Cleantech Realities


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Presentation on Cleantech Realities and policy implications at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

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Cleantech Realities

  1. 1. Presented at LKY School of Public Policy – Public Policy for SustainabilityForward Asia-Pacific Consulting PTE, LTDwww.creatingpositivefutures.netEcosphere 87 Beach Road #06-01, Singapore 189695+65 8406 2275
  2. 2. The only thing certain is change.
  3. 3. The future =Population growth +Resource depletion +Security and conflict +Climate change
  4. 4. Population growth:7-9bn on a planet that shouldsafely support 2bnEconomic and lifestyle ambitionto live like the West– with afootprint to match.
  5. 5. There will be 219,000people at the dinner tabletonight who were not therelast night—many of themwith empty plates. (EarthPolicy Institute)
  6. 6. Resource depletion:More people, competing for less―stuff‖.Especially critical: energy andwater (note the relationship).Other key resources (e.g. traceminerals) also declining in supply.
  7. 7. Half the world’s people live incountries where water tablesare falling as aquifers arebeing depleted. Since 70percent of world water use isfor irrigation, water shortagestranslate into food shortages.(Earth Policy Institute)
  8. 8. Security andconflict:More security issues globally.Countries increasingly scramblingfor resources (ie China, Korea, US)Numerous flashpoints for conflict.(Iraq, Sudan, Rwanda)
  9. 9. Virtually all of the top 20countries considered to be“failing states” aredepleting their naturalassets—forests,grasslands, soils, andaquifers—to sustain theirrapidly growing populations.(Earth Policy Institute)
  10. 10. Climate change:It will impact every aspectof human life.Temperature changes, erraticweather, droughts, sea level rise…They’re game changers at adifficult point in human evolution.
  11. 11. Winter temperatures in theArctic, including Alaska,western Canada, andeastern Russia, haveclimbed by 4–7 degreesFahrenheit over the lasthalf-century. This record risein temperature in the Arcticregion could lead tochanges in climate patternsthat will affect the entireplanet. (Earth PolicyInstitute)
  12. 12. Cleantech: the silver bullet?
  13. 13. ... or did technology start the messwe currently have?
  14. 14. If we do not mind history,we are destined to repeat it.
  15. 15. So how are we defining―cleantech‖?
  16. 16. Cleantech is a term used todescribe products or services thatimprove operational performance,productivity, or efficiency whilereducing costs, inputs, energyconsumption, waste, or pollution.(wikipedia)
  17. 17. It’s about humans, not just technology.
  18. 18. Fixing human software(behaviour, attitudes, beliefs)ismore importantthan making more hardware.
  19. 19. Technology, like money, is a means to an end.
  20. 20. Solve first for human behaviour.
  21. 21. Design technology holistically as part of a system.
  22. 22. Design for numerous outcomes.
  23. 23. Design for local conditions.
  24. 24. There are no silver bulletsolutions to our problems.There is no ―one-size fits all.‖There are no global ―killer apps.‖There are plenty of clichés andbad ideas.
  25. 25. Want help?
  26. 26. Some global cleantech best practice examples
  27. 27. Chido GoveroOrphan in ZimbabwePioneered growingmushrooms onagricultural waste tofeed her familyTurned into an exportindustryInspired and trainedothers in Africa, SouthAmerica, and India
  28. 28. Jack SimSuccessful Singaporeanbusiness-manChose to tacklesanitation issues indeveloping countriesrather than ―retire‖Founded World ToiletOrganisation (WTO)and drew resourcesworldwide for the cause
  29. 29. Singh IntrachootoThai architect,designer,professor, owner ofOsisuDesigns furniture,products, and buildingsusing recycledindustrial andagricultural wasteHighly successful andinternationallyrenowned
  30. 30. Majora CarterAmerican economicsconsultant, concernedcitizen and activistFounded SustainableSouth Bronx andpioneered numerousgreen initiatives locallyReactivated theneighbourhood, createdjobs, cleaned upenvironment
  31. 31. Dr. Willie SmitsDutch conservationist andentrepreneur living inBorneoPioneered combinedsustainable forest farming,rainforest creation project,orangutan habitat, and eco-tourism venture: SambojaLestariAlso founded MasarangFoundation which amongother things helped pioneerconverting sugar palm toethanol
  32. 32. Tom SzakyAmerican ―eco-capitalist‖Created the startupTerracycle, a company thatmakes consumer productsout of post-consumerproductsFirst started by bottlingworm fertiliser in reusedplastic drink bottlesHas expanded to numerousother product lines; hasmany emulators worldwide
  33. 33. What’s going on locally?
  34. 34. What can you as a professional do?
  35. 35. Anticipate the widerimplications of technology.
  36. 36. Some policy concerns:-How might emergent technology have effects (both positiveand negative) across environmental, social, and economiccriteria?-How can technology obsolescence be planned for, andmaterials be harvested for recycling or reuse? (rather thanmountains of E-waste)-How might technology impact cities, regions, and countriesunexpectedly? (e.g. think nuclear as a ―clean‖ option in Japan)-How might technology influence evolution of human culture?-What risks should be anticipated?-What safeguards might need to be in place?-What left-field problems might arise? (e.g. CFCs/ozone hole)-Is there a way to tackle an issue with a low-tech solution?(e.g. an electric robot lawn mower vs. a sheep)
  37. 37. Focus on adaptation.
  38. 38. Experiment and take risks.Follow your passion & your gut.View problems as opportunities.Think broadly and influence people.Learn globally.
  39. 39. You never change anything byfighting the existing reality. Tochange something, build a newmodel that makes the old modelobsolete.-- Buckminster Fuller
  40. 40. Tomorrow doesn’t have to beanother yesterday.
  41. 41. ContactChris TobiasManaging Director/Lead StrategistForward Asia-Pacific Consulting PTE, LTDwww.creatingpositivefutures.netEcosphere 87 Beach Road #06-01,Singapore 189695Phone: +65 8406 2275E-mail: FWDTHNKG