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Wanna learn how to pitch? Free Pitch Coaching Session on Dec. 18th in Berlin. Sign up for tickets now: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/4972438698

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Pimp My Pitch

  1. 1. PIMP MYPITCH Pitching is hard – but it can be learned! And with these 3, learning it will be fun as well: The Pitch The The Pitch Witch ActorPreneur Doctor
  2. 2. Channelling your inner genius to find a brilliant idea: Fun!
  3. 3. Working 24/7 to make this idea a reality: Hard!
  4. 4. Looking at this when you pitch in public: Unnecessary!
  5. 5. You are not a born public speaker? Don´t worry! Practice… …and you´ll be awesome!
  6. 6. Saying the right Saying the things things! right!• Structure of the pitch • Being aware of actions• Storytelling and stage• Saying the things • Choreography, mise-en- investors need to hear scène, rhetoric• Clear and • Communicating with understandable slides the audience• Making the pitch • Proper use of voice compelling (adding • Body language humor, intrigue, • Improvising to avoid emotion) screwing up the pitch
  7. 7. What we´ll practice: - 1-Sentence-Pitch - Elevator Pitch (1 minute) - 5-Minute-Pitch with slides - Stage presence - Proper use of voice - Being awesome
  8. 8. We won´t guarantee we will turn you into the next: But we´re almost sure! ;-)
  9. 9. So who are we? Bianca Christoph Michael RonenPraetorius Sollich
  10. 10. Bianca Praetorius Actress, Playwright – aka “The Pitch Witch“About Bianca Bianca as a Pitch Coach• Trained at Filmschauspielschule • Specializing in 1-on-1 coaching for Berlin pitching on stage• Worked as actress and playwright for • Performance coaching for HYBerlin, jungesDT TWiSt, PitchSlam, hub:raum• Columnist for die deutsche Bühne / • Offering an artistic “out-side look“ for die junge Bühne the tech scene• Singing and performing at German • Special interest in working with acustic duo “Milon” women to improve their performanceLearn more Bianca Praetorius• Article about theatre and new media (in German) [Link]• Article about children, theatre and new media (in German) [Link]• Bianca´s acustic duo “Milon” on Facebook [Link]
  11. 11. Michael Ronen Actor, Director, Entrepreneur – aka “ActorPreneur“ About Michael Michael as a Pitch Coach • Trained and worked at LAMDA, Royal • Half actor, half theatre director, half Court London, Ballhaus entrepreneur and half really fun Naunynstraße Berlin • Inventor of the “ActorPreneur” • Founder of Capsuling.Me, a mobile Workshop (TOA, Founder Institute, media startup in Berlin betahaus) • Participant at the Founders Institute • Winner of PitchSlam with program in Berlin with Capsuling.Me Capsuling.Me • Currently acting in a theatre • Representative of StarTau (Tel Aviv production at Schauspielhaus Graz Entrepreneur centre) in Berlin (Austria)Learn more Michael Ronen• Praise for Michael´s acting in “Der Standard” (Austria) [Link]• About winning Pitch Slam [Link]• About winning a scholarship for Founders Institute [Link]• Interview for a VC magazine [Link]
  12. 12. Christoph Sollich Startup Consultant – aka “The Pitch Doctor“About Christoph Christoph as a Pitch Coach• Degree in Business Management • Winner multiple “Best Pitch” awards• Brief career in advertising (copy at events, not a single award for writer) “Best Idea”• Worked in marketing for multiple • Mentor at Founder Institute, Berlin startups (e-Learning, Daily Deal Crowd, YouIsNow12 industry) • Pitch Coach for HYBerlin, hub:raum,• Today: Consultant for startups and TWiSt, PitchSlam corporations that want to be more • Supremely intelligent, very funny, like startups extremely good-looking and excessively humbleLearn more Christoph Sollich• Talk about startup ideas [Youtube Link]• Talk about pitching [Youtube Link]• Article about another talk about pitching (video was sadly lost!) [Link]
  13. 13. Testimonial”Next to the pleasure of working with Bianca and Christoph, I am each time amazed by the pureefficiency and professionalism with which the twocarry out their pitch coaching. Regardless whetherthey work with a team for five minutes or an hour, there is always something that the two identify with great precision that can be substantially improved. The two are also perfectly synchronous, with Bianca focused on style and Christoph on content. They are the yin and yang of pitching.”Fee Beyer, Program Manager at hub:raum - Telekom Incubator, about Bianca and Christoph coaching their startups
  14. 14. Testimonial”Michael Ronen was/is a great host. Besides being very friendly and open, he had interesting things to tell and made sure every one got the best out of the acting workshop! Great experience!” Gidsy user Freimut-Johannes M. about Michael´s ”ActorPreneur” workshop
  15. 15. Testimonial” Face it. You are no natural born pitcher, andlikely boring to watch on stage. Bianca pushes you out of the comfort zone, breaks down your pitch, and gives your performance a no- nonsense bare-fisted beating, before pulling you back in again as a friendly pitcher- midwife, to a world where you are moreconfident, more convincing and able to deliver a story people listen to.” Espen Systad, Founder of Capsule.fm, about being coached by Bianca
  16. 16. Testimonial”You people ruined my life by klashing me do this. Why would I endorse you?! Go to hell!“ Alessandro Petrucciani, Co-Founder Klash (www.klashapp.com) * Recently voted among the ”Best Startup Pitches Ever“ by Business Insider: [Link]
  17. 17. Interested? Questions? Feedback? Please get in touch! bianca.praetorius ronenmichael christoph@solli.ch @gmail.com @yahoo.co.uk