The Power of Pinterest Marketing


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Unleash your golden ticket to the web! Convert browsers into buyers with the fastest growing social media site on the web – Pinterest! Former Award Winning Retailer and Social Media Marketer, Christi Tasker shows what the addiction is all about and how it helps your website ranking. Even, creatively use it to gauge trends and become your buying radar.

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The Power of Pinterest Marketing

  1. 1. ForRETAILERS + DESIGNERS Christi Tasker Author, The Power of Pinterest ©
  2. 2. Who am I?Christi Tasker•  “The Power of Pinterest” Author•  Early Adopter of Social Media•  Gifts & Decorative Magazine Writer•  Social Media Branding Queen for PuTTin’ OuT •  Social Media Management •  Social Media Brand Consultant + Advisor for In-house Teams •  An online marketing & software firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada•  Former Award Winning Retailer & Interior Designer PRE-ORDER NOW!!! ©
  3. 3. What is PuTTin’ OuT? ©
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Career Began On MySpace ©
  5. 5. Social Media Campaign:“Can You Spot The Dot?” ©
  6. 6. THE WORLD’S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER April 7, 2012PINTEREST on NBC– Third Biggest Social Site Thursday that Google+ traffic Experian’s “2012 Digital rose 10 million from January to Marketer: Benchmark and 100 million active users by the Trend Report” states that 91 end of March. percent of adults use social media regularly in December In the video below, NBC Bay 2011. And one of the biggest Area talked with the co-author climbers in a short amount of of “The Power of Pinterest” time has been Pinterest, a about the rise in popularity of digital pinboard, which had its the social networking site. traffic rise 50 percent from Christi Tullis explains how January to February of this small businesses can get most year, VentureBeat reported. It out of their pins. also said it had 21.5 million Source: visits in the week ending Pinterest Now Third-Biggest January 28. Social Network | NBC San Google’s Larry Page may also Diego have a problem giving Pinterest the third-biggest social network title, especially since Google + most recently held the honor. ©
  7. 7. Pinteresting before 2010…
  8. 8. File Important Information on Pin Boards…
  9. 9. Social Sites + How They Rank r Pinterest Facebook Twitte No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 The OthersFacebook Twitter Pinterest Yes, they still matterThe Dominator News Exchange Source Online Virtual Pinboard Each have their place andHolds the most data of Connects and plays well Easy way to collaborate and time for marketing product.human networking with other social networks. share ideas within a single photograph.Plays well with others Uncommon threat, yet contains a vast amount of Plays well with Facebook + unused data. Twitter + other social sites ©
  10. 10. Pinteresting Facts + Who’s There eO n g e Tim rap hic Avera Site Gender Br D emogHousehold Inc eakdown Age ome Income Level Time On Site Gender Breakdown User Ages Average House Hold Income Age Demographics Average Time On Sites Genders On Pinterest 26.7% Of Users have a 12 to 17 – 4.1% YouTube – 16.4 minutes Pinterest consists of almost household income that 18 to 24 – 17.3% Pinterest – 15.8 minutes 2/3 of the users being exceeds $100,000+ 25 to 34 – 27.4% Facebook – 12.1 minutes female and 1/3 male. 35 to 44 – 22.1% Twitter – 3.3 minutes 45-54 – 17.9% ©
  11. 11. Things To Know About Pinterest①  Pinterest Users Spend Twice As Much As Facebook Users②  Pinterest Drive More Sales Than Facebook③  Pinerest Helps Acquire New Users④  10% More Likely To Buy Something⑤  Spend 10% More On Average ©
  12. 12. English Is The ONLY Language United States of America United Kingdom ü  Crafts ü  Venture Capital ü  Gifts ü  Blogging Resources ü  Hobbies/Leisure ü  Crafts ü  Interior Design ü  Web Stats/Analytics © ü  Fashion Designers/ ü  SEO/ Collections
  13. 13. Retail Brands On Pinterest ©
  14. 14. Media On PinterestPublish you message ©
  15. 15. No. 1: Plan + StrategizeBrand Recognition + Retention ©
  16. 16. No. 2: Add “Pin It” Button to website ©
  17. 17. No. 3: Add “Pin It” Button to website The Average Pin: Repins: 5.5 Like With Price: 1.5 Like W/O Price: 1.1Pins With Price Pins Without Price Price Vs. No Price The Average Pin ©
  18. 18. Pins without price on brandpages are twice as likely to berepinned as pins with prices.For private accounts, pins thathave price information are justas likely to be shared as pinsthat don’t. How much did you pay for that? ©
  19. 19. No. 4: Invest In Original Images + Graphics Seven Savory Pinterest Benefits. ©
  20. 20. No. 5:Create Boards Worth Following ©
  21. 21. Most Followed UserSorting by Topic ©
  22. 22. Most Followed UsersSorting by Color ©
  23. 23. No. 6: Show Value With A How To ©
  24. 24. No. 7: Recycle Content ©
  25. 25. No.8: Descriptions = Keywords ©
  26. 26. No.9: Engage With Others ©
  27. 27. No.9: Create a ContestNordstrom: Create A Look Contest ©
  28. 28. Vera Bradley ContestNew Leads, Sales, + Product Awareness ©
  29. 29. Designer DANNLicensed Furniture Launch Goes Viral ©
  30. 30. Victoria’s SecretWebsite Cross-Promote ©
  31. 31. Thank you!Let’s Connect… ① PinterestPower ② ③ ④ ©