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Facebooklinkedinjobseekers 100330221132 Phpapp01

  1. 1. Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcobellucci/3534516458/
  2. 2. LinkedIn and Facebook Help People Know You• 600 million on Facebook• 60 million on LinkedIn• Growing more EVERY DAY!
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda• 30 minutes about LinkedIn• 15 minutes question and answer• 30 minutes about Facebook• 15 minutes question and answer
  4. 4. Fast Facts About Phil•Hometown: 996•Navy veteran•Licensed Stock Broker•IT for 15+ Years•Author of 2 Books•Reader of 1000s of booksand blogs•Connected to 1000s ofpeople•Always looking to help
  5. 5. Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sagindie/392416159/
  6. 6. Why does LinkedIn Matter?• 60 million users – A new member joins every second – Executives from all Fortune 500 companies use it• More research on company/people – Frequently there is only imperfect information on a company’s corporate website – Use search to find relevant contacts on the inside – Ask for advice or a consulting arrangement to deepen your offering – Leverage Company Pages to get more information on who works at a company, their background, and other key stats
  7. 7. Few Stats• Average person will hold down 7-8 jobs in their lifetime (US Dept. of Labor)• Average person has 3 e-mail addresses (Direct Marketing Association)• Email address change at rate of 31% per year (Direct Marketing Association)
  8. 8. A Seasoned Social Network 68% 35+ 66% $60k+/year 72% college grads
  9. 9. More on why LinkedIn matters• Reduces blind resume sending – 500 connections can connect you to 3 million people – Connecting to even 1 “super connector” can net you tons of new contacts• Find the decision maker faster – Type in position and company, and you get the right person• Makes your network more visible – See connections right in front of you – Great rolodex for people• Review full profiles – Can review who a person is, how they got to their current position, what school they went to, what they’re reading, who they know and more to build instant rapport – Can share it with a co-worker
  10. 10. A few stories…• Power of Introduction – Phil’s story• Job Seeking – Power of connection • You know…would you mind introducing me? • You and I both know… • You’re interested in… • You’re reading… – Power of a question • I see you had a question about…
  11. 11. Top 10 Navigation Tips• Contacts• Inbox• Introductions• Status Updates• People Search• Groups• Company Search• Answers• Recommendations• Other Applications
  12. 12. Contacts More first level contacts = moresecond level contacts = more clients you can help
  13. 13. InboxYou control how many messages make it to your e-mail
  14. 14. IntroductionsAsk for them (and make them) the right way
  15. 15. Status UpdatesWhat are you doing or thinking about that can benefit your connections?
  16. 16. People Search ByPositionCompanyIndustryTitleSchool
  17. 17. Groups• Join ones relevant to your industry• Join ones relevant to your interests• Join ones that contain people you want to connect with
  18. 18. Company Search By• Company Name• Industry• Size of company• Location (narrow down by zip code or city/state)
  19. 19. Answers• Answer questions you know something about• Ask questions when you need help• Suggest other people when you see a question they can help with
  20. 20. Recommendations• Give recommendations to those who deserve it• Ask for a recommendation from those you’ve delighted
  21. 21. Other Applications• Reading List – Share what you’re reading – See what others are reading• Box.net – share – Whitepapers – PDF files – Word documents• Slideshare.net – Great for sharing PowerPoint presentations – Great for seeing other presentations like yours
  22. 22. Any questions?Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38299630@N05/3635356091/
  23. 23. Why Facebook Matters• People Driven• Lots of users• Connect other applications in• Control access (some)
  24. 24. People DrivenFacebook: Built on 1:1 1:manyrelationships (personal touch)
  25. 25. If Facebook were a country…
  26. 26. It would be the 4th largest country in the world!
  27. 27. Fast Facebook Facts• Users spend over 5 billion minutes on Facebook every day!• Upload over 1 billion pictures and over 10 million videos every day!• Fastest growing audience? – People over 35!
  28. 28. Maximizing Facebook• Blog Import• Video Sharing• Photo Sharing• Status Updates can mirror LinkedIn• People/Company Search
  29. 29. Basics• Create Your Profile• Find People• Connect on a Human Level
  30. 30. Profile Logged In
  31. 31. Non Members View
  32. 32. Friend Finder
  33. 33. WARNING• Do NOT e-mail your entire address book and invite them to Facebook!
  34. 34. Group your Facebook friends
  35. 35. Connect on a Human Level• Status• Photos• Videos• Games
  36. 36. Privacy Settings are Important!
  37. 37. 4 types of privacy
  38. 38. Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/3086805262/
  39. 39. Connect with Phil• phil@philgerbyshak.com• http://philgerbyshak.com• http://www.linkedin.com/in/philgerb• http://facebook.com/philgerb