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Is web traffic passing your site by? Incorporate these must know tips for getting on the google map. Whether it's Google Keywords, Adwords...we've got you covered! Learn how to find keywords, sources …

Is web traffic passing your site by? Incorporate these must know tips for getting on the google map. Whether it's Google Keywords, Adwords...we've got you covered! Learn how to find keywords, sources for backlinks, and what really works for getting googled.

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  • 1. How To Get
  • 2. What is PuTTin’ OuT?
    (Social Media Page Management.)Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, or any other social site, you can rely on PuTTin’ OuT to plan, create, execute, deliver, and manage a unique social media campaign to your audience. Your only responsibility is placing your stamp of approval on the campaign before it’s sent, we’ll handle the rest and you’ll know exactly what’s working with social media reporting using Google Analytics + Klout.
    (Self Service Software.) Save time and gain peace of mind knowing social media campaigns are distributed when you choose without having to be near a computer. Pre-planning, scheduling, and recycling Facebook posts, Twitter tweets with the ability to auto-respond to has#tags and mentions is priceless. Respond and manage the accounts from one single dashboard.
    (Complete Marketing Plans.) Garner universal attention by utilizing our turn key services across multiple media platforms and networks. Our relationships with national press set us apart.
    (Creative Consulting.) Social Media is here to stay and needs to be understood! Schedule consulting time with a professional social media marketing + branding guru. Advice, ideas, and priceless social media tips can get your social campaign on the right track. Ask us how.
  • 3. Googled.
    To do and internet search for something or someone.
  • 4. Searches.
    150 MILLION Searches Each DAY!
  • 5. SEO.
    Search Engine Optimization.
  • 6. Why SEO?
    It drives targeted traffic to your website
    As opposed to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising like Google Adwords, it has longevity. With PPC when you stop paying, your traffic stops too.
    Searchers trust organic (or non-advertised) search results more than PPC sites because they know any company can pay their way to the top with PPC.
    With the right strategy, you can obtain more than one listing in the top ten results.
  • 7. Optimize.
    Keywords – in a conservative manner – in the your title, meta and header tags, as well as your file names and site map. It’s also a good idea to use your keyword phrases in the copy of your website.
    Backlinks for your web page. This means that you’ll want to have other websites link to your web page.
  • 8. Optimizing Keywords.
    Understand what words will drive traffic.
    Optimize the HTML and the content.
    • Include your keywords – in a conservative manner – in the your title, meta and header tags, as well as your file names and site map.
    • 9. Use keyword phrases in the copy of your website.
    • 10. For instance if you sell “inexpensive furniture”, you may add keywords like: “cheap furniture”, “cheap furnishings”, inexpensive furnishings”,
    • 11. If you sell brands, utilize keywords that work with brands that you represent.
  • What are Backlinks?
    In short, backlinks are Algorithms.
    • The algorithms of the major search engines put a lot of weight on links.
    • 12. What other sites say about your site is more important than what you say.
  • How To Make Algorithms Work.
    Submit your site to respectable directories.
    Submit articles or blogs to Digg, Reddit or other social sites.
    Buy links. This is a viable solution, but can be expensive. Major search engines frown upon the practice, so if you do buy links don’t over do it.
    Trading links with other sites.
    Write articles and submit them to article submission sites like
    Write press releases and submit them to online PR sites.
    Use an affiliate program that doesn’t use a redirect on the backlink.
    (Ex. or
  • 13. SEO vs. Buying Keywords.
     Should you optimize your site or buy keywords?
    If you have a website the obvious answer here is yes.Just because you built a nice site, doesn’t mean visitors will come. Be sure your optimizing your investment.
  • 14. Things you want to avoid.
    Link trading unless you have a way of checking your backlinks, link traders typically cheat.
    Cheating on link trades.
    Tweaking and playing around with the content too much. Remember, the most important thing to do in SEO is to get backlinks.
    Spamming your pages with your keywords.
    Don’t trade links with just any site. It is best to have industry-related trades.
    Buying links from questionable sources.
    Creating backlinks to yourself off of multiple sites on the same IP.
  • 15. Common Myth.
    Content is NOTKing!
    Keywords and backlinks are King and Queen! That doesn’t mean content doesn’t matter, it does. It’s just not the driving force behind SEO today.
  • 16. Review Reports.
    Keep an eye on which SEO keywords are driving traffic to your website. After a while, you can figure out which SEO keywords you should concentrate on and which ones aren’t worth the time and effort by checking your website stats.Read more: How to Use SEO Keywords |
  • 17. Facebook Business Page.
    Be sure your Facebook account is set up as a business page.
    • Pages are read or crawled by googlebots or spiders, personal profiles aren’t.
  • Twitter.
    Be sure your twitter profile is public.
    • By showing your content to everyone vs. keeping it private allows google and other search engine bots to crawl your content.
  • Google Yourself.
    See what appears first:
    Social Savior Tip:
    When utilizing keywords, spell your name different ways. People misspell all the time.
  • 27. Google Your Business.
    See what appears first:
    Social Savior Tip:
    When utilizing keywords, spell your name different ways. People misspell all the time.
  • 36. How To Determine What Keywords To Use.
    Brainstorm a list of possible keywords
    Think of ways to utilize brands you carry, what you do, and the ways other people might search and think about them.
    Think about topics that interest your audience in general, those that both directly and indirectly relate to your business.
    Most people are looking for knowledge to address their concerns, so it’s helpful to look at a search request as a question. If you can provide useful answers to them, you’ll soon find that the likelihood that these visitors will become customers or clients increases greatly.
  • 37. Monitor Social Media.
    Get down on the street level, think about how customers often think about the message you’re trying to direct them to. (ie. Your website)
    Monitoring social media conversation will give you ideas on wording + language that people may use to describe things online.
  • 38. Keyword Strategies for SEO
    Google Wonder Wheel: See a number of possible keywords that Google thinks are related to the search term you entered. To see a more robust list of possible search terms that Google thinks are related to your original search query, select Related Searches in the left column.
    Adwords Keyword Tool: Understanding which keyword phrases are being searched most, while also having the least amount of competition, greatly enhances your ability to produce content that can satisfy those seeking answers to their questions. Finding this information can be done quickly and simply by using the Adwords Keyword Tool. You’ll want to determine which keyword terms have the highest search volume, with the most specific or “long tail” wording related to your topic.
    SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty Tool: Get a more accurate idea of where the competition is in an organic search rather than using only the pay-per-click model as Adwords does. (Note: A subscription is required.)
    Social Savior Tip: If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is! You can always hire a professional or consultant to develop a keyword or SEO package to optimize your site. Ask about the services.
  • 39. The software makes social media & online marketing easy…
  • 40. Sign up for your FREE trial!
  • 41. Questions? Comments?
    Contact Us
  • 42. Christi Tullis@PuTTinOuT
    • Former Award Winning Retailer & Interior Designer
    • 43. Early Adopter of Social Media
    • 44. Gifts & Decorative Magazine Writer
    • 45. Social Matters Column
    • 46. Social Media Branding Queen for PuTTin’ OuT
    • 47. An online marketing & software firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Rob Larkin, @BowTieGuy73
    • 12 year industry sales veteran
    • 48. Family operated furniture stores for 3 generations in North Carolina
    • 49. Worked for Home Accents Today and the International Home Furnishing Center in NC
    • 50. Tweet with him, ask what year he was born if you have to?