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    Betty90th Betty90th Presentation Transcript

    • Betty’s mother,Helen Jackson
    • Betty’s father,Henry Boe
    • Betty through the Years
    • Betty with UncleJohn Jackson,1923
    • Betty and Marion,ca. 1926
    • Jorgen Boe and his grandchildren (Betty is second from left), ca. 1936
    • ca. mid 1930s
    • ca. 1940
    • ca. 1940
    • In Souix Falls, SD In Minnesota
    • With sisters Marion and Carol
    • With sisters Marion and Carol, 1988
    • Dear Betty,Very best wishes for a Happy 90th birthday. WhenI was a child I was sometimes miscalled Betty byolder people. I always felt so proud that someonesaw a resemblance.Thank you for inviting me to your wedding. I thinkI was about eleven and felt very important to beincluded in that event.Love, Carol
    • Working in Chicago
    • 1950s
    • With Edith Boe and Marion, 1960s
    • At the RegensteinLibrary
    • In 1987
    • In Arizona, 1990s
    • With Marion in Kennebec, SD
    • 60th anniversaryparty, 2003
    • Mother’s Day,2011
    • Mother’s Day, 2011
    • Betty and Bruce
    • Betty and Bruce, WWII
    • Betty and Bruce, 1950s
    • Betty, Bruce, and Marion, 1960s
    • Betty and Bruceat The Point inChicago, 1983
    • Dancing at Nick and Diane’s wedding, 1984
    • Betty and Bruce, Colorado, 1986
    • Betty and Bruce, 1987
    • Betty and Bruce,1990s
    • Betty and Bruce in Arizona, 2001
    • Betty and Bruce in Kennebec, SD, 2004
    • Celebrating their60th weddinganniversary, 2003
    • With daughters-in-law,Jane, Mitzi, and Diane,2003
    • With grandchildren, Peter, Jennie, Matt, and Josh, 2003
    • With sons, Dave, Chris, and Nick, 2003
    • Betty’s Sons
    • The young family, with Dave and Chris, 1952
    • With Chris,1952
    • With Chris,1952
    • Betty and Nick, 1954
    • Betty’s sons,Nick, Dave,and Chris
    • “Mostly Milo” : with Nick, Chris, and Dave in South Dakota, 1960s
    • With Dave, Nick, and Chris in South Dakota milo field, 1960s
    • Betty and Nick, 1968
    • Betty and Dave,1968
    • With Dave, Chris, and Nick, 1968
    • Chris and Mitzi’s wedding, 1978
    • With Nick at Chris’ wedding, 1978
    • With Edith Boe, Nick, Bruce, and Dave, 1978
    • At Dave and Lisa’s wedding, 1981
    • Happy Birthday Betty-Congratulations on your 90th birthday. I think of you often,especially when I am on Lake Shore Drive, rolling pastHampton House on my way to see my father on the southside. Here is what I remember about you--your ability to mixelegance with thrift, your dry humor, your Scandinavianresilience. I remember your excellent Siamese cat, following inyour wake, your grace, your compassion, and your ability tosilence ineptitude with a single glance. Most of all, I rememberyour kindness to me. It was my pleasure to know you,those years ago, and to call you mother-in-law. That was yourgift to me. I hope the gift of your birthday is extra special. Youdeserve it. Thank you for being all that you are.Warmly, Lisa
    • At Nick and Diane’s Wedding, 1984
    • Dave and Jane’swedding, 1990
    • Dave and Jane’swedding, 1990
    • Dave and Jane’s wedding, 1990
    • With Nick, Chris, and Dave in Chicago, 2010
    • Betty and Nick,Mother’s Day,2010
    • Betty, Diane, and BettyJean Pyle, 2010
    • Betty and Nick, Mother’s Day, 2011
    • Betty and Diane, 2011
    • Betty and Nick
    • Grandmotheringis a luxury of life
    • With grandson, Matt, 1980
    • Giving Matt hisfirst haircut,1981
    • With granddaughter,Jennie, 1983
    • With grandchildren, Josh, Matt, and Jennie, 1983
    • With grandson,Matt, 1983
    • With family at The Point, Chicago, 1983
    • At The Point, Chicago, 1983
    • With grandson, Peter, 1988
    • With grandson, Peter, 1988
    • With sons and grandchildren in Colorado, 1988
    • With sons and their families in Colorado, 1988
    • Reading withPeter, 1990
    • With grandsons,Peter and Josh,1996
