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Franchise Marketing Systems works through an experienced team of franchise consultants and franchise development experts to design, build and customize franchise programs for businesses. Through this refined process, businesses have the ability to grow and replicate through franchising. Go into the franchise development process knowing that you have the tools and experience behind you to successfully franchise your business.

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Client success stories_franchise marketing systems

  1. 1. CLIENTSUCCESSSTORIESFranchiseMarketing Systems
  2. 2. The Franchise Marketing Systems Consultants individually bring a rich anddiverse background to each Client Project. Our Consultants have worked with awide variety of industries and companies including Franchisors, ConsultingFirms, and Franchise Marketing Systems. Many of our team members bringhands on experience having also owned franchises and run their ownbusinesses in addition to their time with Franchise Marketing Systems. Some ofthe highlighted companies that members of the Franchise Marketing Systemsteam have worked with and advised are listed below.Franchise Marketing Systems consultants haveworked with Subway in order to develop territorymapping strategies and franchise strategicplanning initiatives. The Subway Franchiseorganization is the largest franchise system in theworld by total units with more than 36,000.Jamba Juice – Is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ(JMBA), has sales in excess of $260 Million with more than 780locations worldwide. Jamba Juice is most well-known for itsunique and healthy beverage and food offerings. FranchiseMarketing Systems consultants advised Jamba Juice on theiroperations and operations manual.Franchise Marketing Systems consultants haveworked with Costco to develop a licensed salesmodel focusing on product development with in theMedical Equipment field. FMS consultants workedwith Costco management to get the products intothe Costco stores and then offer the products toCostco customers and distribution partners.
  3. 3. Franchise Marketing Systems consultants have worked withJani-King franchising to develop area developmentfranchises and market to franchisees for the cleaningfranchise model. Jani-King is one of the largest cleaningfranchise organizations in the world with more than 12,200locations.Franchise Marketing Systems consultants haveworked with the Wyndham Hotel Group toestablish and manage unit level operatingmetrics that allowed for franchised propertiesto be managed more effectively and profitably.Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Cricket Wirelessto develop territory mapping programs and territory analysisfor its locations. The prepaid wireless company has over5,000 retail stores around the world and over $3 Billion inservice revenue.Franchise Marketing Systems has workedwith Baxter Healthcare to develop anddesign a franchise program for thedevelopment of a healthcare franchisemodel within the renal care marketsegment. Baxter Healthcare has revenue inexcess of $12 Billion with more than 48,000employees worldwide.
  4. 4. LA Weight Loss Centers has nearly 250 weight loss centersthroughout the United States. Franchise Marketing Systemsconsultants advised and helped develop an operations manual.LuLuLemon Athletica is based out of Vancouver, B.C. and hasmore than 140 locations with revenue exceeding $452 Million.The company focuses on high end yoga inspired athleticapparel. Franchise Marketing Systems consultants advised andhelped develop the franchise program for LuLuLemon.Franchise Marketing Systems consultantshave worked with Jan-Pro. FMS consultantshave owned master franchise territories forthe franchise organization, sold franchises forJan-Pro and have developed strategicplanning models for the efficient expansionof the franchise organization. Jan-Pro hasmore than 10,000 locations worldwide.Gitaljili Group is headquartered in Mumbai, India and is one ofthe World’s largest branded jewelry retailers with revenueexceeding $2.5 Billion. The company has more than 4,000point of sale locations in India, accounting for 50 percent ofall jewelry sales in India, and 120 locations throughout therest of the world. Franchise Marketing Systems consultantsprepared a franchise feasibility analysis for its expansion intothe United States.
  5. 5. Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Flower Tent todevelop a marketing and sales program for the Flower Tentfranchise model. To date Flower Tent has opened 85 locationsand has 73 franchised locations. Franchise Marketing Systemsrepresents the Flower Tent franchise model and works toattract, qualify and connect buyers with the franchiseorganization.The Rabine Group is one of the fastest growingcompanies in the United States with revenueexceeding $185 Million and a growth rate of more than2,000 percent over the last 10 years. The RabineGroup provides commercial paving, commercialroofing, and fuel and oil distribution services.Grupo Bimbo is a $10.7 Billion international enterprisewith 127,000 employees based out of Mexico City,Mexico. Grupo Bimbo specializes in the manufacturingand distribution of bread products, candies, pastries,and related items. Franchise Marketing Systemsconsultants developed the franchise program andstrategy for its entrance into the United States market.Ignite Restaurant Group currently operates 113 Joe CrabShack Restaurants and 16 Brickhouse Taven and TapRestaurants. The company operates within the Food ServiceIndustry. Franchise Marketing Systems consultants consultedwith and advised Ignite Restaurant Group Management onfranchise expansion options.
