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Workshop Presentation from the Evidence Based Parenting Programmes and Social Inclusion conference held at Middlesex University, 20th September 2012

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  • Parental mental health is one of the main determinants of children’s outcomes. Excellent evidence based strategies or interventions will be ineffective if the parents’ own emotional health is poor, they will be unable to take them on board or use them consistently.
  • Bavolek designed it as a result of work with abused and neglected teenagers. Universal public health model Also, its capacity as a universal public health model, to be a strong prevention work tool as well as an intervention work tool with troubled families. EMPATHY: Bavolek way ahead of his time in stressing the importance of empathy. Empathic, responsive parenting not just the fluffy stuff, it has an effect on how children’s brains develop. Further research just published demonstrates that toddlers who lack empathy are more likely to display antisocial behaviour as teenagers. The programme is influenced by social learning theory, how do toddlers learn empathy, how do parents learn empathy? As professionals as well as parents we need to have empathy as our ace card.
  • Feelings, behaviiour Guiding without criticising
  • Family links Workshop

    1. 1. Evidence Based Parenting, Social Inclusion and the Nurturing Programme Sarah Darton MA BSc DipHV RGN Director Parent Programmes © Family Links 2012
    2. 2. Workbreak Alphabet ArmsA B C D E F G H Il r r l r b l b rJ K L M N O P Q Rr r b l r l b l bS T U V W X Y Zr r l r l r b b 2
    3. 3. The Nurturing Programme iseffective because:It’s a carefully designed eclectic model combiningaffective, cognitive and behaviouralapproaches with the affective principles at itscore. A therapeutic learning model © Family Links 2009 3
    4. 4. The Nurturing Programme is based on4 Constructs, essential to successful family relationships The Parenting Puzzle p. 18 © Family Links 2010 4
    5. 5. When I am criticized I feel…Resentful Unloved Depressed Tearful Angry No good Lonely I want revengeStupid Inadequate Ashamed Like giving up Frustrated SadSmall 5
    6. 6. When I am praised I feel…Ready for anything Proud Glad A bit suspicious Energetic Happy Like being generousConfident Capable Embarrassed Valued Manipulated DelightedHealthy Worthwhile 6
    7. 7. When I am praised When I am criticizedI feel… I feel…Ready for anything ResentfulProud UnlovedGlad DepressedA bit suspicious TearfulEnergetic AngryHappy No goodLike being generous LonelyConfident I want revengeCapable StupidCompetent InadequateEmbarrassed AshamedManipulated Like giving upDelighted FrustratedHealthy SadWorthwhile Small 7
    8. 8. Nurturing Ourselves 8