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A datasheet I recently produced for Focus.

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Focus expert content_datasheet_engagement

  1. 1. D ata s h e e t e N G a G e M e Nt Expert Content Expert content for virtually every need We have thousands of recognized industry experts ready to create third-party research reports, blog posts, white papers, and everything in between to help you engage and educate your target audience and lead them to a buying decision. Industry-leading Results: Now, more than ever, businesses need great content to reach, connect, and resonate with > Position your company as a thought leader buyers. But typical marketing and product collateral falls on deaf ears, at least until trust and credibility are established. To do that you need content that is remarkable — it rises above > Engage and educate your audience the noise to get noticed, discussed, and shared because it contains insights and answers that > Meet demand for high quality content buyers value. > Increase footprint with different formats We can create this caliber of content for you. We specialize in developing content pieces that > Build trust with a 3rd party perspective help your prospects answer questions about their challenges as they move through each stage > Gain credibility with Focus-qualified experts of the buying process. There are five types of popular content we produce and we offer a variety of bundling options Top Tips from Content Experts: to suit your specific goals. “Content marketing is becoming the foundation 1. Focus Expert Topic Brief: 500-word article or post perfect for your corporate blog. to most corporate communication strategies, but Briefs can be delivered to you on a frequency that fits your editorial cycle. without mapping content to individual personas at 2. Focus Expert Report: 2-3-page white paper created by a single Focus Expert about specific stages of the buying process, you are miss- your selected topic. These are perfect for syndication and lead generation/nurturing. ing one critical aspect, the ability to provide value.” 3. Focus Expert Community Report: 2-3-page document created by crowd-sourcing - Barbra Gago, Manager, Cloud9 Focus Expert answers to a specific question or issue. Use this original content to engage your prospects and drive new inquiries. “Just as content marketing is not a one-off endeavor, 4. Webinar: 45-minute live online event with Focus Expert speakers. Use our turnkey consolidating your content development will make events to offer rich interactive experiences for your target buyers. better use of your resources and provide a con- 5. Webinar Brief: 500-word article recapping the takeaways from a corresponding nected flow for your marketing programs.“ webinar. This is a great way to connect with busy professionals who don’t have the time - Ardath Albee, to attend your event or simply prefer a quicker format. CEO and B2B Marketing Strategist, We’ve been creating high quality content for our vendor clients since we opened our doors for Marketing Interactions, Inc. business in 2005. Our content delivers ROI to clients based on all key metrics, including new pipeline generated, conversions and revenue. “Every piece of content you produce should be used to promote at least one other piece of content.” Contact us to learn more about our Expert Content services and to see examples of the integrated content bundles we can create for you. - Doug Kessler, Creative Director, Co-Founder, Velocity Partners Ltd. 1 of 1Contact Focus About Focus100 California St., 4th Fl. Tel: 415.318.7200, the leading network of business and IT professionals, consists of two interconnected groups – aSan Francisco, CA 94111 Fax: 415.318.7219 membership of more than 950,000 business professionals and the highly-acclaimed Focus Expert Network, Email: which features over 5,000 of the most-recognized business and technology experts across all business cat- egories. By providing access to this network, Focus enables the world’s leading B2B vendors to engage with buyers, influencers and thought leaders as they look to make more informed business decisions.02282011