How an organization turned its internal communications upside-down


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This presentation looks at the deficiencies of internal communications and how social tools change the way people connect and communicate inside organizations. It features a project implemented by the Barnet Council in London.

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How an organization turned its internal communications upside-down

  1. 1. Social Media for Business How an organization turned its internal communications upside-down 18 June 2009 Christoph Schmaltz | @christoph
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Workplace conditions have changed ...
  4. 4. ...
  5. 5. ... for the better (?)
  6. 6. The workplace layout reflects an organization’s culture best • Corporate values may talk of openness and employee inclusion but often reality looks different • Most organizations are using 1990’s enterprise systems based on 1950’s management thinking • Work is still very much a transactional process • Workers but not enthusiasts
  7. 7. Internal Communications is restricted • Communication according to hierarchy • Intranets are driven by Internal Comms & IT • Hallway, water cooler and cafeteria only social spaces but don’t scale • Outside world: People can easily connect with each other
  8. 8. “We don’t need to be rescued – we just need to be given the proper tools to get to shore on our own. And those tools are that to which we are entitled and should expect to receive from the management of a once world-class law firm.” • Heller Ehrman LLP in economic turmoil and eventually dissolved in 2008 • Employees set up a blog OUTSIDE the firm to discuss internal matters, help and support each other and share experiences
  9. 9. Use cases for Internal Communications • Increase employee retention • Speed up on-boarding of new employees • Tap into innovation potential • Improve employee engagement • Leadership communication
  10. 10. Barnet Council • Support of internal change management program • Enhance internal communication and support offline communications • Support transparency in decision making about the program • Encourage honest feedback • Open discussion of topics around the future of the council • Support consultation for future change
  11. 11. • Forum for both anonymous and attributed discussions, posts and comments • An executive blog for communicating new developments and program updates • Multimedia elements, such as videos, twitter, flickr etc. • Project spaces for collaboration and knowledge sharing
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