The Speaking Engagement: One tool in a PR professional's tool belt.

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What task do most people fear completing? Public Speaking. If you utilize this tool effectively, it can go a long way in helping to build your personal/professional brand.

What task do most people fear completing? Public Speaking. If you utilize this tool effectively, it can go a long way in helping to build your personal/professional brand.

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  • 1. Speaking Engagements: One tool in the PR professional’s tool belt Christopher Kimball Com476 PR Campaigns 10-minute tactic assignment
  • 2. What is a speaking engagement?A speakingengagement isdefined as anyplanned event inwhich an individualor group of peopleeducate a public ona specific topic. ~Co-Communications
  • 3. Benefits of performing speaking engagements
  • 4. •Through interpersonal communication, a speaker can establish trust inrelationships. Verbal and nonverbal interpersonal communication can helpgauge a person’s trustworthiness. ~Miguel Cavazos, Livestrong• Interpersonal communication can minimize “noise” that is typically foundwhen a person is trying to transmit a message to a receiver. ~Mark McCloskey, Tell It Often—Tell It Well•Speaking engagements provide a vehicle to directly target publics that areinterested in your business, product, or idea. This communication tool is agreat way to generate new clients. ~Carolyn Elefant, Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blog
  • 5. •Speaking engagements not only have the ability to be cost-effective, butcan bring in additional profits to a person or an organization. In 2012, BillClinton earned $13.4 million in speaking fees. ~Robert Yoon, Bill Clinton has most lucrative year on speech circuit•Speaking engagements are an excellent way to build personal/professionalbrand. You can establish your credibility and expertise, and in the socialmedia age, many audience members will tweet and blog about theirexperience. ~Deb Ng, The Benefits of Speaking at Conferences•Public relations professionals are constantly looking for ways to initiatetwo-way communication with their publics. Speaking engagements are oneof the best ways to know what your friends, fans, and community arethinking. ~Deb Ng, The Benefits of Speaking at Conferences
  • 6. Speaking Engagement “Best Practices”
  • 7. •A good speech consists of research, knowing your objectives, and taking theright approach.•Writing a speech takes expertise. It consists of understanding your objectives,knowing your audience, and tailoring the speech to fit your audience. Speechwriters charge fees from $1,000 to $10,000 or more.•Coaching helps the speaker rehearse & polish the delivery. Tone, volume,gestures and rate-of-delivery are all important areas of a speech to be touchedupon by a speaking coach.•Though PR practitioners may not give many formal speeches to largeaudiences, they do give a number of presentations to their employers andclients. They also need to understand how to develop content and properlydeliver to an audience. ~Dennis L. Wilcox & Glen T. Cameron, PR Strategies & Tactics 9th Ed
  • 8. •Never treat your audience as if they are not educated on the subject. Whenengaging an audience, you don’t need to spell things out for them, rather justgive them tips and best practices.•Keep your audience awake! Speak clearly, succinctly, and be conscious ofenergy level. ~Chris Brogan, Tune Up Your Personal Message•Watch the masters. Look at what has made public speakers in the pastsuccessful and imitate it.•People trust people when you look them in the eyes, so look at your audiencewhen you are speaking to them. ~Editors of Publications International, Ltd., 18 Public Speaking Tips
  • 9. Examples of successful speaking engagements Steve Job’s introduces iPhone at MacWorld ,2007 MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech, 1963 President Bush’s addresses Congress following 9/11 attacks in NYC, 2011
  • 10. Examples of speaking engagement disasters Tiger Woods confesses to cheating, 2010 Mitt Romney makes 47% comment during Presidential race, 2012 Ozzie Guillen praises Fidel Castro, 2012
  • 11. My favorite speaking engagement of all-time
  • 12. Conclusion and Q&A