Get out of debt maze through debt settlement


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A beautiful presentation describing the process of debt settlement, check this to learn about debt settlement and follow to lead a debt free life.

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Get out of debt maze through debt settlement

  1. 1. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Internets first get-out-of-debt community 469,953 members
  2. 2. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Get out of debt maze through debt settlementDebt settlement is apopular debt relief plan. It helpsyou to pacify your creditors andsolve the debt riddle through a lumpsumpayment.You pay less than the outstanding balance.You’re relieved to finally get out of the debtmaze. Creditor is happy to receive payments.
  3. 3. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Calculations• The total debt amount is $40,000.• You pay around $25,000 through a debt settlement plan.• Your total savings - $15000• Note: The percentage varies from person to person.
  4. 4. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Perks/Benefits Of Debt Settlement• You become debt free by paying less than what you owe• You’re able to avoid the horrible collection calls• You’re able to save dollars and boost your financial health• You get respite from the extra fees and penalties
  5. 5. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Pitfalls/Drawbacks Of Debt Settlement• Your credit score tanks• You’ve to pay tax on the amount saved through settlement• You may still have to face court cases
  6. 6. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Spot On Ways To Choose A Debt Settlement Company• Check out the company accreditation• Check if the debt negotiators are certified• Calculate the settlement expenses• Go through the written agreement• Find out if the company charges upfront fees• Check out the success rate of the company
  7. 7. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com 3 Things settlement companies don’t tell you• Creditors are not bound to accept a program• Sometimes, debtors are able to get better deal by negotiating themselves• Debtors are not required to pay upfront fees
  8. 8. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com 5 Debt settlement myths busted• You can’t settle debts yourself• All the companies offer similar kind of service• Debt settlement will help you solve your debt riddle quickly• Debt settlement increases your credit score• Debt settlement stops lawsuits
  9. 9. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com3 Things you should have to settle debts on your own Money Negotiation skills Debt settlement letter
  10. 10. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com 6 Tips to settle debts on your own• Work on the delinquent debts• Explain your payment strategies• Speak graciously with the creditors• Negotiate till the creditor accepts your settlement request• Don’t reveal your bank account details• Review your credit report after settling debts
  11. 11. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com When debt settlement works best for you• You’ve failed to get out of debt maze after repeated attempts• Creditors and debt collectors are making your life hell• Your credit score is falling rapidly
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  13. 13. Debtconsolidationcare(dot)Com Thank You