Jacobs c facilities plan


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Jacobs c facilities plan

  1. 1. BEN HILL COUNTYELEMENTARYSCHOOL MEDIAFACILITY PLANPresented By: Christy JacobsAdministration of the InstructionalMedia Program Fall 2012Instructor: Dr. Jones
  2. 2. BHES PROFILE “AN INSIDE LOOK”Constructed in 2012Title 1 School74 Staff Members 59 Certified 15 Classified3rd-5th Grades
  3. 3. BHES PROFILE CONTINUED 706 Students  44 % White  52 % Black  4 % Hispanic Distinguished School Silver Award One Full Time Media Specialist One Full Time Media Paraprofessional AR (Accelerated Reader) Incentive Program
  4. 4. MEDIA CENTER LOCATIONMedia Center is to the left of the main entrance.Media Center is easily accessible to all students and staff as it is centrally located within the school.
  5. 5. ORIGINAL MEDIA CENTER FLOOROffice withRestroom Computer Station PLAN Computer Station& Closet ConferenceCirculation RoomDesk Seating A/V Room Area Teacher Workroom Easy BooksBook Closet Easy BooksNonfiction FictionNonfictionReference Center FictionAisle/Biography on Back Reference Center Reading Loft Aisle/Fiction on Back
  6. 6. PROS AND CONS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CLIMATE Positive Attributes Negative AttributesFurnishings are well kept and in Fixed schedule does not allow forgood condition collaboration efforts or multiple class useMedia Clerk is a certified teacher Shelf space is not being utilizedLarge areas for students to sit Shelf space is not easily accessed bycomfortably and read handicapped students Cannot visibly see all students in media center from circulation desk No daily scheduled time for reading for pleasure during the day to ensure all students the opportunity to come to the media center Sky lights prohibit students from reading and working at certain times during the day.
  7. 7. MEDIA SPECIALIST OFFICE AND CIRCULATION DESKCirculation Desk SLMS Office with restroom, Front View closet and view of main school entrance
  8. 8. FURNISHINGS Work “stations” or tables available for student use and collaborative lessons.  32 Chairs  8 Tables Neutral color scheme throughout entire facility. All available seating and tales adhere to this bland “theme.” Minimal Soft seating available for reading. No posters, themes, nor inviting decorations on walls or ceilings.
  9. 9. READING NOOK WITHIN LIBRARY • Students read here after checking out their books during their activity time. • There are not enough soft floor seats for an entire class. • SLMS delivers book lessons in this area.
  10. 10. SEATING AREASReading Area with magazines and periodicals Student work table View from main entrance. Student work stations and Promethean Board for lessons.
  11. 11. COMPUTER STATIONS & TECHNOLOGY • Two computer stations available for students with 5 computers each. • No computers available for checkout and use in classrooms. • One portable Promethean board is available for lessons in the MC or elsewhere.
  12. 12. TEACHER ACCESS AND STORAGE AREAS • Teacher work room is equipped with a fax machine, scanner, and laminator. Resources are not organized for quick access. • A/V room is located in a separate storage area. • Each teacher has their own laptop, printer, and 5 available computers in their classroom.
  13. 13. STUDENT AND TEACHER ACCESS Students can only check out books that are on their reading level (indicated by a Star Reading Test). Students do not have school e-mail addresses to access certain programs online. Access is not available to hardware for checkout and use in classrooms (i.e.- laptops, I-pods, ear bunds/headphones, etc.)
  14. 14. BOOK SECTIONS: REFERENCE • Reference books line the inside aisle of bookshelves to the right and left when entering the media center. • All reference books are available for in library use only. • Only teachers are allowed to check out reference materials. • Circulation: 10 per yr. • Collection: 402
  15. 15. BOOK SECTIONS: EASY & FICTION• Easy and Fiction books take up the entire left side of the media center when entering.• Books are arranged by section and authors last name: E for Easy or F for Fiction• These sections make up the largest in the library.• Circulation Easy: 2,862 per year• Collection Easy: 2,403• Circulation Fiction: 3,766 per year 4,206
  16. 16. BOOK SECTIONS: NONFICTION • The Non-Fiction section is located on the right side of the library behind reference and biography books. • Circulation: Dependent upon Dewey Decimal Number • 500’s largest with 2,218 per year
  17. 17. BOOK SECTIONS: BIOGRAPHY • The Biography section is located on the back of the reference books on the right side of the media center. • Circulation: 848 per year • Collection: 904
  18. 18. CONFERENCE ROOM • Used for parent/teacher conferences • Leadership Meetings • Contains 8 chairs for comfortable soft seating
  19. 19. SURVEY QUESTIONS 96 INDIVIDUALS SURVEYED AND RESPONDED Question Data Received1. Is it easy to move around the library to find Yes- 84.7%books? No- 19.4%2. Are the bookshelves arranged so that all Open endedstudents can access all books? Are there response.any changes needed to the bookshelves?3. Do you like that students can check out Open endedtwo books? Do you feel this should be response.different?4. What would you like to see added to the Open endedmedia center? response.
  20. 20. SURVEY QUESTIONS CONTINUED Question Response5. Does the media center provide access for Yes- 93.9 %all students to books for pleasure (fun) No- 1%reading?6. Does the media center provide access to Yes- 85.7%resources that are for informational purposes No- 20.4%(ex: projects, papers, essays teaching)?7. Does the media center provide enough Yes- 83.7%technology access for students and No- 17.3%teachers?8. What changes or additions would you like Open endedto see to the media center and how it is response.operated?
  21. 21. POSITIVE SURVEY RESULTS Responses Responses“We got lots of books now we got “No changes, this library istwo tables of computers we got the awesome.”shelves line up different ways andwe got bean bags behind the boardand everybody like how it isoperated.”