  6. 6. Marco’s Pizza has more than 900 franchises signed and250 units currently open. The company has approximately4,200 system employees and system revenue exceeding$77 Million. Franchise Marketing Systems consultantshelped developed the franchise program and train theirstaff on franchise marketing strategies.FMS consultants have worked with AppleOrthodontix to develop a franchise model thatwould allow the organization to replicate a provenand highly efficient operating system for replicatingand building orthodontic practices. Theorganization today has 16 operating locations.Franchise Marketing Systems consultants have worked withVisiting Angels in developing and managing the franchisestructure and territory management of the organization.Customized territory mapping software and franchiseemanagement programs were developed to assist in efficientgrowth for the senior care franchise. Visiting Angels has morethan 400 locations.Franchise Marketing Systems has worked withCitrusolutions Carpet Cleaning for over three years. TheCitrusolutions business model is a unique, marketing basedcleaning franchise that combines ingenuitive marketingapproaches and an effective, citrus-based cleaning solutionthat is manufactured by the franchisor. The Citrusolutionsfranchise system has opened almost 85 franchises to datewith 5 master franchises.ethatenreplicatinge
  7. 7. Franchise Marketing Systems worked with Als BeefFranchise to market and sell franchises for the Italian Beeffranchise chain. Als has sold 73 franchises to date and isconsidered the market leader in this segment.Franchise Marketing Systems consultants haveworked with Cowgirls Espresso, a uniqueconcept in the coffee and food concessionsmarketplace. The Seattle, Washington franchisorhas opened locations in four states over the pastthree years.Franchise Marketing Systems has worked with ESource -The Entrepreneurs Source is a business brokerage andfranchise consulting franchise model. Established in1997, the franchise network has grown to become themarket leader in this niche with over 300 franchisesacross the United States.Splash and Dash for Dogs is a license model thatFranchise Marketing Systems helped developand implement in order to expand a successfulpet store marketing concept. In the first sixmonths of licensing the Splash and Dashconcept, the organization was able to sell 33licenses and grow Internationally with multipleunits sold in Australia.
  8. 8. Franchise Marketing Systems is working withMidway Tax Service to market and sell franchisesof the tax preparation model they have operatedfor the past eight years. Midway Tax now has 42locations, 36 of which are franchised units.Franchise Marketing Systems works with the MosquitoTerminators Franchise to develop, implement andexecute franchise marketing and franchisesales programs. The Mosquito Terminators franchisecurrently has 33 franchised locations, 2 MasterFranchises and is growing throughout theSoutheastern U.S.Goldfish Swim School is a fast growing 8-unit franchisecompany. Goldfish Swim School provides swimming lessonsand other aquatic related training. Franchise MarketingSystems consultants developed the franchise program andstrategy for its national expansion.Franchise Marketing Systems is working with Zawya DowJones to develop, manage and implement a reseller model.The Zawya Dow Jones business is the leading provider ofbusiness intelligence on middle eastern business activitiesand companies. For the past 12 years, Zawya Dow Joneshas provided the key to doing business in the Middle East.Zawya currently has 12 International Master Franchises.FraMidwof theforlocations, 36 of which are fr
  9. 9. Franchise Marketing Systems is working with FirstChoice Business Brokers to develop the franchisenetwork further. First Choice Business Brokers is aleader in the business brokerage world and providespremium business brokerage services across the UnitedStates. The franchise system has 25 franchises acrossthe U.S. and several International franchised offices.Mama Fu’s is a fast growing Asian food concept with 14-locations throughout the United States. Franchise MarketingSystems consultants helped developed the franchiseprogram and consulted the company for its nationalexpansion.The Potomac Bead Company is an internationalfranchise company with 12-locations in the UnitedStates and England. The Potomac Bead Company isa retail and wholesale business that sells anextensive selection of gemstones, glass, and otherrelated products. Franchise Marketing Systemsconsultants developed the franchise program andstrategy for its national expansion.Franchise Marketing Systems consultants worked withWilson Sporting Goods to oversee, manage andexecute in-store sporting goods retail businessmarketing and merchandising programs. The SportingGoods company is a global leader in sporting goodsmanufacturing and supply to the world.
  10. 10. Franchise Marketing Systems worked withRestoration 1 to design, develop and implement anaggressive franchise expansion program. FMSrepresented Restoration 1 and sold franchises for therestoration services organization. Restoration 1currently has 17 franchise locations throughout theU.S. and Canada.Franchise Marketing Systems represents Jantize America tomarket and sell the commercial cleaning franchise system.Jantize is a 300 plus unit franchise organization that utilizes amaster franchise model to sell and support unit franchisees.Franchise Marketing Systems is working with JunkKing, a 54 Unit franchise organization thatprovides junk removal services to the entire U.S.With proven technology, operating systems and abusiness model that has successfully beenreplicated throughout the U.S., the Junk Kingmodel is poised for serious growth.Franchise Marketing Systems has worked withNationalTax Credits business opportunity programsince November of 2009. Since that time, NTC hassold 28 business opportunities and opened salesterritories across the country.
