My Cultural Project Intro


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My Cultural Project Intro

  1. 1. “My Cultural Project” Home Page Home Assignments Welcome, everyone, to your cultural project. This is the start Interview of the unit and is the introduction. “Who I Am” Projects Family Tree Art Discovery In this unit you will be exploring your culture and heritage. Folktales Video Remember we have discussed what culture and heritage Music Recipe mean. Now you will be using those ideas, together with your Travel Brochure selection of projects, to create a personal website that will Conclusion tell about you. Your website will be a minimum of 4 pages and will have all the links someone will need to navigate it. Your homepage will be your introduction and you will have project pages that will show the work you have done in this unit. Click next and off we go!  BACK NEXT 
  2. 2. The Two Assignments Home Assignments There are only two assignments everyone must do for the Interview entire project. The first is the Family Interview. You will get “Who I Am” Projects to interview a member of your family to learn more about Family Tree Art Discovery your heritage. Folktales Video Music Recipe The second is your personal introduction. This will give you a Travel Brochure chance to introduce yourself and your heritage as well as the Conclusion projects you chose for this unit.  BACK NEXT 
  3. 3. Family Interview Home Assignments This assignment will give you a chance to interview a Interview member of your family and find out more about your “Who I Am” Projects heritage. We worked in class to come up with at least three Family Tree Art Discovery questions to get the interview started and you have a few Folktales basic facts you will need to find out. Video Music Recipe Travel Brochure This assignment might make you feel nervous and a little Conclusion uncomfortable. That is ok because it is disequilibrium you are feeling and is a good thing. The important thing to remember is to relax and have fun with your relative.  BACK NEXT 
  4. 4. “Who I Am” Home Assignments We want to know who you are. Write an introduction that Interview let’s us know about you and your heritage. I’m sure you “Who I Am” Projects found out some great information about your family so be Family Tree Art Discovery proud of it and let us all know. Folktales Video Music Recipe Be as accurate as you can and remember, have fun with it. Travel Brochure Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  5. 5. The Best Part: the Projects Home Assignments You will need to choose three projects from the ones that Interview are available. Each project has three levels, a level 1, level “Who I Am” Projects 2, and level 3. The level 1 projects are the easiest and the Family Tree Art Discovery level 3 projects are the hardest. Level 2 projects are in the Folktales middle. You will need to choose one level 1, one level 2, and Video Music one level 3 to finish your website with. Recipe Travel Brochure Conclusion These projects will all be displayed on your website using technology. Projects Available Family Tree Art Discovery Folktales Video Music Discovery Family Recipe Cultural Flier  BACK NEXT 
  6. 6. Family Tree Home Assignments You can use the information you gathered to create a family Interview tree. This can be an attractive way to display your family and “Who I Am” Projects can be a fun addition to your website. Family Tree Art Discovery Folktales Video Check out mine: Music Recipe Travel Brochure Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  7. 7. o Home Assignments Interview “Who I Am” Projects Family Tree Art Discovery Folktales Video Music Recipe Travel Brochure Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  8. 8. Art Discovery Home Assignments In the Art Discovery Project you will be asked to find out art Interview forms from your heritage. “Who I Am” Projects Level 1: Find images of art from your heritage Family Tree Art Discovery Level 2: What parts of your heritage have influenced this art Folktales Video form? Music Recipe Level 3: Create a piece of art in the style of an art form you Travel Brochure Conclusion discovered in your heritage. Here’s an example of mine as a Level 2:  BACK NEXT 
  9. 9. Art Discovery Example Home Assignments Since some of my family come from Germany I researched Interview art forms in Germany. I found that the printing press was “Who I Am” Projects made in Germany and this let to lithography. I remember the Family Tree Art Discovery artist from Reed College who did lithography and found a Folktales few examples of lithographic art to put on my website. Video Music Recipe Travel Brochure Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  10. 10. Folktale Home Assignments The folktale can be a lot of fun. The different levels are: Interview “Who I Am” Level 1: Find a folktale from your heritage and post it on your Projects website Family Tree Art Discovery Level 2: Write a folktale that uses the style of your heritage Folktales Video and teaches a moral lesson Music Recipe Level 3: Take your folktale and animate it in a powerpoint Travel Brochure Conclusion slideshow. Here’s my Level 3 example:  BACK NEXT 
