successful
    • Disneyland was forcing people to accept it own value
    • The comportment is going to lead the combination of difference culture into one.
    • Various unique cultures disappear gradually
  • 22. 3. Caring - Employees
    • Disneyland claims that all cast members are dreamers and doers
    • Everyone works in Disneyland has an operative role, also has a same belief – making dreams into a reality
    • Employees have to suffer the pain that was caused by overweight costume
    • Suffering these for long period would cause them a lot of spiritual problems, such as nervous and stress
    • It causes high turnover rate of employees of 20%
  • 23. 3. Caring - Employees
    • Disneyland is inadequate to offer physical protective measures to their employees.
    • Disneyland is improper to offer safety guidelines for employees
    • Costume that employees have to wear could weight 35 lbs with one size only
    • Shorter Employees have to add some think pads on their shoulders to bear the heavy costumes
    • Taller employees have to wrap their back in order to fit the clothes
    • Long period of working hours is the problems as well
  • 24. 3. Caring – Consumer
    • Customers cannot bring food when they enter Disneyland
    • Customers expressed that the food of Disneyland is too expensive
    • Customers have no choice but buying expensive food from Disneyland
    • Disneyland forces customers to spend much more money in Disneyland
    • Disneyland is failure to care about the need of customers
  • 25. 3. Caring - Consumer
    • Disneyland has issues regarding overloaded visitors
    • Since the park is too crowded for people who already entered the park
    • People who cannot enter Disneyland feel frustrated, especially children
    • Disneyland is failure to control the numbers of visitors
  • 26. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • Utility — the good to be maximized — has been defined by various thinkers as happiness or pleasure (versus suffering or pain)
    • Utilitarian can be defined it as the satisfaction of preferences, or "interests".
  • 27. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • Walt Disney Company needs to earn money from customers, and shows its profits to the investors, not just a profit, is the maximum profit to develop to company, to attract the investors
    • This point of view is slimily to the main concept of Utilitarianism; producing the greatest net benefits or the lowest net cost
  • 28. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • We consider Disney needs to be Utilitarianism
  • 29. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • Disney has a lot of employees from different parts of business
    • Some are well treated, some are treats unjustly
    • Many employees in America are satisfied by the payment and the working environment
  • 30. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • In China, some manufactures which producing dolls for Disney, employees are facing a large number of industry accidents
    • Some of them terribly cut off their fingers or even their hand as they are not truly know how to use the machine
  • 31. 4. Utilitarianism -
  • 32. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • Should those things exist in this international company?
    • The employees just like a tools which producing goods and services
    • There are no standards for the management listing how to treat the employees
  • 33. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • Customers are one of the most important elements to a company
    • Most of the products are made in China or other areas which is low cost of manpower, land and travel cost
    • Walt Disney is a most popular brand name, its products are the most expensive one in the similar market
    • It accurately meets the main concept of Utilitarianism
  • 34. 4. Utilitarianism -
    • Children are the people who most influenced Disney
    • Disney build up a strong brand, it brings huge profit. Could we see the Disney is active on public welfare?
    • Hong Kong Disneyland use its mass bargaining power the deal with Hong Kong Government
    • Asking for the great investment, it is also for the company benefit
  • 35. Conclusion
    • We found out a lot of evidences which show Disneyland is a unethical enterprise
    • Disney should be a place which fulfills the children's dreams. However, the facts that we found out from our research has made us disappointed
    • More importantly is Disney has damaged the environment forever
    • They also force the others to accept their culture
  • 36. Conclusion (Continue)
    • In all difference aspects, Disney has hurt the relationships with employees, customers and societies.
    • We believe that if Disney cannot solve these problems, Disney will suffer big losses, not just the profit, it is the loyalty of customer and the employees
  • 37. Member List:
    • Lau Kar Nei, Christy
    • So Wai Shan, Heidi
    • Tsang Kin Yip, Rick
    • To Kin Tung, King
    • <End>