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How to make a living with WordPress, a guide to giving it away for free from WordCamp Detroit 2011

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WordCamp Detroit Presentation

  1. 1. @thisismyurl@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  2. 2. Analytical Analysis of Cross Platform API Integration for Multilingual Automation WordCamp Detroit, 2011@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  3. 3. Free is not a business model.@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  4. 4. Make Money byGiving it Away for Free How to make a living with WordPress WordCamp Detroit, 2011@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  5. 5. About ChristopherWordPress developer since 2006Web developer since 1996Software developer since 1986@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  6. 6. About ChristopherNo formal training in software developmentWordPress developer for Canada’s largest news company25 plugins in the WordPress repository@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  7. 7. “I dont want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  8. 8. What are we going to cover? How to make a living with WordPress WordCamp Detroit, 2011@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  9. 9. Today’s talk is about ...Money and what’s really important to get from WordPressHow to make a living from WordPressHow to profit from WordPressLearning from (and giving to) the community@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  10. 10. What are you doing wrong? The misunderstanding of most WordPress developers.@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  11. 11. You are your own brand.Build your knowledge base, build your communityBuild your community, build your authorityBuild your authority, increase your opportunitiesBuild your opportunities, achieve your goals@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  12. 12. Money isn’t enough. There’s more to building a living than money alone.@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  13. 13. Let’s talk about sex.Indulgence is about things you want, not things you needTravel opportunities, eating in nice restaurants, etc.Good WordPress developers can indulge in life@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  14. 14. “Two years ago, I spent two months in Europe and my income didn’t suffer”Bill Ericson@billericsonhttp://billericson.com @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  15. 15. Let’s talk about money.Security is about having the things you need in lifeKnowing your mortgage is paid, food is on the tableGood WordPress developers can count on a pay cheque@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  16. 16. “I tell my wife, we live in a home that WordPress built.”Chris Bavota@bavotasanhttp://bavotasan.com @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  17. 17. Let’s talk about power.Authority is about influence and the respect of your peersBeing confident isn’t being arrogantGood WordPress developers can work from anywhere@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  18. 18. “I had 3,000 views a day. I was shocked.”Samuel Wood@otto42http://ottopress.com @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  19. 19. “There’s always more to learn, even as a core developer.”Andrea Rennick@andrea_rhttp:/ronandandrea.com @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  20. 20. How to Make a Living with WordPress Five ways to make a living with WordPress@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  21. 21. “20,000 people make a living from WordPress”Matt Mullenweg@photomatthttp:/ma.tt @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  22. 22. 19% of Alexa’s top 100,000 sites are on WordPress.@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  23. 23. Work for the man.Full time work as a WordPress developerStartups, media and small firms often use WordPressOffers steady income and security@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  24. 24. Consulting is cool.Consultants work as hired guns, not employeesOften work remotely from their own locationBill 2x or 3x standard rate, but give up security@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  25. 25. 65,000,000 websites run on WordPress.org@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  26. 26. 32,500,000 websites run WordPress 3.2@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  27. 27. Consulting is maintenance.Monthly consulting helps make clients happyPassive income is passive profitsSolve small business pains, to create a profit@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  28. 28. 32.5 million websites at $50/upgrade? $1,625,000,000@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  29. 29. Publish your expertise.Write free tutorials to create authority and drive trafficBuild an audience, help them learn to use WordPressOffer free support in the WordPress.org forumsPublish paid PDF or video content to generate revenue@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  30. 30. Sell your solutions.Build free themes and plugins for WordPress.org50% of traffic to my site directly from WordPress.orgCreate custom plugins as a consultantSell commercial themes and plugins as residual revenue@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  31. 31. Create content for a livingWrite tutorials on your blog, sell paid tutorialsContribute to the Codex to raise your authoritySell your technical writing to online magazines and papersDesign icons, themes and artwork for other bloggers@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  32. 32. Advertise on your website.Advertising with CPC or CPM modelsUse affiliate links to promote suitable contentAdvertise yourselfKnow your market@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  33. 33. “Know well what holds you back, and what moves you forward”The Buddha @thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  34. 34. AdSense Makes no sense.Google pays me approximately $1.25 per click.Generating $1.25 in ad sales per 1,000 visitsAffiliate company pays me $65 per signup$21.67 in affiliate sales per 1,000 visits@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  35. 35. Work Directly for WordPressBecome a core developer on WordPressWork for WordPress.com and AutomatticWork for Matt Mullenweg, Audrey Capital etc.@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  36. 36. The Community How to make a living with WordPress WordCamp Detroit, 2011@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  37. 37. The Secret to SuccessHelp edit the Codex, write great content for usersVolunteer in the forums, build strong relationshipsWrite free plugins and submit them to WordPress.orgCreate themes for WordPress.org@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  38. 38. The Secret to SuccessFix other developers plugins, it’s not a contestSubscribe and follow great developersInnovate.Your time is valuable, contribute it@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  39. 39. Three Easy Ways to FailFocus on selling yourself instead of helping othersCreate conflict instead of creating great websitesForget that WordPress is about the GPL license@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com
  40. 40. Thank you, any questions?@thisismyurl / thisismyurl.com