  11. 11. My Folktale Example Home Assignments Interview “Who I Am” Projects Family Tree Art Discovery Folktales Video Music Recipe Travel Brochure Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  12. 12. Video Home Assignments This project gives you a chance to do a few different things. Interview Movies and videos are definitely an art form, so what makes “Who I Am” Projects video from your heritage unique? What are some examples? Family Tree Art Discovery Level 1: What are some movies that are examples of or from Folktales Video your heritage? Music Recipe Level 2: How have these movies impacted other cultures Travel Brochure around the world? Conclusion Level 3: Make a short movie (including a short script) for your website. Here’s my example of a Level 2:  BACK NEXT 
  13. 13. My Video Example Home The Nazis are infamous in history for the atrocities committed Assignments Interview during World War II, but there were a lot of Germans trying to help “Who I Am” during this time too. In 1993 Steven Spielberg directed Schindler’s Projects Family Tree List, a movie about Oskar Schindler’s heroic efforts to save the lives Art Discovery of over 1100 Jewish people. This movie influenced people around Folktales Video the world to contribute to a Holocaust memorial that opened in Music Berlin ten years later that had over 10,000 visitors a day the first Recipe Travel Brochure year it was open. Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  14. 14. Music Home Assignments What kind of music do you have in your heritage? What kind Interview of musical instruments does your culture contribute to other “Who I Am” Projects cultures? This project gives you the chance to explore these Family Tree Art Discovery questions as well as share the answers with the rest of us! Folktales Video Level 1: What is the style of music from your heritage Music Recipe Level 2: What musical instruments does your heritage Travel Brochure contribute? Conclusion Level 3: Find or create a musical example of this kind of music for your website. Here’s my example of a Level 3:  BACK NEXT 
  15. 15. My Musical Example Home Assignments There has been a rich heritage of German Interview composers, especially of classical music “Who I Am” Projects during the 18th century. One of my Family Tree Art Discovery favorites is Ludwig von Beethoven. He Folktales specialized in classical piano and Video Music composed 32 sonatas just for the piano Recipe Travel Brochure along with nine symphonies, nine Conclusion concerti, 16 sonatas and one full-length opera even though he was deaf by the age of 26. My music sample is Für Elise, one of his most famous piano sonatas.  BACK NEXT 
  16. 16. Family Recipe Home Assignments Many of us enjoy cultural examples of food every day. We Interview are lucky to have such a wide variety of foods to choose “Who I Am” Projects from, but do you know what culture contributed that Family Tree Art Discovery burrito? Folktales Video Level 1: What is a recipe from your heritage? Music Recipe Level 2: How has this recipe influences other cultures? Travel Brochure Conclusion Level 3: Can you bring in samples for everyone to enjoy? (sample must be made in a store or restaurant and brought in according to school rules) Here’s my Level 2 example:  BACK NEXT 
  17. 17. My Recipe Example Home Assignments I bet everyone knows this food named after a city in Interview Germany. If you guessed hamburgers you would be right. “Who I Am” Projects This popular food was invented in Hamburg, New York Family Tree Art Discovery though (this town was named after Hamburg, Germany). Folktales Frank and Charles Menches first served hamburgers at the Video Music county fair in Buffalo, NY in 1885 and in 2010 47 million Recipe Travel Brochure people a day in 119 different countries enjoy hamburgers at Conclusion McDonald’s.  BACK NEXT 
  18. 18. Travel Brochure Home Assignments Maybe you’d like to get people to travel to a country where Interview your culture is from. Thousands of people every year “Who I Am” Projects experience where their heritage came from and many use Family Tree Art Discovery travel brochures and fliers to decide where to go. Can you Folktales convince us to travel there? Video Music Level 1: Write a persuasion article to convince us to travel to Recipe Travel Brochure your country. Conclusion Level 2: Find some pictures and create a half-page travel flier. Level 3: Find some facts and create a full-page travel brochure. Here’s my Level 3 example:  BACK NEXT 
  19. 19. My Travel Brochure Example Home Assignments Interview “Who I Am” Projects Family Tree Art Discovery Folktales Video Music Recipe Travel Brochure Conclusion  BACK NEXT 
  20. 20. Conclusion Home Assignments As you can see, there are a lot of different options available Interview to you. The project sheets have been assembled into a “Who I Am” Projects notebook each of you have and you can take them home to Family Tree Art Discovery look through them. On Monday, February 8, you will need to Folktales decide which projects you want to do so we can get started. Video Music Recipe Travel Brochure There is a lot to get done and these project will require you Conclusion to work independently for most of the time. You will have teachers available to ask questions of and computers to work on at various times. Be careful, don’t waste your time procrastinating! Take a look through your project notebooks and let me know what questions you have right now.  BACK NEXT 