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  • TRYNot everyone will try, so if you are trying, you’re already a head of the game.Trying is the first step, by NOT trying you have already limited yourself by 100% in not succeeding.You’ll never succeed if you don’t TRY.
  • LEARNThere may be some bad advice or wisdom out there, but if you listen you can learn something.You can learn what works, what doesn’t work and what will work.
  • FAILFailure is not a bad thing.Failing can make you learn something and teach you what NOT to do next time.Failure brings knowledge.Everyone fails, though not everyone will try and learn something from it.
  • TRY AGAINIf you try and then fail, then you must TRY AGAIN.Every time you TRY AGAIN you have proved that you have the ability to succeed.Trying again is one of the hardest things. After failure comes doubt, negativity and anger, but picking yourself up again and trying again is a key component in succeeding.
  • HAVE HEROESHeroes or people you look up to can inspire you and help you achieve the success you want.The hero of my life is Shay Carl. He is a youtuber, entrepeneur, and a hero to many who watch and listen to his inspiration.Shay Carl’s words of wisdom has made me a better person and helped me strive to where I am today. I look up to what he has done and what he continues to do and it inspires me to jump to his level.
  • SELF PITYI see too many people who wallow in self pity. I myself had been known for this. Something would go wrong and instead of moving on, I would say, “why me?”I stopped all that. Instead of giving myself that pity and crying “why me?” I started to say “what can I learn from this?” Too many teenagers, and surprisingly adults, I see nowfall to this. They all give in to self pity and there is no reason they should.
  • POSITIVEThinking positive is half the battle, this is extremely important.Negativity only pulls you down and makes you think of all you’ve done wrong.Positive thinking pushing you towards excellence and makes you come out on top.
  • WAITINGSuccess doesn’t come over night. It takes time. You have to wait and know when to step up.Just like a line at Disneyworld or Six Flags, people will cut in front of you. You can fight and argue with them, but nothing will happen.You just have to keep your head on right and wait a little longer cause it will be worth it.
  • WORK HARDSuccess isn’t always easy. It’s almost never easy. You have to work hard at it and know what you want.Not many successful people can say truthfully that they became a success by staying home and playing xbox all day.Except maybe the guys at Microsoft.
  • RISKSSuccessful people have never been known to stay inside their comfort zone. Every single one step out of that zone once in a while.Opportunities don’t just fall in your lap you have to find them and be willing to do what it takes.
  • FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY ONLINEThroughout this past year and a half I have learned that learning can actually be fun. You just have to know where to get it from.Teachers are teachers for a reason and they are here to help you so you can succeed.In my management class I learned, how to focus all of my teaching and put them into action. You have to be willing to learn though, otherwise you’re just sleeping through your classes.
  • HASTINGS ENTERTAINMENT – (previous job)I became a manager over about 5 employees. I was over the biggest department in the store.It was troubling as I was not exactly trained for it, but as I have learned in the past always do what you can.When I began I was ranked #356 out of 400 stores, was not exactly in a position to succeed. I was told I had taken over the hardest department to run.That no other manager had survived in that department. I didn’t listen to the negative and only focused on what I COULD do. Within my first 5 months I foundmyself no longer placed at #356, but I was now in #10 and by the time I left the store I was in position #2. I succeeded where others told me I could not. Never falter.Never let others tell you that you can’t or won’t. Always stay focused.
  • STAY FOCUSEDAlways stay focused on what you want.Whether it be that dream job, that dream house or just that one dream in particular.Never falter from that dream. If you stay focused that dream will become a reality.
  • Mixing Them All TogetherWhen I was a kid CD’s where still a few years away from being the norm. I remember being growing up using Cassette tapes.When we wanted all our favorite songs we couldn’t buy the individual songs and put them on one tape, we had to wait for them to come on the radio, record them and wait for the next one.This is what we have to do with all this. If we want to be successful we have put in the time. We have to adapt and record what we have learned and move on to the next. When you do this you mix everythingyou have learned and put them together.
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