  11. 11. Club 50 Fitness is a fitness center franchise focusedand designed specifically for people age 50 and over.This is one of the fastest growing demographics inthe United States and has more than 55 locations.Franchise Marketing Systems worked with 911Restoration, a full service water and fire restorationfranchise. 911 Restoration has sold 38 franchises andcontinues to grow throughout the United States. The911 Restoration franchise is quickly building onbecoming one of the leading restoration franchises inthe country.Franchise Marketing Systems worked closely withAllscripts and Etransmedia to develop a resellerdistribution model, sales processes, marketingstrategies and implement a reseller distributionmodel. Franchise Marketing Systems worked withAllscripts and Etransmedia to introduce EMRsolutions to physicians. Today, they have 27units.The Weave Shop is Americas leading Weave services andretail organization. The company operates 22 locationsthrough three states and is currently expanding throughoutthe Eastern U.S. The Weave Shop franchise is designed tomaximize marketing exposure and minimize operating coststhrough a proven and effective business system.
  12. 12. Franchise Marketing Systems is working with the CaringMatters Franchise organization. Caring Matters is an In-Home Care franchise that has operated for almost ten yearsin the Reading, PA market. The Caring Matters Franchise isfocused on delivering truly excetional and service orientedHome Care to those who need it throughout the EasternUnited States. The franchise system currently has 16franchises in operation.Franchise Marketing Systems is working withLabor Staffing, one of the largest staffingorganizations in the Southeastern United States.Having 9 locations in place, the organizationemploys almost 24,000 employees and servicesmany of the countrys largest hotel chainsincluding Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and others.The Weave Shop is Americas leading Weaveservices and retail organization. Thecompany operates 22 locations through threestates and is currently expanding throughoutthe Eastern U.S. The Weave Shop franchiseis designed to maximize marketing exposureand minimize operating costs through aproven and effective business system.Franchise Marketing Systems works with Ducerus to definethe franchise concept, develop the marketing and saleschannels and assist in managing and overseeing thefranchise growth. Ducerus has sold 16 franchises andcontinues to grow.
  13. 13. Franchise Marketing Systems is working with AmericanPatriot Solar Community. The Solar Panel Installationfranchise has been designed to offer consumersextremely aggressive pricing and franchise partners ahighly profitable solar franchise.Franchise Marketing Systems is working with REDRHINOFlooring, the leaders in Epoxy flooring services. REDRHINOhas done business for the past five years throughoutSouthern California and leads the epoxy flooring industry inquality, consistency and professionalism. The REDRHINOfranchise has 6 locations and is designed to deliverconsistent and effective results.FMS is working with BizCard Xpress to franchisethe printing and signage business modelthroughout the Southeastern United States. Theorganization currently has 13 locations and anextremely unique business concept.Franchise Marketing Systems has worked withEdgemaster Mobile Sharpening to design,develop and implement a franchise marketingand franchise sales program. EdgemasterMobile Sharpening is a territory based franchisewith 9 locations that provides sharpeningservices based out of Portland, Oregon.
  14. 14. Franchise Marketing Systems is working with BungoBox franchise todevelop the green moving innovation. BungoBox has opened twolocations to date. BungoBox is a moving franchise with 15 total unitsand 1 master franchise that has revolutionized the moving industry.Franchise Marketing Systems is working with TastyImage, a business model operating since 2003 thatoffers a cutting edge technology to createpersonalized printed images on confectionary itemsand chocolate gifts. The franchise model is a smallcandy retail franchise that offers a lower initialinvestment franchise and a unique value proposition.Franchise Marketing Systems is working with HoodCleaners of America to expand the hood cleaningfranchise first throughout the Canadian markets andthen into the U.S. The Hood Cleaners of Americafranchise has 11 locations and works in therestaurant cleaning industry, specifically with theprocess of hood cleaning. The business modelcombines a low investment opportunity with highprofit margins and a significant opportunity forgrowth.Franchise Marketing Systems is working withBurritoVille, a Mexican Fast Food restaurant, withan unmatched process for cooking and preparingBurritos. The management team of BurritoVillehas over 25 years of Franchise Experience, whichpreviously helped one of the largest food servicechains in the world grow from 200 units to over2,500 units.
  15. 15. TaMolly’s is a fresh Tex-Mex restaurant with 11locations. Franchise Marketing Systems consultantsadvised and consulted with TaMolly’s Managementon franchise expansion options.FitZone For Women has 14 fitness centers that arespecifically designed for female customers.Franchise Marketing Systems worked with EcoMaids tomarket the eco-friendly cleaning franchise to new franchisepartners. Franchise Marketing Systems franchiseconsultants have worked with the organization to expandupon the 42 franchise partners who are currently in placeacross the United States.FMS is working with Benders Gym, an Alabama-basedfranchise system with four operating locations rangingin size from 2500 sf to 25,000 sf. The Benders GymFranchise has been perfected over the previous fiveyears and has been replicated in four marketsthroughout the Southern U.S. The concept offerscustomers 24 hour access to the facilities and hasproven to be extremely successful in small to mid-sized markets. The company currently has 5 locations.The Beef Jerky Outlet has 11 franchised locations throughoutthe United States and is a fast growing franchise concept.Franchise Marketing Systems’ Consultants helped develop thefranchise program and franchise strategy.