    • “Sorry I can’t be there to celebrate your 90th with you, but you’ll be in my thoughts here in Japan!” Love, Josh
    • At Granddaughter, Beth’s, Wedding
    • At great-granddaughter, Caitlyn’s, baptism
    • With some of Dave’s children and grandchildren, Emily, Caitlyn, Beth, 2006
    • Betty with Dave’s granddaughter, Caitlyn, 2006
    • With Dave and his granddaughter, Claire, 2008
    • Betty with Nick and Peter, 2011
    • Betty with Diane and Peter, 2011
    • World Traveler
    • Paris, 1949
    • France, 1959
    • Norway, 1959
    • Norway, 1959
    • England, 1959
    • With Bruce and Edith Boe, Scotland, 1959
    • In Portugal, 1960s
    • In Portugal, 1960s
    • In Portugal, 1960s
    • In Israel, 1985
    • With Twyla Boe andMarion Miller,Colorado, 1988
    • With niece, Beth Parker, and cousin, Jean Jackson, in Colorado, 1988
    • Dear Betty-Sounds like you will be having a wonderfulbirthday - I send you love and birthdayconfetti (imaginary - I hate those cards thatexplode all over). Have a fun-filled day andI will talk to you soon.Jean
    • On horseback in Colorado, 1988
    • With Chris in Rome, 2007
    • With Nick at San Gimignano, Italy, 2007
    • With Nick at San Gimignano, Italy, 2007
    • In Italy withNick and Dave,2007
    • Tuscany, 2007
    • Tuscany,2007
    • FamilyGatherings
    • With Marion and Ann Miller, ca. 1958
    • With Marion, Bruce, and Edith, 1960s
    • “I had somany greatdinners at thistable .”Ann MartinezMacDougal
    • Dear Betty,I have always admired you – your beauty and elegance, your charmand wit, your intelligence and highly-informed conversation. Youhave been a role model for me in so many ways. I have tried toemulate your fashion sense, your organization, your seamstress’ skills,your creativity, and your fine cooking.Once, when I was a teenager, I said that my mom had told me youused to play Blue Moon on the piano. You scoffed. You said, “Oh thatwas long ago. I don’t remember it now.” But you have always met achallenge with determination and style. A little later that afternoon,you called me upstairs to the living room. Without a word, you satdown at the piano, and played, and sang, Blue Moon, with perfection.Thank you. And Happy Birthday to you. We will see you soon.Love, Ann
    • The Boe sisters and their families in Colorado, 1988
    • Having a picnic with Bruce and Nick
    • 60th Anniversary Dinner, Chicago, 2003
    • 60th Anniversary Dinner, Chicago, 2003
    • With extended family at Marion’s funeral in Kennebec, SD, 2004
    • Family members at breakfast in Presho, SD, 2004
    • With Jane and Mitzi, 2004
    • At dinner with Dorothy Cole
    • At great-niece Kerin Martinez’s wedding, 2009
    • At Kerin Martinez’s wedding, 2009
    • With nieces Anne, Louise, and Sandy and sister Carol, 2009
    • Family breakfast in Austin, TX, 2009
    • Family breakfast in Austin, TX, 2009
    • With Matt and Mitzi in Chicago, 2010
    • With Nick, Diane, and Jane in Chicago, 2010
    • With daughter-in-law, Jane, 2010
    • With nephew, Jonathan Cole, 2010
    • Betty,Wishing you a very happybirthday on behalf of my mom,my sister and me!Jonathan
    • At Nick and Diane’s with Doris and Lloyd Heroff, Easter, 2012
    • With sister, Carol Parker, and cousin, Jean Jackson, 2010
    • “Betty is a treasured member here. She is wise and shares herwisdom judiciously, with a rare combination of utter franknessand genuine respect. She is unfailingly constructive in timesof conflict, and delightfully engaged in times of celebrationand fun. She recently told me that her favorite day in ourchurch life is worship on Thanksgiving Sunday, which is akind benign pandemonium involving children, canned goods,cash offerings, and music resulting in a huge offeringannually for St. Martin de Porres womens and childrensshelter. Her concern for issues of social justice issophisticated, more nuanced and more deeply committed thanmany of her peers.”Rev. Susan JohnsonHyde Park Union Church
    • CONGRATULATIONS, BETTY! Still more to come…