  22. 22. NEGATIVE SURVEY RESULTS Responses Responses“The bookshelves need to be bigger, with “A bathroom.”more space between the books.”“It is very hard to find books.” “Window curtains.”“More books so we don’t have to wait so long “Decorations on the wall and afor a book we want to come in.” big sign that says “Welcome to the Library.””“More computers and computers you can “Labels that tell what books areread stories on.” about.”“I would like for the media centers workers to “Laptops for students to do theircheck the books in so that the children could work on.”have a quicker visit to the library. Also itwould be great if more than two per classcould visit the library at a time.”
  23. 23. REVISED MEDIA CENTER FLOOR PLAN  All modifications Mural by local artist were to current 3 Video Surveillance Soft floor layout were made Monitors seating in red.  Additional improvements were made to the sky lights by adding window tint.3 Technology Carts w/ 30mini PC’s Mural by local artistSpace widened betweenall shelves Mural by Soft floor seating local artist
  24. 24. IMPROVED ENVIRONMENTAL ELEMENTS Murals by local artist added to the walls. Graphics added to the Dewey decimal system for easier understanding and quicker access. Larger collections in the DD system will be labeled on shelf by category. For example the 796’s will be labeled by sport so students can gain quicker access. Addition of three laptop carts. Each cart will hold 30 laptops available for teacher checkout and classroom use.
  25. 25. MODIFICATIONS AND CHANGES Hire local artist “Jennifer Newell” to paint murals on the walls to add color designs that correlate with literature and technology standards. Examples of her work are shown below.
  26. 26. IMPROVED FURNISHINGS Problem: Limited number of bean bags and soft floor seating for students. Suggestions for improvement: add cushions from one of the following venders to allows soft floor students for an entire classroom of students. Cocoon Cushions Childrens Floor Furniture Turn any space into a cozy Washable cushions add reading zone! soft seating to reading $25.99 - $81.99 spots in your school or library. $65.99 - $519.99
  27. 27. TECHNOLOGY Problem: Students and teachers do not have access to computers for checkout and use in the classroom. Suggestion for Improvement: Add three laptop carts fully stocked with 30 mini PC’s available for checkout and classroom use. Acer - 10.1" Aspire One Bretford® High-capacity Netbook - 1 GB Memory - 320 Laptop Storage Carts GB Hard Drive Model: AOD270-26Drr Hold and power up to 30 SKU: 5421419 laptop computers with this 1024 x 600 WSVGA Display - 1 storage cart. GB RAM - 320 GB HDD - Intel $1964.99 - $2499.99 Graphics Card - Webcam - Genuine Windows 7 Starter - HDMI
  28. 28. ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONSProblem: The skylights interferewith students reading, working oncomputers, and completing tasksat certain times within the day.Suggestion for Improvement:Add professional window tint to  Frosted Square 4.4 cmkeep light in but to reduce theglare. Translucent embossed squares of polyester film. 4.4 cm x 4.4 cm frosted squares separated by 1 cm clear lines. Semi- obscuring direct visibility and ideal for office, conference room, bathroom and bedroom. An design with wide range of applications. Our price: $2.75
  29. 29. ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS Problem: Several areas are blocked from view at the circulation desk. A mirror already exists but is not clearly seen. Suggestion for Improvement: Install a camera system IP Video Surveillance Systems - Pricing Our IP Video Surveillance software is priced based on the number of cameras on an individual server. All of our software includes one year of SUP (Software Upgrade Program. SUP provides 1 year of all product upgrades.
  30. 30. MEDIA CENTER POLICIES “The Media Center will be open each school day from 7:00 to 3:30 for students to check out books and to do research assignments. “  The media center does not adhere to the time guidelines listed in the staff handbook. Students are not aware of these checkout/resource times either. Therefore, the policy needs to be updated to the times the media center is available for checkout and reference use. (Ben Hill Co. Elementary Staff Handbook pg. 59) “Reference books may not be checked out for use during the school day. Reference materials also include books for overnight use at home.”  While the policy strictly states that reference materials cannot be checkout out after the school day, the students need to have access to reference sources and databases online. The policy needs to be updated to include the URL’s for these sources as they are vital to students success if media resources cannot be checked out. ( Ben Hill Co. Elementary Staff Handbook pg. 59)
  31. 31. MEDIA CENTER POLICIES Internet Safety Policy  a. To provide educational excellence for the advancement and promotion of learning and teaching by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication within our own community, the state, nationally and globally.  b. To support research and education in and among academic institutions in the world by providing access to unique resources supplemental to the Media Center resources, and provide the opportunity for collaborative work. The internet safety policy provides students with limited access while logged onto any computer within the district. The policy in place is well maintained--- each student has to have parent permission per signature before the school year in order to use the internet. It is well filtered and can be altered per teachers request. However, because the filter is re-set every year then websites have to constantly be reopened every year. The policy and the filtering system need to be updated to maintain a current list of websites that are no longer blocked so that parents can see this list as well. (Ben Hill Co. website: http://benhillcounty.schoolinsites.com/)
  32. 32. MEDIA CENTER POLICIES Circulation Policy  All student may check out two books at a time and keep the books for a period of two weeks. Students may not check out reference materials. Students must pay for damaged or lost books before they will be able to check out further books.  The policy is in place in order to determine student usage and access to all types of books within the media center. Students enjoy being able to check out two books at a time and have not taken advantage of the current circulation policy. The policy in place works well with the age of students at the Elementary School and is currently up to date with the new facility. (Ben Hill County Elementary Library Brochure)  At this time there is no written policy and procedure handbook at the Elementary School. In order to better operate so all patrons are aware of the policies and procedures a handbook needs to be created for the media center to include all faucets of operating, maintaining, accessing, and being a participatory patron of the facility.