Reliv Opportunity Presentation 2013 by Relivingmaine
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Reliv Opportunity Presentation 2013 by Relivingmaine



What if you were in the right place at the right time to ride your own wave to success?   ...

What if you were in the right place at the right time to ride your own wave to success?  
What is Reliv? World leader in optimal nutrition. Proven Entrepreneurial Venture with hands-off corporate support.  Built on principle. Mission-driven to make a real difference in the world. 
With Reliv, you have an exclusive nutritional breakthrough in a world in desperate need of preventative health solutions.  You also have a proven business model and a means to start earning income right away in an economy struggling to find its footing.  This is the time, this is the place and this is the moment for you to learn more about Reliv.



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Reliv Opportunity Presentation 2013 by Relivingmaine Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Don’t just live. Reliv.
  • 2. You’re going to hear about•New nutritional breakthrough•Real health results•Exciting business opportunity
  • 3. Reliv Science•8 product patents issued•Clinically proven formulas•Pioneers in nutritionalepigeneticsDr. Carl HastingsExecRank Top 10 Chief Scientific Officer(out of 5,000+ in the U.S.)
  • 4. Your health genetics lifestyle= +What if…You could influence both?
  • 5. Lunasin & EpigeneticsGenome:the DNA thatmakes youwho you areLunasin soy peptide:attaches to the epigenometo turn good genes onand bad genes offEpigenome:DNA packaging materialthat tells the genome whichgenes to turn on and off
  • 6. Benefits of Lunasin•Cholesterol management•Inflammation reduction•Antioxidant benefits•Improved immunity•Overall cellular health•50+ published studies and growing…
  • 7. LunaRich®soy powderOptimizes lunasin levelsLunaRich X™Most concentratedlunasin availableBoosts benefits of all Reliv products!
  • 8. Nutrition Made Simple• Complete and balanced nutrition• Best possible nutrientdelivery method• Money-back guarantee
  • 9. Reliv delivers results
  • 10. Reliv OpportunityYou get paid to share a great story
  • 11. Reliv InternationalfoundedReliv honoredin Rome for philanthropyReliv on Businessweek’sTop 100 Small GrowthCompanies list(listed 3 more times)Reliv celebrates25 years19881991199820042013TODAYYou discoveredRelivReliv Australia opens,the first of16 internationalmarkets
  • 12. Reliv Kalogris FoundationNourish Our World•40,000+ fed daily in 9 countries•$35+ million in products distributed•97% of donations go to feeding programs
  • 13. Solid Business
  • 14. 20% 15% 5%
  • 15. x 8%x 6%x 4%x 3%x 2%
  • 16. 2,000 2,000 2,000 $6,000 x 8% = $480$18,000 x 6% = $1,08027 $54,000 x 4% = $2,16081 $162,000 x 3% = $4,860243 $486,000 x 2% = $9,720Total Income $18,300
  • 17. Unlimited MarketWhat people need most:•Good Health•Financial Security•Personal Freedom
  • 18. Ready to get started?Master Affiliate Distributor CustomerWelcome to Reliv!