NMDL Final Pres. Chris Miller


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NMDL Final Pres. Chris Miller

  1. 1. Christopher John Miller
  2. 2. Target AudienceSharpie markers are advertised and sold on five continentsand in over 20 countries around the worldWhen using a permanent marker, one often reaches for ablack Sharpie; the black marker is iconic and will be usedcontinuously over timeDue to their brand awareness, they do not need to target theconsumers of the iconic black marker. But instead they needto capitalize more on the creatives in their audience, shownby their tagline, "Write Out Loud"
  3. 3. Goals and ChallengesSome goals Sharpie has set is to expand theirever growing culture, increase their brandidentity through typography, and reward theirloyal customers with updates and promos.Some challenges Sharpie faces is Crayolasgrowing market share, avoiding wearout ( ofproducts, messages, campaigns), and stayingtwo steps ahead of their competition in regardsto advertising strategies and tactics.
  4. 4. DevelopmentWe want to develop more on Sharpies alreadysuccessful website.By introducing a more interactive and digitallystructured platform, I believe that ourcustomers will be able to learn more about ourproducts, how to use them, and what exactlySharpie products are capable of.
  5. 5. Website ComponentsBy providing tutorials that combine the uses ofmultiple products, not only will the consumerlearn more about products but also gainencouragement to try new products.Also within the tutorials or galleries of art, onecould tag/link the individual products theyused for that piece; providing a simple methodof promotion, along with the awareness of whatSharpie products are capable of
  6. 6. Website Components Cont.By incorporating keywords, tags, and linksthroughout the site, it becomes more optimizedfor search. Also, site users can easily navigatebetween products, keywords, and tutorials.We can direct web traffic to our website withTwitter and Facebook. Increased traffic, uniqueusers, and more interactive messaging are allgoals of the revamped site
  7. 7. Consumer InteractionOne of the strongest aspects of Sharpiesmarketing is their interaction with theircustomers.With the provided gallery, anyone can show offwhat they did with Sharpie products.With theirTwitter and Facebook keeping their Sharpie"Culture" in touch, they introduce challengesand contest to inspire loyal followers to try newproducts and use them in unique, creative ways
  8. 8. EvaluationFirst, monitoring the traffic on the website andcollecting google.analytics data.Measuring the tags/links created and clicked-thru on the gallery or tutorial, seeing if thatprocess leads to a purchase.Remove all of the tags/links, new tutorials, etc.from the site for 48 hours and measure therepercussions (see if users became reliant onnewly introduced tools, keywords, tags/links,tutorials, etc. )
  9. 9. TimelineSince Sharpie sells in over 20 countries aroundthe world. Their advertising schedule will not bepulsed or flighted, instead it will be continuous.In order for Sharpie to maintain their largebrand presence, they need messages to befrequent. Also, they need to make their loyalfollowers happy, so they would also need toprovide some type of brand equity, benefit orpromotion
  10. 10. BudgetProposed 1.2 million dollar budget.6 million allocated toward revamping websiteand introducing tutorials, tags/links, etc..2 million is going to be allocated toward socialmedia and promotions.4 million will be allocated toward designingfuture marketing solutions and strategies